10 productivity hacks that could help you out

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10 productivity hacks that could help you out

Productivity hacks are no new thing when it comes to working online like so many of us do. I use productivity hacks all the time and now they just seem to be a part of my work flow that I don't even think about. It can get difficult to drown out the outside world if you're working from home or in public at a Starbucks (or something similar). Productivity hacks can help you get through the day making you feel rested and ready to hang out at night, or just go to bed, whichever is up to you lol 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

Below are 10 productivity hacks that could help you out in your day to day routine from keeping you focused to making the day seem shorter because you're always active.

10 productivity hacks that could help you out

1. You Need Sleep
As many of you know, I like to take my afternoon nap if I have been up late working on something for myself or a client. And I see this as a necessary thing in order to be as productive as possible. Sure there are things that come up which make it so I can't be productive, but at least I'm not tired.

Your body needs sleep to be fully functional. You'll always hear people say "I can get 4 hours of sleep and be just fine" but that's not true. These people tend to crash and fight through it until they go to bed at night. Another way they fight the crash is with energy drinks of caffeinated pop (some people call it soda lol).

It's actually been proven that getting a good nights sleep will reset your brain and body which makes you more productive at work with whatever you're doing. So get some sleep or take naps like I do 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

2. Automation is your friend
Have you ever thought "I wonder if I can make a robot do this for me?" well the answer is usually Yes 10 productivity hacks that could help you out It may not be your cup of tea, but having automated scripts that perform tedious and mundane tasks will actually free you up and make it so you don't feel as drained. Have you ever done a load of data entry and it seems like you're just doing the same thing over and over again? Well a bot or script can get all that work done for you in a fraction of the time you could do it yourself.

One problem is that people don't think something can be automated and they just do it themselves. I want to let you know, there are robots playing soccer, which means a programmer can probably automate your data entry for you lol. And it's not just data entry, I'm only using that as an example. I had a programmer code up a script for me that would compile business names, phone numbers, names of the people in charge, their addresses and whatever else I could get from a database and then it would email all of them my promos or newsletters. I would do this manually and for every 100 emails it would take me around 2 hours to get everything set up, but with the script it took around 5 minutes.

The more things you can automate in your daily routine the more likely you'll be relaxed and productive at the same time 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

3. "Hire" Technology
When I say to "Hire" technology I'm more referring to have some apps help you out with automation. This is similar to point #2, but with this there are things already coded up that you can use in your day to day routine.

Think of it, how many times have you gone through your phones calendar and put in something so you wouldn't forget? Well you can use something similar to that but have it notify every day at certain times. This will keep you on schedule and you'll never be too overworked and drained by the end of the day.

Apps are great ways to help you out since they are little robots themselves. They don't know the meaning of being tired, they just work as long as they have power, so "hire" them lol.

4. You need to exercise
Everyone knows that exercising will make you lose weight and make your body healthier, but what about your mental health? Did you know that being active at the gym a few times a week is a great way to boost your productivity because your mental health is being taken care of as well as you physical health?

Your body will release serotonin regardless if you hit the gym hard or just get on the treadmill or bike for an hour. If you don't know, serotonin is basically what makes you happy, and it will get releases when you're working out at the gym. Now you won't get a flood of it making you smile from ear to ear, but just enough to make you feel good about yourself. Serotonin affects your mood, sleep, memory and your overall mental function from day to day. If you're regularly going to the gym you will notice a boost in productivity after just a week or two.

5. Screw You Multi-Tasking!
When it comes to Multi-Tasking, women win the gender war on this battlefield lol. But did you know that multi-tasking can actually lead to being a huge distraction? You may seem like you're extremely productive but all you're really doing is distracting yourself from each job you need to finish. Usually when someone is multi-tasking for their job, doesn't matter if it's a man or woman, they will fail at some point.

Try focusing on just one thing at a time to avoid messing anything up. If you have 10 things to do in a day and each takes 20 minutes, don't say you have 200 minutes to complete everything. Tell yourself that you're doing task 1 for 20 minutes then moving on to task 2 for the next 20 minutes and 3, and then 4 and so on.

6. You now like longer meetings
A lot of bigger companies are now implementing this as a type of filtering method. Think about it, if you're going to be sitting down with a potential client and you can't go over what will be done for them in 2 hours, you probably don't need to sit down with them in the first place. Now if your meeting goes longer than 2 hours, great! But if it's most likely going to be a 30 minute meeting than it's likely not worth scheduling in the first place.

I have noticed that a lot of local clients want to sit down for a meeting, but they usually just want to know what my company does, and that's a bit annoying. I'm basically wasting my time trying to teach them what we do when it's clearly written all over the website the contacted us through lol. They could just do a basic search online and get some general information as well, but they'd rather sit down and talk about it because that's the type of meetings they're use to I guess.

7. Airplane Mode = Your Time
It's extremely distracting when you're deep in your process and you get a phone call or text message from a loved one asking about what you want for dinner in 938 hours from now lol. You're pulled out of your zone and when you start back up you may not have the same ideas as when you were deep in thought. Getting back into your process won't just take a minute or two, try 20 to 30 just to get super focused again. Yes, it really does take this long and what do you think will happen if you continue to get texts every 30 minutes or a phone call? You'll just be off your game the entire day and nothing will get done to it's fullest potential.

