Designer project manager

Designer project manager

The Android platform will be very accessible to developers at all levels, but a stack such as this could in itself cause complications and misconceptions of the end app review buy. In effect while Android based phones could be a rival to iPhone’s, that is only scratching the surface of what is planned. The interface can be custom developed, so on the low-end of the scale using the Android platform we could see phones not unsimilar to currently available handsets. What is more interesting though is that these applications can interact and provide interfaces unlike any other available on the more high end pricier range of the market.

There is also the fact that the Android platform is not solely intended as a new iPhone beater..its general foundation is to reform how we access the web from mobile handsets, changing the infrastructure and interoperability, improving the overall user experience for users accessing the Internet over a mobile device. The biggest challenge for this to happen is for enough market interest to be created for the platform to be adopted and get more of the big players involved. The market could stabilise in the mobile sector if a common base platform was adopted, as much or as little power could be taken by the users phone of choice, and perhaps avenues to expand on a given handset should the need arise.


Despite some of the slating Android has been getting since its official announcement from the rest of the general media, I for one look forward to seeing the impact this technology has on the mobile sector over the coming 18 months. The developer API is to be released next week.

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