How To Setup The Perfect Descriptions

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How To Setup The Perfect Descriptions

The perfect description is creative, clear and you should provide value right from the start. Here are some tips to help you out..

1.) Description limits and attention
Descriptions usually has a limit. Sharpen your description to convey exactly what you offer in order to maximize the attention.

2.) Easy and Understandable
If you provide something complicated explain everything in detail, easy enough for a 10 year old to understand. Always offer the opportunity for potential buyers to contact you before ordering for questions or concerns.

3.) Passion and energy
Describe your offer with passion. Most sales appear because of it. Love what you do, or at least, make it look like you do. Explain what you do, why you do it and how that will benefit your clients.

4.) Draw attention to your text
You should use lists, (bullets/numbers) if there’s any specific instructions or conditions, or to explain short but straightforward, what your clients will get from your service. Use different fonts and/or font size. Keep it simple & don't squeeze out every word you can. Your descriptions and titles should be professional, precise and provide your potential clients with answers. Make them aware of the value you provide.

One exclamation point is good, two is okay. One word in all-caps is great. But anything more than that looks very unprofessional.

This is probably one of the FIRST mistakes most new sellers does when they create their first service.. "THEY SCREAM AT ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS!!!! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!!" ... That sounds like a robbery if you ask me.

Is there anything else besides what I've stated above you believe would be better?

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Great tips hitmeasap! Your sales page is the first point of contact you have with your client. A good sales page needs to be optimized, attractive, to the point and alluring to keep them enticed in reading it, as I was with yours here. How To Setup The Perfect Descriptions

Your sales page is your pitch and it's where your buyer makes a decision. You can have a perfect title and a reasonable price, but if your sales page isn't up to scratch and looks sloppy or dull with not much effort put into it, that is going to reflect in your sales.

Talking of reflecting, your sales page is a reflection of your personality. If its rife with bad grammar and spelling mistakes, ALL IN CAPS and doesn't really say anything much about what the service actually is and what you get it will put a lot of people off and you loose sales/revenue.

But if you take a lot of pride and passion in your sales page. If you apply a professional approach to it, that will reflect in more sales and revenue for you because a bang tidy gig description and catchy, alluringly, tempting sales page gets sales!

Some bullet point tips I can add as well to help you get more sales for your gigs.

  • Always use proper spelling, grammar and formatting.
  • Be clear about what you're providing in your service.
  • Tell people exactly how it will help them.
  • Use bullet points for the main parts of your service.
  • Use bigger font sizes for the top parts of your service (header)
  • Use smaller font sizes for the main part.
  • Use bright colours but don't over do it.
  • Use only unique high quality images.

Of course, if you have a service you can sell and or are looking to sell here but this isn't your strongest point. You can always hire someone to do it for you and create a sales page for you. You will need to hire them and liaise with them about your service so they can form a killer sales page for you which will help you to get more sales. You can create a WTB and request it and people can bid on it which will help you to find an adequate freelancer to do it for you. Or you can visit the Hire a Freelancer page and see if anyone there can do it for you too.

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The service description is quite simply the advert of what you are selling, and like any advert it needs to be appealing and also informative. A buyer needs to be intrigued by it, and he must also be able to understand what you are offering, while feeling comfortable ordering from you. So you need to evoke a good reputation and a sense of trust through your description. You need to show that you are someone that really knows the job and you will be offering a great service and value for money.
Here are some tips to create a great description:

1.) Use proper wording and if you are not able to write a well constructed description hire someone to do it for you. If you have a poor command of the language it is going to reflect badly on you. Make sure you do not use capital letters all over, lots of exclamation marks, and other symbols that make it look babyish and unprofessional.

2.) Make sure that you include all the important details. Be clear and concise and use simple wording.

3.) Tell them that they may contact you to make any queries or request clarifications before ordering.

4.) Choose the price wisely.

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Hi great tips by hitmeasap. Your tutorial really very important to attract to your buyer or client. I think firstly you should write very clearly and describe your service intention what are you offering to your client with you fair price. Because this part will help to your client to understand all things.

And describe yourself, why you are best compare with other? You can put some points like your experience, sell records and feedback by others. And describe about your service good point, how your client will get benefit by using your service.
You can explain some vital points of your service for effective result. And if you sell SEO, explain to your buyer what type of report he will get after complete order. And explain clearly what requirement need from buyer to start work.

And highlight your description by using different color and font and you can highlight and bold/italic your service description, which will show your service more effective.

You can use special image in your description and take snapshot from your previous work to prove your client you did such great job for other buyer.

And you can use video tutorial also for your client to make him more clear understandable about your service.
Last but not least, I should recommended to use FAQ part in bottom of your service. This part most effective for buyer attraction. You can ask on behalf of buyer and make answer yourself what you will provide. This will help to buyer to find out most of the inner question.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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You should always use the proper grammar and with the correct spelling and formatting in right ways. be clear always your topic, what you are providing in your services like i'm telling you, this is the tutorial for add custom ringtone in windows 10. and you also tell how help them.

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Thanks for sharing. Profile description is the first impression of your qualification, It works like a mirror reflection of your skills and ability.So the first impression that is profile description would be specific and details how you could help the clients and how you sales their services.The description is something how you can sale yourself by attracting someone else.I am a freelance writer in a writing service company, you may read more about essay writing tips. Your tips help me to be specific in case of writing essay or description for my writing task.Thanks again for these writing tips.

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