How to do offsite SEO for a blog

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How to do offsite SEO for a blog

For benefit of all the users of this site, let me start this tutorial by explaining what does the term 'offsite' mean in offsite SEO and then I'll talk about it's importance. At last I'll share the tricks (more than just building backlinks) for offsite SEO. Offsite SEO as name suggest, it is outside (off) site seo. I mean, once you write a article and publish it in your site, you don't do anything (on your site) after that, in offsite seo. It bascially means, concentrate on other's site to post your links or get backlinks from those sites. You try to attract visitors by promoting your site/articles on other sites or through other sources like newpapaper, TV commercials, etc.

How to do offsite SEO for a blog
Offsite SEO includes link building (which deals with link popularity), social interaction and branding a site. After understanding what offsite SEO means I can talk about importance of offsite SEO. Do you always ask, why my pr isn't increasing ? or why my site isn't improving in google ranking ? If your answer is yes, then I would say this is the best and most wanted tutorial you need to understand and implement. Start doing offsite SEO and you will see the results ! To point out importance of offsite seo explicitly, check following bullets,
  • It helps you in improving PageRank of a site.
  • Attract visitors from various sources.
  • Site URL has more visibility, that is higher link popularity.
  • Low bounce rate, as you are attracting visitors from other (similar niche) site were user was already reading similar topic and it means he/she will read your blog too.
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog

Again, the list is not exhaustive. I encourage all of you to add more to this list. Now, I guess most of you understand what is 'offsite' SEO and it's importance. This tutorial doesn't have any prerequisite, like most of my earlier tutorials had. Let me start explaining the tricks and tips of doing offsite SEO for a blog.
  • Concentrate on commenters. In my last tutorial I talked about importance of comments and building relationship with commenters ( It will not only help in getting your site more comments but also it will help you in offsite SEO.
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog
    You should always follow this motto, "You comment, I'll follow". It means whenever a user comments on your blog/article visit there site (if any) and try put some insightful comment(s) in there site with a backlink to your site.
  • Spend Time, have Patience. If you think commenting on others/visitors blog is too much of work or you can't spend that much of time, then please understand not more than 5% of your site visitors comment on your blog. And that is your target audience or let's say you have to keep them happy by returning a favor. So, you have to spend little bit of time by commenting on others blog/site to.
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog

  • Remove Nofollow attribute. Whenever a visitor comments with a backlink he/she wants something in return, it could be link juice. And if your site is nofollow, then you might not have many users commenting on your site. It implies you might not know sites which has similar genre as that of yours. I do understand it might attract lot of spammers, but it can be controlled by keeping comments in moderation. How to do offsite SEO for a blog
  • Integrate social networking tools. You can add addthis gadget to your blog or individual gadgets from social networking sites like twitter, facebook, digg, etc. When you integrate these tools, promoting a webpage/article is just one click away !
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog

  • Automate tweets/wall post. You can integrate tools which will automatically post on your FB wall or twitter account whenever you post/publish something on your blog. It will save hell lot of time.
  • Concentrate on niche specific sites/blogs. Use for searching blogs related to your site niche. Once you find top blogs related to your niche or keyword then go ahead and post your backlinks through comments.
  • Do free Guest Post. Find blogs which has similar genre, as that of your blog, and post a article with a backlink or two to your blog by communicating with admin/moderator of that blog.
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog

  • Try unconventional tactics. Use TV commercials, posters or newspaper ads to do offsite SEO. Offsite SEO can be offline SEO as well. Do it more than once, as it will have more impact on users mind. If user sees something more than once then it remains in their mind and then once he/she might visit your site.
    How to do offsite SEO for a blog

Always remember, google give more importance to offsite SEO than onpage SEO. So, never neglect offsite SEO. I hope this tutorial was worth spending your time reading and beneficial. Do add more valuable points by comment(s)/post(s). How to do offsite SEO for a blog


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Social media can be a good option for a blog to get index in search engine. For that you have to write unique and engaging content and share this content over social media with appropriate graphics.

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Very interesting tutorial. Keep posting useful stuff! How to do offsite SEO for a blog

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You should link out to related blog posts from your blog to send additional page rank and traffic to them. Interlinking of blog posts naturally will help your blog readers spend more time on your blog. But you should not overdo it.

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Nice information.

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Most marketers think of SEO and social media as completely different animals. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your social profiles can rank independently from your website, and help expand your brand’s digital footprint. As with everything, though, the devil is in the details. That’s because an unoptimized,unbranded social profile is a largely ineffective profile.

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Create a quality backlink for your blog to get traffic. Place a unique content in the blog.

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Generating backlinks and social signals are two important off-site SEO methods. backlinks mean other blogs and websites pointing towards your blog/website. You can do this by having your website link on other websites. You can use forum signature, comment on blogs and share on social bookmarking sites to generate backlinks.
Social signals mean likes, upvotes, reshares, comments you get on your post when you share on social networking sites.
Backlinks and social signals both are important factors for your website page rank.

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Thank you for the lengthy tutorial. It is indeed an added knowledge for me. It appears that offsite SEO means promoting your website to other sites like social media network, popular forums and trending blogs. For a website owner, I guess those methods that you had said will be a great help to increase the traffic especially if they are currently focused on on-page SEO only.

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