7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

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7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

We all have our off days and begin to procrastinate, I know the last 2 weeks have been difficult on me for many reasons, which lead into procrastination.  But now I'm back on top of my game and hitting it hard to make up for lost time 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity  I use the 6 steps I'll be covering in order to flip procrastination into productivity pretty often, and I think they can help out anyone who is working for themselves and even if you work for a company 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

In a way, we can all be procrastinators, but we don't have to be!

Back in 2013 there was a survey done by that resulted in almost 70% of people saying they waste time at work on a daily basis.  That's a lot of people not doing what they were paid for lol.  Around 25% of those people said that they waste between 30 and 60 minutes each day doing something they shouldn't be.  That's up to an hour of work you're paying them for in order for them to screw around lol.  And what's even worse is that there are around 10% of those people who waste multiple hours each day...

Now what you need to do is sit down and gain your compose.  I know that your blood pressure may have risen slightly if you're a business owner paying employees to do a job lol.  What you'll need to do is implement some things so that people are less likely to procrastinate, and help them increase their productivity. 

Here are some ways you can flip your procrastination into productivity and also help your employees do the same:

Don't Get Overwhelmed
In today's quick business world it's easy to get overwhelmed with work loads.  What you'll need to do is not have so much on your own plate as well as your employees, if possible.  You can get a "To Do" list and write down every task there is to do for a certain project, website, business idea, etc.  After you get it all written out, you need to section them off so that they can be done in groups.  This will make it feel like less of a burden and you won't get overwhelmed, usually.  If you have employees, you can delegate a lot of the sections to groups or individuals and then check them off as they're finished.

Start On Hard Mode
When a lot of people write up lists for themselves to work on throughout the day, they will usually avoid the most difficult parts of it and leave them for last.  What you'll need to do is work on the most difficult one first so that when you finish, it feels like everything is down hill from there 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity  The other tasks will seem like a walk in the park and you can knock them out quickly.

Don't Be A Perfectionist
I remember back in high school I would always turn in my art work late because I didn't want to get anything lower than an A on it.  If I got deducted points for it being turned in late, I knew I had to do even better to get that A.  Now this is a bad way to do your work, and I quickly realized this after high school lol. 

I didn't have strict deadlines back then because my teachers knew I was going to turn the work in eventually.  But one thing makes a difference, in the real world when you're being paid to complete a job, you need to turn it in on time lol 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

Whenever I'm delegating tasks to a team of SEO's or designers, I always let them know when the due date is and that it doesn't have to be 1,000% perfect.  They need to do the best they can, and try to get it all done before the deadline.  I need the work on a certain day for the client and if I don't have it, the client gets angry, then I get angry at my team. 

You don't have to be perfect 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

Procrastination Breeds Mistakes
When you procrastinate something until a day or two before the deadline, you will inevitably make a mistake on it due to you rushing to finish.  You'll need to remember that if you're doing work for a client, they want to know you're actually working on it and not waiting until the last minute.

This is when you need to realize that the client is trusting you with their work because they think you can do it.  Procrastinating only hurts your business relationship with them, and could break it at the same time.

You need to set aside some time each day to work on each clients project, and then stick to it.  If you procrastinate and take one day off, it could snowball and you end up taking a week off.

Kill All The Distractions
It's always easy to procrastinate no matter where you are.  I work from home every day and I have to deal with an 8 year old, a TV, iPads, video games, etc.  I use to work in the living room with the TV off, but now that my little girl is on summer vacation I've moved into the basement where I have my "home office".  By doing this I've actually increased my productivity because I don't have as many distractions.  I never use to work in the basement because I couldn't get an internet connection down there and I didn't want to run a cable through floor, which I eventually did anyway lol.

By killing all of the distractions I could, I've become more productive and everyone is a happier person.  I don't have to work late in the night because I couldn't get work done in the living room, which is nice because I'm not as grouchy 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

Manage Your Time
To go from procrastinating to productive, you need to manage your time well.  No successful person has ever said "I didn't do half of my work today because the amazing race was on TV and I just had to watch it" lol.  If you write down a schedule for yourself and stick to it, you will get a good amount of things done and you will notice you aren't procrastinating as much anymore.

I usually have a day to day list that is the same, and I also have a unique one that I write up the night before to finish tasks that I couldn't get to the day before.  I have my day to day list written out already and I fill in the gaps with the unique tasks that I need to finish.  I then have alarms in my phone that let me know when I need to start something, and I try to stick to it as well as I can.  Of course there are some things that will take longer than others, but I try to estimate the time frames before writing down the tasks and adding an alarm to my phone 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity

The Early Bird Gets The Worm
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, working in the early morning hours is something you should try out.  There's a sort of calm that you don't get from working late at night after everyone is in bed.  You can wake up at 4am and get a lot of work done before anyone is even out of bed. 