Because of this you will lack the same quality in your work and it will begin to show fairly quick. If you work for a boss then that means you could be putting your job at risk if you mess up too much 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

Putting your phone into airplane mode doesn't mean you're dumping all your phone calls and texts into a garbage bin. You're just blocking them from coming through at a specific time and when you turn airplane mode off they will come through.

7. You can meditate
Now this isn't the first thing I would jump for when I want to be more productive because I've never been a huge fan of meditating. I do know plenty of business owners who do swear by it and always want me to join them, but I can never sit still for that amount of time lol.

I do understand the benefits of meditation. You become more calm and clear which is great for focusing on your tasks at hand. You won't be burdened with all the thoughts that were running through you head previously and not you can be lazer focused.

9. Write up your "To Do" list by hand
Writing your "To Do" list or what you need to complete during the day does something that a computer can't. It's hard to explain, but I would say it's similar to meditation I guess. You are getting out of work mode in order to focus on something that needs to be done. Even if you're just sitting down to write up your grocery list for when you leave work and want to stop by the store, it will help you relax and regenerate you for the day 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

You can do this with something work related but it may not work as well since you're still going to be in work mode.

10. Avoid the slump
Never end your day when you're tired and drained from working. Always end your day on a positive and productive note. I like to think of this as a video game, and a lot of gamers will understand. You never turn a game off when you lose or do bad, you always have to beat something or get the final blow in order for your team to win. By ending on a positive note you will actually be more rejuvenated and ready to kick the day in the ass and take on whatever comes at you lol.

Now this doesn't just work with video games, it works with every day life as well. Let's say that you go to your kids softball game and they lose, you don't just go home and have them do their homework. You go out to dinner, to see a movie, or to get some ice cream. It will make everyone happy and that loss won't mean as much. They will go to bed happier when ending on a good note than if you just went home after the game.

And everyone is more productive when their happy 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

What was your favorite of the 10 productivity hacks above?

So what do you think is a good way to stay productive?

In Conclusion:
There are loads of ways to stay productive, not just the 10 that I went over. You need to figure out what works best for you in order to stay productive, no one can tell you what works, it's up to you to. I know that meditation isn't my thing, but it does work for other people, maybe it's going to work for you. You'll never know what your main productivity hack is unless you start trying them out 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

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It's also best to have a great schedule. For instance, some freelancers just wake up at anytime to do work without realizing that they will be more productive if they were to set a strict schedule.

Dont fall for those "work from home" brain washing ads that say you can do work in your pajamas. This type of behavior will cause you to be lazy because pajamas are mostly associated with sleep. It's all a mental process. So wake up early, whatever time you set, get ready for your day and then get to work on your computer.

This works best for me because it's like I'm getting ready for a 9-5 day job and the reality of it is is that I kinda am.

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That's very true that! How you dress is how you feel. If you feel like you just got out of bed or are just going to bed, you wont feel like tackling your day head on as though you was dressed and prepared for it. Clothes maketh them man as they say. And that applies in your day to day life too. 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

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I will have to agree with these 10 life hacks. I hire people to work for me on the area where I don't have expertise. However, I would love to develop my skills on those areas where I have to hire people. For example, I need a lot of graphic designing, why not practice photoshop instead of hiring designers.
Another life hack that I really liked automation. I am doing every thing manually. I would like to try automation program to do social marketing. Thankfully I don't multitask.

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I'm a big fan of automation lol. Of anything that saves me time and work on doing those things I often do over and over again manually myself which can get tedious and boring! But it's not always easy to find a way of automating everything and learning some software to do it for you is another learning curve all on its own. I do outsource a lot of things though and that's kind of automation except that I'm having to pay for it. Although, I'd only be paying for the software that did that for me anyway I guess. So in the long run I could save money.

But is there any kind of automation software you know of and could recommend Razzy?

As for all the rest they all make good sense and are great productivity hacks cheers! 10 productivity hacks that could help you out


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But is there any kind of automation software you know of and could recommend Razzy?
Well that depends no what you're trying to automate lol 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

I have some software that automates my social media (mainly hootsuite), which saves me a huge amount of time. I'm also getting into a service that does all my social media management for me so that I can focus more on other aspects. This is sort of automating, like you explained, and so far it's been going well. I'm going to stick with it for 3 months and if it works out I'll post a review of the service and what I did 10 productivity hacks that could help you out

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Very interesting article!

I particularly like to create small task checklists to solve during the day. This makes me very motivated and organized.

Besides, I like to schedule the day before. So, before going to sleep I ready my issues the next day and when I wake up I know exactly what I need to do.

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I'm actually multi-tasking writing this reply, but it's minor: just listening to a podcast in the background. It's sort of repetitive words/concepts though. it's astrology and spirit stuff and lifestyle and technology. I just keep one ear on it and still manage to read and comprehend, but maybe it is the female aspect. I have multi-tasked because A) life is "short" and B) I'm kind of forced to by circumstances.

I came here because I was searching for some automation ideas. I like to see what others are saying about it. Sometimes it can be free. Other times, it may take a bit of startup cost to set up, but overall I always think there is room for automation and that it's worth it.

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I agree with the sleep and rest because when you lack sleep and rest, fatigue will drag down your efficiency and productivity will suffer because you tend to make mistakes. I guess exercise is always the combination of rest because too much rest is not good and too much exercise is not good either. A balance of the 2 is ideal for a healthy body which can increase your productive rate.

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