Votes on a specific site.

Votes on a specific site.


I need someone to create 5/10 profiles per day for 7 days and from different IPs on a specific site.

These profiles will have to be filled properly with as many informations as possible and with a profile picture.

Then, once each account is created, you will have to vote for 10 to 25 different candidates (4 criterias to give a score to, for each candidate). I'll tell you what candidate to score higher than the others but your scores must look natural, no 1-1-1-1 or 10-10-10-10 to be clear.

You should be able to start today.

Best regards,


You need : 1 IP per account, different profile pictures...and time to create the accounts and vote manually.

Skills Required

seo account creation vote


tell me more information it can be done..

i have a good an and hardworking team. my team are able to done the job with your preferment.
so plz start more conversation about the project.

salut mon amis
je peux faire votre travail avec grand plisire . jattendre que tu achete mon service pour comencer

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