How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

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How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

How to Make Money With SEOClerks Up To $1000 Per Month or More!

Do you know what SEOClerks is? SEOClerks started about 5+ years ago, right about around the time when Microgig sites started kicking off. These days of course, they are known as the worlds biggest and best SEO Marketplace where you can buy anything from a logo to an article for your site to SEO, web traffic and many other IM type things. These days, SEOClerks have the biggest user base of buyers that are spending millions of dollars every year on the gigs for sale and you can cash in on that!!

Can You Make Money On SEOClerks Website?

The short unequivocal answer is YES! You can! Practically ANYONE can make money on SEOClerks! And it doesn’t take a lot of skill or even time to do it.

The longer answer is that yes you can but you will have to follow some basic business principles, you will have to have a passion for what you do and you will have to be hungry for it as well. You will have to apply yourself and have great business ethics and provide only a high quality service both in terms of your customer service skills and in terms of the product or service that you sell.

What Can You Sell on SEOClerks?

Just about anything you can think of! If its related to the Internet in some way then you can find it for sale in the SEOClerks Marketplace. From services like article writing to article translating, audio, video and music creation and production. Banners and logo creation, SEO and backlinks, social bookmarks, directory submission etc, programming to proxies, server management to web traffic to servers and many other SEO services and things like social signals, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO etc to eBooks, Themes, Software, Scripts and more!

SEOClerks is very similar to Fiverr and other microgig sites in that you can practically sell anything you want of yourself or from yourself be it you doing something useful for someone that would save them time not having to do like data entry or website design. To selling things like article marketing or social bookmarking services. The best thing to do is take a look through the SEOClerks Marketplace and browse through the categories there and see if there’s any that you think you could already sell yourself in that category. Maybe you already provide some such services yourself in other ways. Even if you don’t, there are still many many things you can provide to people, sell or resell to people for a certain price.

How to Make Good Money on SEOClerks?

What would “good money” mean to you? $10 a day? $50 a day? $100+ a day? How much money you make as a seller on SEOClerks will depend on several things. The first and most obvious is the service or product that you are selling and the second most obvious thing is how many times you are selling that product or service. If you are selling a product/service that sells for $10 per day and you sell 10 a day minimum, that’s $100 per day or $700 a week or $2400 a month earnings. That to me would resemble “good money” as that is not bad for a side income and is much more than some people make in a month working their butt off!

However that would only happen IF you happen to have a service that sells for $10 and sells 10 x a day. Of course, if you are selling a product that sells for $50 and you sell 10 of those a day, that’s $500 a day or $3500 a week or $14000 a month. But again, that would be if and only if you was selling a product or service for that price and happen to sell that many per day. All that you need to do is create a service that is worth something around that price and then sell it and provide it to people and get paid.

Even if you have a product/service that sells for only $1, you would have to sell 10 a day to make $10 a day, $70 week, $280 month. But depending on that what you are selling, it could sell more than 10 times in a day. And in some cases, you could be selling several products or services for $1 each so if you have say, 10 services that sell for $1 each and you sell say 10 of each every day, that would be the $10 a day earnings multiplied 10 times. Lets say 10×280 = 2800 month or $33,600 a year!

So all you have to do is list a few services and that’s it?

In a nutshell yes. If you have a good service you can sell that is high in demand and for a good price then there is no reason why you will not sell that service on SEOClerks. There are already many sellers on SEOClerks that are doing that exact same thing right now. Some of them are power sellers and if you look at their services for sale, and then look at the latest reviews they’ve had by recent customers on completed orders you can see how some of them are indeed making quite big money from it. Example some big sellers sell SEO services for around $100 and on average have around 1-3 customers leaving reviews on completed orders per day and they have several of these services up and other smaller ones too. They obviously have to provide these services to those customers and to a high standard as well. But they are meeting a demand in the market for something and they are earning extra income because of that. So much so that some guys even use it as a full time income like a lot of self-employed freelancers do!

However even if you have the greatest service and is tons better than any other similar service it doesn’t mean that it will sell! Especially if you are a new user and seller on SEOClerks. Big sellers have big reputations and trust worthiness through many sells, likes and reviews. Also there is levels to know of and think about. You will start off as a Level 1 user/seller if you start a new account on SEOClerks now. And in order to progress and advance to higher levels Level 2, Level 3, Level 3+ etc, you will have to meet a certain number of minimum requirements. In fact, its essential that your account does meet these minimum requirements in order for your services to show up first in the results on the category list pages as highest rated, most popular gigs get bumped and float to the top in default and highest rated view.

How to Find The Perfect Product to Sell?

Its always best to sell something that you know a lot about or are most passionate about. And always sell something that is very high in demand. Ideally, you will want to sell something that has a fairly high price to it so that it makes it worth doing! But you may be just as inspired for something that you sell for very cheap. You can find many examples of these by search through the SEOClerks Marketplace in a category that you think you could provide a service in. Let’s choose Press Release as an example. Maybe you’re a bit of a writer like me at heart and this is something you do anyway else where or think you can do yourself. It could be that in fact, you know of a very reliable and good quality press release service that you can buy for a nice cheap price. Well you could then resell this service on SEOClerks in the Press Release Marketplace.

