Social Proof Plugin - create or find

Social Proof Plugin - create or find

I need someone who can create or find a script that is similar to these social proofing scripts similiar to companies like: letimpact, ConvertProof or provely. it's basically a small window that pop's up on a website. usually in the bottom corner. It generally shows a photo, plus a small notification, of the activity that just happened by someone else visiting the website. ie: "this person just bought etc etc."

Can you build something like this? Or can you find an existing free script that i can plug into my site to have these types of indicators pop up. It's basically like a: jQuery or JavaScript that has some kind of admin area in the background where you upload the information that you want to show up on your website, such as photos, comments, names, etc etc. I'm on a tight budget.


Would like it completed in about 3 days. You just provide the script and instructions on how to install it. I can do the rest myself.

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Created 3 years ago in Programming

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