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  • I want 500 a day free downloads of "the3WeekDiet".
This is a CPA offer where i am giving out the3WeekDiet in the Health & fitness niche. Downloaders will complete a short survey to access the file for free. The actual price is $47 but they will download it for free.


I want unique IP downloads.
The traffic must come from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other European countries.
I will pay $10 for the complete 500 downloads so each 500 downloads is $10

Skills Required

Socialmedia Seo Marketing


$ lvl.
500 downloads from usa
500 downloads from usa
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$70 1 order now!
G3PO-SEO experts to your website.
Hello. i represent g3po or global third party operations. i would like to bid accordingly your requirements.
we create, through sem-seo services using 100% white hat techniques, organic traffic so we would desire to be contacted by you.
thank you.

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$10 1 order now!


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