How To Create Seoclerks Coupons

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How To Create Seoclerks Coupons

Coupon codes with discounts are widely used in online and offline marketing to attract more buyers and boost sales. We all love discounts, don't we!? So if you just start from your self you can imagine how attractive it can be. There is many ways to attract new or returning buyer with coupons.
Many smart sellers creating special coupon codes for their previous buyers for many reasons like rewarding them for being your customer, specially for frequent buyers and it's very smart idea. Once you know that you have nice, happy, thankful customer, as i token of your appreciation, it's nice to offer them reward and to offer more of your sales at discount prices. So this is nothing new. You can see every day, biggest worldwide companies offering coupons and discounts even if they turn over is counted in billions of dollars, because it works good for everyone, sellers and buyers. More about this, i was writing even last year here.

How to create Seoclerks coupons?
You can create one or more coupons for each of your services at your service editing page. There is option for more coupons because you can set different percentage of discount for some groups of people. For example create one for new buyers, one for returning buyers etc...

This couple of screenshots are short cut info for creating coupons:
How To Create Seoclerks Coupons

How To Create Seoclerks Coupons

If your old or newly created coupons are created for public, don't forget to promote them on internet and everywhere you can. You can start promoting in our Coupon Codes forum section, then use your website(s), own social media profiles or even hire other freelancers to promote them, like buy sponsored tweets or choosing best option from our social media marketing marketplace.

Hope this will help you in boosting your sales. if you have additional advices and techniques, please share here.


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Nicely done anwebservices!
Discount coupons are a fantastic way to gain both new sales but also new clients. Discounts are perfect "baits" to lure customers and as long as you provide the same service with the same high quality or the same amount of words in your articles, no matter what service you have, as long as you deliver the same content to customers who've bought your service for the original cost and using the discount codes, the people using your discount often becomes recurring customers, and that's exactly what you should be looking for! Great tutorial with easy to follow content. Good job!

Best Regards,

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