How can I get fresh leads for my SEO services?

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How can I get fresh leads for my SEO services?

You have to be creative! A lot of the "easy ways" are being done by people all over the world and businesses are getting spammed. Think of what you can do that not many other people in the world can do - ask you friends, their family, go to local businesses that you know they have an online presence (prepare by visiting their site and offer your free feedback based on your research). Please do not spam business owners. As other people mentioned here, prove your work by ranking for what you sell. Keep trying and pushing and you will find something but be creative and persistent. Good luck!


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Hello & thank you for this valuable information.
There's some outstanding FAQs here with superb information about how to make sales etc. I'll list some of them below:

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I would also recommend reading this recent FAQ. Several experts are contributing and sharing their tricks, tips and knowledge within that FAQ. How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?

With that being said, this does not only apply to SEOClerks even though one might think so because these FAQs usually describes "how to" on SEOClerks marketplace.

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