In Conclusion:
You will need to be motivated and disciplined in order to not procrastinate.  It takes time to implement a good work habit, but you can do it in time and get more work done in a shorter amount of time than you use to if you just try 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity  Don't get lazy and you will see the fruits of your labor paying off in the next few weeks, guaranteed.

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Those are some good tips there. Some of us have trouble sleeping though and waking up at 4AM would make us exhausted, sleepy and non productive the rest of the day. However, yes, I agree with trying to make a schedule and adherring to it though, as you will tend to get alot more done. Your time will be more focused.

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I couldn’t imagine that my waking hour will be 4 am because I am a typical bank employee who works from 8 am to 5 pm. But the horrendous traffic here would waste my time on the road and the only way for me to avoid the traffic is to leave for work before the rush hour. Now I wake up at 4 am but I still feel good about it because I have adjusted my bedtime to 9 pm.

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I love your tips that I had to bookmark this page :-)
Thanks for sharing this with though I must say that People are different from each other, There are people who can wake up very early in morning and accomplish lots of works and there also others who can only be able to prolong their nights and accomplish works in night time when others are sleeping, And I'm a night person too So I think it does not matter when you start your work as long as you accomplish your daily to do list :-)

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Very good tips but would those tips work on a 10 year old boy? My boy procrastinate so much that I had yelled till my throat hurts. He hated to do homework, take shower , eat his meals and go to bed. He procrastinates all these daily, always making last minutes hurrying tasks that made everyone in the household very mad at him. I do not procrastinate because I want to make things done quickly and on time. I always hit my goals when I am determined but not my son. Will these work on him?

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Razzy good points from you.Personally, I think what can kill procrastination is action.Acting out any plan immediately.If we always are on our toes to deal with whatever is before us, I think half of our problem and even the world's problem would reduce by 90%.

proscratination really is a thief of time.We keep going in circles till we ruin our lives because of delay.The best bet is acting now.

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Procrastination is something that I have had to deal with ever since my days in High School. For a very long time, I was convinced that last minute was the only way I could do anything. And for a while I was actually convinced that it was working to my advantage. It honestly seemed as if I had put out some of my best work only when I was under the pressure of having to hand it in the next day. As it turned out, that mentality was a trap. The problem was that when I got work done earlier, I would constantly be refining it and never satisfied. If I did it last minute, I didn't have time to criticize myself. That is why I relate so well to the "don't be a perfectionist" tip. It was always a better idea to get work done earlier, I just simply needed to be less critical of myself.

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A big distraction at work nowadays seems to be cell phones (and the net on cell phones). In fact, I think companies are starting to crack down on this stuff quite harshly.

Anyway, though, fun stuff can also be a distraction from homework and personal projects. In that case, it might be better to avoid social media and the like - unless, of course, it's related to what you're doing.

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Changing into more productive mode will not be an easy task for many procrastinators. They may go to bed at night promising themselves that they would do better the following day but only to continue in that same old easy-does-it mode. These are very useful tips to the aiding the of breaking the procrastination mindset and it may also mean that additionally, they might have to train themselves to gradually rid themselves of the it-can-be-done-later behavior.

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Great tips!

I have been a freelance worker for over 5 years and have always had problems with procrastination.

Recently I installed on my computer an application that uses the Pomodoro methodology. This has helped me stay focused and avoid procrastination.

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TsuyoyRival tiring...joke! 7 steps in order to flip procrastination into productivity I personally think that removing distractions and managing the time are the best tips from this amazing article!

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Thanks fo the tips! I actually find them helpful. One thing I do when I fell I'm on "procrastination mode" is to actually set a time for everything. Setting a schedule and sticking to it can really make a change in your work routine. Also I try not to take breaks because I might fall in temptation and end up watching tv or something like that.

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You made a good choice on ending procrastination. Indeed, setting a timetable or a deadline for each job helps me to reach my daily goal without fail. Procrastination will cease if you are determined to break the habit.

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thanks! Although I have to say it's an easier thing to say but it's a hard thing to do. Dealing with this takes time and determination. It's hard to break bad habits but not impossible. In fact some people won't succed in "online -home- working" because of this. So I think it's important to take the wheel on this and just do it.

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I am prone to procrastination. because of procrastination, I am losing money and contracts, but it is hard for me not to procrastinate. I received a book writing contract in December, if I had delivered the book in December, I would have received another book writing contract from the client in January, however, I am still working on the book that I was supposed to write in December.

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Even in other fields of work, you tend to slow down once you get overwhelmed. That’s why it is important to have a timeline for the day. It will layout your work plan to have the proper mind to focus on what to do first. It is like prioritizing the tasks that you need to do and with that guide, it will give you the right direction to avoid being overwhelmed by too much work.

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