In fact one of the best ways to sell things on SEOClerks that you can easily provide to people with a high success rate is to resell other services like this. The truth is, a lot of services that are for sale on SEOClerks are usually rehashes of some other service that is for sale somewhere else slightly cheaper. That’s just as true as most things we buy in life! But SEOClerks provides a really good gateway to resell other peoples or other businesses services such as SEO services especially! Especially when you consider how you can find a really good SEO service for an affordable price and even find other quality reseller SEO services which you can sell for double or sometimes even treble the original selling price!

How to Sell Your Services on SEOClerks?

Remember, you need to find something that is high demand. SEO services are high in demand just as much today as they have always been really. Every webmaster wants better ranking positions for their website. But they don’t have the time or knowledge and skills to know how to go about doing that. So all you need to do is offer a nice SEO service for sale that really has a lot going for it! You’ll want to check out some of the current high selling, popular gigs on SEOClerks and look at how the have done their sales page. The sales page is basically nothing more than a salesman smile so it needs to have all the required details there and what they will get and what will be done exactly at a bare minimum. The use of headers, descriptions and bullet points never goes a miss.

Having the perfect sales page is like a good 3 course meal. First you want the starter which is your title and header description. It needs to be well punctuated and well pronounced containing everything it needs to and no more. Then you have the mains which is the part of your sales page that explains exactly what the service is, what you’ll be doing and what the customer gets etc. Then you have the dessert which could be your guarantee and contact details etc. It all needs to be well laid out, nicely and correctly formatted, no sloppy spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you’re not an a native English writer/speaker then get someone who is to proof read it for you.

So having a good sales page will help you to sell more but its only half the trick. You will need to have a well established profile as well and be a Level 3 seller at the minimum if you are to really stand a chance of getting the buyers. And to do that you’ll have to meet those minimum requirements once again as well. Fortunately, these requirements that SEOClerks have set out are not that hard to get and many people have managed to meet them all quite quickly and go on to sell many services.

Know that it’s not just recommended to level up as a seller because of the rating it gives you but doing so actually gives you more and more benefits each time too. SEOClerks have dedicated a whole page to explaining User Levels and what the minimum requirements of how to attain each are here

You can start selling services immediately from level 1 but only that are a minimum of $5 and for no more than $125 plus have some other limitations like limited funds withdrawal and not much else. But you don’t have to sell something to attain level 2 status but some limitations are lifted and you’re on your way to level 3 fast! Level 3 users are getting serious and earning serious money and are amazing users that command respect! To get to Level 3 you only need to have completed 25 Orders/Purchases/Affiliate sales on time, have no Infractions and login at least once per 7 days, have a 90% rating or higher and a 72 Hour or less response time. No problem!

So even though you can start selling straight away from Level 1, getting to Level 3 is where you can and should be really able to kick start your SEOClerks money making campaign into gear! It will have been a learning process for you, and you will have to experiment with things at first. If you start to get sales for something, expand on that particular thing and branch out into different areas that are related. Example being, if you sell article writing gigs for $5. Try selling proof reading or ghost writing gigs too. If you are able to sell something that you can guaranteed provide the service for and there is a demand for it, there is no reason you as a Level 3 Seller will not sell that service or thing, whatever it may be.

How To Be a Power Seller?

Don’t think that you can’t make it now and that you’ve missed the boat or that it will take a lot of effort but if you are committed then it can pay off for you. Even if you only start off selling a small service at first. Sometimes it can even be, even for new users, they list a big service and it can sell and they do really well with it and they grow from there. Every big frog starts off as a tadpole at first. But if you are savvy and you do your research, there is surety that you can get a piece of the money pie that is SEO services that are provided on the SEOClerks website.

You don’t have to be an absolute expert boff or even authority in your niche. You just need to have a passion for it. You do need to have a good product to provide though. A good product to sell that is high in demand, and available at a reasonable and fair price. And you may need to provide many types of the same kinds of services or products too. But that will happen over time if you are dedicated and simply rinse and repeat the whole gig adding service on a daily or even weekly basis for different services or products. And you can take that to the bank! How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?


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Hi idealmike I read your topic and it is really great. You noted all things for seller as how to become a successful seller on SEOclerks. It is really great question and it will help to many new seller to become a powerful seller as successful freelancer. SEOclerks started their business 5 years before as your mentioned. SEOclerks domain registered on 06 October, 2011 now almost 5 years. And it is not much time if you consider by successes. I have joined almost 5 years and I am working here from the beginning of the SEOclerks. And I saw how a site become leading position within short time on global marketplace as gig site. This site has versatility. And all staff member are great. I want to say simply SEOclerks is rocks.
So, this such and great marketplace has huge opportunity to become a powerful seller. Though this site really start work with mainly SEO, but there has several categories like SEO, SMM, Traffic, Article, eBook so many. It is meaning seller has many opportunity to sale their service many ways.

