why am i not getting orders from a month?

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why am i not getting orders from a month?

I am not getting orders from nearly a month..
this has been a biggest hazard for me and even for the other sellers...
I am totally dependent on seo clerks.. and if this continues,, I will be in a great trouble...
this has been a biggest issue for me...
kindly tell me the reasonable answer for this.. i want to know the answer urgently...


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Hello akarora,
As a seller you can't usually just sit around waiting for orders to come. That's unfortunately a common behaviour and it usually ends up with the seller leaving their freelancers dreams behind them. You need to take action!

With that being said, there's outstanding information here within the FAQ you can learn from. I'll list a few below which I truly recommend reading. Here goes:

How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?
How To Setup The Perfect Descriptions
The 5 Most Common Mistakes Freelancers Make
Repeat Customers And How To Get Them

I would also recommend reading this recent FAQ. Several experts are contributing and sharing their tricks, tips and knowledge within that FAQ. How do I attract more clients and buyers as a freelancer? Good luck!

Best Regards,

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Dont just create your services and wait for customers to come to you. Try to go to the bidding section as well and bid fro the various jobs you get. I have personally won a few bids myself and it is from winning bids that I have regular customers.

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follow this- always try to bump your service within few hours and make your description unique to other and offer to customer low price to other so you really get order from many customer

thanks & Regards

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