Speech-To-Text Apps Will Increase Your Productivity?

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Speech-To-Text Apps Will Increase Your Productivity?

Authors and Content creators, or any other Freelancer out there,
Do you believe you can increase your productivity by using speech-to-text apps?

I have to say that I've always been fond of these sort of apps but I've never really used them myself. I can see why they are good and why these could potentially help you during your hectic days. - But do you believe these apps can and will increase your productivity on a daily basis if you're using them correctly?

I've heard many different stories about these and most people seem to believe that they'll shorten the time it takes you to write things, even though you'll have to go back and edit the text afterwards as the speech-to-text apps will mishear you.

Also, do you think speech-to-text apps will be best to use if you're writing long articles or entire ebooks for instance, compared to shorter content?

What's your take on this?

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Ooooohh great subject Andre! I think we may have touched on this before several times in the past. If I remember rightly, I wanted to know what some of the best text to speech apps, tools and sites were. Because what I wanted to do was convert some or all of my discussions on here into spoken format that I could use in a video.

But I'm more interested in speech to text apps. Apps like Dragon Naturally Speaking where you speak it and then it converts it to text for you. However it's not perfect and makes a lot of mistakes so you do have to go in after and fix these mistakes and errors. But my thinking is that I can speak much faster than I can type. And typing means having to use my hands. So what would be nice would be if I could just speak what I wanted to say and have that appear on the screen for me in whatever text field I want to write in.

They do actually make a lot of mistakes at first. But as it gets used to your voice and learns as it goes, it gets better and better and makes less and less mistakes. But that's speech to text apps and not text to speech apps like you've asked about. Or are you sure you don't actually mean speech to text? Because you mention writing long articles and eBooks etc so it sounds like you're asking about speech to text apps. Is that what you mean and not text to speech?

I'm still on the look out for some good text to speech app because from my experience of using them they do sound very "robotic" and not at all like a real human voice. Although there is some progress being made in this technology now so that you can't really tell the difference. If anyone knows of any good ones like that, that don't have limitations or anything let me know of it! Speech-To-Text Apps Will Increase Your Productivity?

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Haha, thank you Mike for pointing that out! - I made the necessary changes and I obviously meant speech to text and not the other way around!

I know we had a similar discussion about this a while ago and that's what reminded me of this. We live in a world of stress and hectic work hours. Writers are spending their days typing hour after hour and there's little room left for other things. - That's what got me thinking about this. Even though I've personally never really liked the idea, or perhaps I should say, like the idea of using these myself.. As I do like the idea of speech to text or the other way around too actually. But mostly speech to text. If I can say it, then the app will write it.

I can't help to think that I would get a bit more time by using such an app, and that would also allow me to do other things, during the same time "I'm writing".

I would love to hear people experience using these apps. And more importantly, if these apps actually help you to increase your productivity, if you're using them properly that is.

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Yes I guess it is a nice idea, but the app will have to jack up and be more accurate otherwise you will just be rewriting everything and that does not appeal to me at all.

Something I was thinking about is when you go on a long drive, for example if you sit in rush hour traffic for an hour or two every day, how amazing would it be to be able to drive and "speech write" your blog posts?

I could then make travel time when I go on a long trip so much more useful, Right now I often actually use my drive time to practice what I am going to say in my Youtube videos LOL.

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No I think that they might end up making me waste more time since often you will have to spend a lot of time editing, which when you sum it all up will add up to more time than how much I would have spent on typing. To be honest I never used them, so I am just stating what I think. But that is the impression that I have about these apps. Obviously if someone can recommend a really accurate one I would give it a go.

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At this stage no, I don't think Speech To Text apps will increase my productivity. I have tried one or two times with speech recognition and I don't know if it is my accent that is odd or what the problem is, but there are too many errors which I find annoying.

I find it much easier to just write than it is to edit something. It takes much quicker to write something than it takes to edit things. I find it very annoying.

I also find it easy to plot my work when I write by adding my sub sections and headings, then I fill in the missing bitties. I can't do this talking.

I am sure that some people might find that this type of app makes life easier but for me it doesn't.

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I have tested on my phone the speech-to-text function and I'd say it's great for amusement. The issue I see is the accuracy of words since the conversion is totally dependent on the pronunciation. I said amusing because it's fun to see the words I am saying with a feeling of high technology. But the other issue is the consumption of the phone's battery, that function is like a gas-guzzler car in terms of power. Maybe for those having difficulty in typing, that speech-to-text app is okay to use.

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