Reporting Sellers buyers

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Reporting Sellers buyers

How do you report sellers on this site? I am having troubles with a couple of people who advertise a service, then that person refuses to honor it later. Please let me know!!


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That's sad to hear. Isn't there a report button at the end of the seller's post? If not, then you could probably visit the help desk and submit a request at help desk support page or email the staff of SEOclerk at Either of them should work.

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I think the only way is to contact the SEOClerk staff and explain them the whole situation. Don't worry because they will handle it and make sure that the other user won't be able to scam people anymore.

Send them an email at the address that galegatling gave you and they will respond fast. Make sure to write it in the title so they will know right away.

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The right thing is to contact ionicware.I think they have an effective and efficient support system that is quite swift to issues. So channel all grievances to the right to get things right.

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On SEOClerk every section have reporting option. Check report section of the service area and post your report. It will help you to give the service knowledge to SEOClerk team.


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