I just shortly explain few idea below:
1. He has to has proper skill. I saw many seller here come to work with silly job. Like for SMM or SMO service. If you have proper skill on other site like on SEO, Article writing or PHP,Mysql you could make more money
2. Do not sale less value services. For example if you sell SMM service, you cannot sale with high price. Most of the seller selling service $1 to $5. If you sell 10 to 20 quantities each day, you will make $10 to $20 only. So, at the end of month you will not make much money
3. Sell high demand services. Try to sell high demand service on SEOclerks. For example if you sell any SEO service minimum for $10 and if you can sale 5 to 10 quantities you will reach $1500 to $3000 a month
4. Goal set up. Set your goal where you want to be after 1 or 2 years as seller. And try to start work with achieving goal. Make you more skillful if you think you need to be do more work
5. Follow all seoclerks TOS and try to maintain and do your best for your client
6. Try to increase rating for individual service
7. More rating means more buyer reach you and other buyer may feel confidence after checking other client review. And further sale will increase more
8. Communicate with your buyer frequently according to buyer requirements
9. Do not provide any misleading service
10 .Try with SEOclerks featured, sale should be increase
11. SEOclerks is rocks, so do not give up your hope for next success

Finally I would like to say for a successful seller nothing behind except skill
And follow what idealmike try to persuade, it should be help you

Thanks by ajlancer

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Outstanding tips Aj! These go hand in hand with the guide itself with some good points to know and think about when you're on your journey to becoming a power seller! How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

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Great points AJ! It's all about paying it forward and sharing what you know with other people so they can use that to their advantage. Which will only go on to make existing sellers better sellers and also help anyone that's new to selling in the SEOClerks marketplace too. I know there are a lot of people that see there are some big sellers here and wonder how they got to where they are and wish they could have that same success and duplicate what they do. But it's not always easy for everyone because as you've pointed out not everyone has the skills they might need to get to that level in the first place. But even so, it doesn't have to mean that they can't make it! I know for a fact a lot of big sellers in any marketplace winged it at first and picked up those skills as they went along. Have you ever heard the expression "fake it till you make it"? Many people do and it's why a lot of people can fail when too many things go wrong. But a select few people who are savvy and learn quick and happen to have more resources available to them do make it to the big leagues.

That and helpful informative guides like this that can help people get a foot hold and a bit more of a head start in the world of SEO today. How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

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That was a very interesting outline of how one can become a great seller on SeoClerks. I agree with you that all one needs is a particular skill, such as writing, or programming, and a lot of passion. Ultimately this is what fuels any seller to offer a great quality service. It worked for me. I do not feel I am superior to anyone and there are probably several others better than me out there. However since I joined this site about 2 years ago I did well. I sold many services, and I got a good reputation. I have several loyal clients, and I am really happy here, happier than I ever was before on any other site where I tried to earn money. I am happy with how far I got and there is always room for improvement. The user levels may appear difficult to beginners but as long as they are there we should view them as a motivating factor to do better and be more dedicated at what we offer. Setting reasonable prices is important, and making sure you keep to deadlines is critical. All these will effect your reputation. Moreover, as you said, one should create an appealing service with a proper description if he wants to sell.

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Yes that is what makes SEOClerks such a great marketplace to do work on and provide services that you can do because it provides a way for people to do many different types and sorts of services of some kind, and because it promotes great valuable high quality sellers who provide great high quality services which is reflected in the feedback of their buyers. So in essence, only good sellers and freelancers can truly flourish and be successful on SEOClerks. And you make some very good points too thanks for your input about that. They are words to live by! How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

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This was an amazingly in-depth article about how to become a super seller, nicely done! As a short input, I would just like to provide this FAQ, which is about recurring customers and how to get them. Other than that I would say that becoming a seller is easy. Gaining your very first client is hard and it often requires you to stay positive, calm and it requires you to still be around for questions etc. During the time you wait for the sales to come in, get out there and start building your reputation and credibility by providing content in SEOClerks forum and in the FAQ. That's an easy way to start building your way up. Getting recurring customers are usually a tough nut to crack but once that is done, you can often make easy recurring sales, several times per day/week. So make sure to always deliver quality and always be positive when you're handling clients.

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Amazing post mate.
learnt a lot from it.

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Thanks Guy's. I was really depressed about getting a infraction for putting up a couple of bikini pics on my adult gig.
I was level 3 and looked forward to getting it increased soon with my 21 fantastic recommendations.
But after reading all your comments here it has kept me going, thanks again Guys...How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?

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I joined SEO Clerks through Postloop. In the beginning, I concentrated only on doing my quote available to me through Postloop. Later, I began exploring the website and found that it could provide me a stable income by selling my services. It took me almost six months to make my first sale. Once, I made my first sale, I knew how I could drive sales. I am taking baby steps to make money on this website, however, I am really happy

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