How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?

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How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?

I'd like to increase my sales as a freelancer but I am having problems attracting more clients/buyers. What are you guys currently doing to get more buyers and clients? Do you run any advertising campaigns? If so, which ones and what works?


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Advertise, advertise, advertise! Unless you advertise nobody can really know about your services. If you're referring to services that you provide here on SEOClerks then you can use other SEOClerks services in which to do that. If you search SEOClerks for advertise and sort by top rated services, you can find many gigs that you can use to advertise your service in many different ways. There are some that aren't so good and some that are better than others as well though. It all comes down to what you're looking for and what they can provide. It may take purchasing a few services to see which one works best for you. You'd judge that by what response you got back. If you find a service that you got a good response from, that would be the ideal one to use again and again. But it also can be rewarding to try other services you've not used before as those could possibly provide you with a good response and ROI as well. Just check their feedback and ratings first to see what people are saying or have said about that service.

There's so many ways you can advertise your services on here though. Not just through buying other advertising services. You could create your own site that has your services on it listed out in different posts blog style and links to your gigs here. Then do SEO on that site and of course, buy services that can promote, market and advertise it in places for you where there are likely to be people who are interested in that sort of thing. I'm talking forums and blogs, classified ad sites & social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc.

You can try Google Adwords too which can be very effective, but it can be quite involved and a bit of a steep learning curve if you've never used it before. You can experiment though and set a budget to play with. You'll need to do some research and select the right keywords where your ad will be displayed for. Such as things that are related to your services, backlinks, buy backlinks etc etc. But the thing is with Adwords, there are usually much bigger companies that have big budgets that are paying more (CPC) for those keywords so their ads will show much more than yours will unless you up your CPC and that can end up being quite expensive without much return for first time users.

The trick to using Adwords successful is to find a niche that isn't too tough to compete for and doesn't have a lot of competition for it. However, some niches are very competitive but don't have a lot of people using Adwords for them. You can find out by simply searching in Google for something that you might want people to find your site or service with. So if that was for a link building service or a forum marketing service etc etc, search those keywords in Google and see if any ads are showing for them alongside the search results. If there are ads showing, you will know that it's quite a competitive niche and that there are already people using those keywords in their Adwords campaigns. But sometimes you might find a long-tail keyword that is high in demand but has a little less competition and doesn't have any ads showing in the search results that you can create your own Adwords campaign for an your ads will show for that long-tail.

Screenshot of a search with ads showing on the search results that shows its a competitive niche.
How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?
Screenshot of search results with no ads showing which shows its probably not as competitive and means you will be able to get a Google ad showing at the top of the search results for this keyword.
How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?
Hope this helps! There are many many ways to advertise, market & promote your gigs here to get more sales, orders & clients. But this is just one sure-fire way that works if you do a little homework first. If you get it right, it means you can advertise, get clients/sales and earn more money from it which you can put back into more advertising this way which results in more sales, orders & clients and so creating an endless cycle of advertising and earnings. How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?

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I've always had terrible luck with adwords, spending more than actually converted. Same with Facebook Ads although these are generally cheaper with more clicks (same amount of conversion). What other methods do you suggest or have you used that work?

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I hear you! It's not easy to perfect and can eat into your budget before you've finally found that winning formula. Also not all clicks you get will convert as well so you have to take that into consideration too. Forum marketing can work well but it can take a long time to build up a name for yourself. So if you're providing SEO services, you'd want to have an account on all the top SEO forums and try to engage with others on a regular basis. Replying to peoples threads, posting good quality stuff, establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Then when you have a lot of posts under your belt, you can create your own threads on those places and you will have a much more likelier chance of selling them. As said this method can take quite a long time though as there are many forums to use in any niche, but it can pay off in the long run later down the road once you've become a well known member who is trusted. Is that something you've ever considered? How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer?

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Attracting customers are usually done with ease whenever you provide outstanding quality work for a dirt-cheap cost. Two for one deals, 50% discounts and all that. When I was working as a salesman, I would usually throw in extra goodies for my clients, even though it might not always was related to the things I sold. Just something to show my appreciation. A candybar to their beloved kids or an extra cellphone with large buttons for their grandpa with bad eyesight. For me, the best way to market yourself, gaining new clients and making new sales is done by "getting personal". When you reach that "personal level" the potential clients are lowering their garde and becomes more open for discussion. And when that happens, you're there with an offer they can't refuse. Just like The Godfather with the horse head.

What you should aim for is always this, but it's not always easy to spot. Even online this will do the trick to gain sales, but it's harder to understand when the customer are willing to buy as you can't see them in reality. What you have to do here is to get personal from the start, using your knowledge and persuasion skills.

I'll give you an example of how to reach the personal level online.: (From my own sales page.)

Instead of having this at the top of my sales page: Who else wants to discover the secrets of creating cash-pulling business.

I choose to have this: I don’t have to tell you how embarrassing it is to ask a friend or family member for a loan.. But imagine if you discovered the secret to pay your bills in time, every time... Now You Can.

My conclusion and the reason I chose to make it like this is:
People online are often from a "dark place" with only a few dollars in their pockets. Many of them have been loaning money from their parents, from their neighbours? etc. All to be able to pay their rents or other bills.. Or even to put food at the table.

It's a shame but this is reality, and business. People from such situations who's reading these kind of titles, are more likely to purchase than people with tons of money on the bank. If I would've switched places of these two, then I'm talking about "how to make money in general", and not on that same personal level I reach by using the text I use now.

Best Regards,

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In my opinion it is important that you try to advertise more. If your budget is somewhat low, it may be difficult to do this, but Facebook ads are quite an affordable option. You could also try to think of your target market and where they are likely to be so as to target them manually in one way or another.

A good way is to create your own site or blog, and make sure that you optimize it so as to attract a god ranking. Then, you can also list all your services over there, and advertise them together.

The use of social media can never be advertised strongly enough. With so many people using Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms, you can manage to get some new clients relatively easy if you try to find ways to do so. For instance joining Facebook groups where you could find people who are likely to be interested in the services that you offer.

Forum marketing can also work quite well as long as you choose the forums wisely. I wish you luck!

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Hi it is million dollar question for all freelancer and all are asking almost same question how to attract more client or buyer for your service.
It is very difficult to say specifically what methods very much work to attract to buyer? If you think about SEOclerks gig or service, I should say you have to follow some about your service before talking advertising. I think you have to have qualities and demandable service then you can go for add. Yes advertising very effective way to increase you sell. But you have to expend very good amount of money. Rather I prefer social promotion by following some method. Yes you can use add by Google or Facebook or other social network. I used Facebook and I got very good amount of client by Facebook traffic.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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