We require Youtube services

We require Youtube services


We are looking for someone to put 20000-30000 views, 1000-2000 likes and 20-30 relative comments with excellent english per video. We post 5 videos per week.

This has to be started immediately as soon as we post each video, which is 12pm AEST.

Your service must be tight, no banning videos, no blocking our channel. You must have a high level status on here.

Are you able to keep to this schedule?
Whats the best price?


20000-30000 views per video
1000-2000 likes per video
20-30 relative comments per video

You must start placing the views, likes, comments on each video from 12pm AEST. If you cant do this we find someone else.

This is a 6 month job,
5 days a week Monday-Friday.

Skills Required

Real Youtube Facebook Twitter Soundcloud


instant start,place order.


just you give me comment all channel are goods profile with female picture. order now

i am ready to do your job sir !!!

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i need your youtube video link

please give me your order.

gain views, likes and comments automatically which was controlled by my channel for 1 week. you just pay every week and see the results. will deliver about 1-2k for each videos. for more wants, inbox me for a better gig.

give 20,000+ video watch per video only for $15
please order us

give you 20000-30000 views per video within 24 hours - please order now

i can provide this combo service - text me for details. thanks

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