Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

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Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

In the beginning of your career you'll need reviews. Below I'll show you a great way to squeeze out more sales and get even more reviews. Actually, this is something you should do once in awhile, even if you rake in 50+ sales per day..

You will most definitely benefit from this, which is the reason to never stop doing this. Here goes!

Send your previous clients a private message. Tell them that you're offering them a 2 for 1 deal, a special discount etc. Something like this:

"Hello "username,
Thank you very much for leaving me such an excellent feedback! Since the review you gave me helped me a lot I thought I'd give you a special offer just to say thanks and show my appreciation a bit. You can get (your special offer here) if you're interested.You can take up on this offer whenever you want, just send me a message about it. Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

Thanks in advance,

What you're doing here:
  • You care about your clients and they will appreciate it. Believe me.
  • You offer them an even better deal. They will appreciate that too.
  • You EVEN offer them this, WHENEVER they feel like it themselves.

In my own experience, most buyers will take you up on the special offer immediately. People likes to act fast so even though you've told them that they can wait, most of them won't. You know it yourself too, right?

If you're looking for something and suddenly get 2 for the same price, you'll most likely buy it immediately. 2 for 1 deals are awesome. For both sellers and buyers. Make sure not to over do this. Wait for about 5 days or a week (perhaps even more) after the delivery is made and then send them your special offer. Below I will show you exactly what I did quite recently myself.. And the results of it.
Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

As you can see in the above screenshot I received an order on October 29th. The next couple of weeks passed by and I finally wrote a message to my client..
Repeat Customers And How To Get Them
As you can see within my message I clearly care about my client and I show my appreciation by thanking them for their business and the review.. I offer them my deal (10% discount). And I also state "any time in the future". Like previously stated.. The clients appreciates this.

Here's what happened next.

Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

Two hours later, I got another sale notification.. The previous buyer came back for more.. That's what happens when you care about your clients and when you "go that extra mile" for them.. They will appreciate it.

If you DON'T get an extra sale or if they simply answers "No Thank you". Do NOT start bombarding them with more offers!

You CAN however, answer them one more time and just simply state:
"No worries at all! I appreciate your answer. Remember that you can get this offer at anytime so there's no need for doing it now. Hope you have a fantastic day!"

And why do this?
Your using the last message just as a small reminder for your clients and even to look like a professional since you keep answering your message.That's outstanding customer care. What if this client have any questions in the near future? They're already convinced that you'll answer them right away. Just like you've done now..

Best Regards,


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Very smart idea. I am using it from time to time and it works really. This is also what i mentioned in Coupon Codes Tutorial i wrote yesterday and i hope other sellers will use it often to boost their sales but also to reward their valued customers!

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That is a good idea as long as you have the time to do it. I believe that many buyers will feel that you offered them a great service if you make sure to understand what they need, deliver on time and be dedicated at what you do. And simply with that it should be enough to get a good number of loyal and repeat clients. At least it worked for me. However your suggestion is very valid and in case you feel that you need to get a couple of orders more to fill in the day it is a good idea to strike a balance between a possible sale, and a happier client. I agree that rewarding loyal clients is a good way to keep them attached to you. However I would not offer them the offer anytime, as unfortunately I cannot promise to do that if it so happens that when they contact me that they need the service I am packed with orders. It would end up reflecting badly on me if I go back on my word. Thanks for the suggestion though as on all other points I agree with you.

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I'm happy that you took your time to detail such a great way a freelancer like me can get to retain the customer over a period of time. It is good to offer discounts to clients for it will show that, as a freelancer, that we really care about them and show appreciation for work well done.

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