Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

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Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

When it comes to writing content in order to pull in leads, it's not always as simple as it sounds. It would be really nice if we could just write up 10 articles and then get 10 leads from each one, I know we'd all love that, but it simply doesn't work that way. You'll need to write up content that pulls people in, keeps them reading and eventually gets them to go to your website (if they're not already there) and click that little "Buy Now" button or fill out your contact form.

Writing content isn't the easiest thing to do because you have to talk with your readers while typing the content and not just hammer out loads of information about something. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about at this very moment... See what I'm doing? I'm pulling you in by just talking to you, and you can do this very same trick to keep people engaged Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

In this discussion I'm going to go over 6 simple hacks you can use to increase your lead generation through your content marketing campaigns Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

1. Go Long
When it comes to content, you'll always want to write more than less. This is because people will want the information their seeking and the search engines love it as well. If you're covering everything you can in a way that keeps people engaged, they will likely click through to another page and read some more or they will see what you're trying to sell. Hell, they may even just click through on one of your ads Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

Think about what you want to write and get to it, you're taking a journey with each post so you'll need to plan it out and not just shoot from the hip. A good article can be anywhere from 300 to 500 words in length, but if you're writing for your own blog or website in order to convert people into paying customers, you'll want to focus on anything over 1,000 words in length. If you can get to 2,000 words without it feeling repetitive, that's even better Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

2. Entice people to become leads
Have you ever visited a website in the tech industry and gotten a pop up that is selling lotion? Probably not, because that just wouldn't look well on the website you're trying to read an article on and the ad itself wouldn't convert at all because people there are focused on tech and not moisturizing their skin Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

If you're pushing affiliate products, or your own, you will need it to be niche specific if you're going to entice people to click through when they're reading one of your articles. You will want to promote something in the lotion niche if you're similar to bath and body works. You'll want to promote something in the tech industry if you're writing about tech advancements. Do you see what I'm getting at? You need to promote what people are already interested in lol.

If you don't sell a product or are affiliated with one, don't worry, you can always push your newsletter in the pop up. If your content is on point and people love it, they'll likely sign up to your newsletter without hesitation. I know I've signed up for crap I didn't want to simply because the article was interesting and I wanted more Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

3. Linking to Webinars
Recently there have been more and more marketers pushing webinars. I myself have actually covered this a couple times in some of my recent discussions because they are getting more popular.

What you'll want to do is link directly to your webinars within your content. This will help entice people to go and sign up to your webinar and in turn they might be a high paying customer Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

Remember, if your webinar is trash, people will not sign up. I recently saw someone promoting that they can help someone generate 10k a month after they implement the webinars teachings and it was someone in high school giving the lessons. Now I don't have a problem with kids doing this because they could know something we don't. What I didn't like is that he was cocky in the comments section saying he's making $XXX,XXX per year already and no one will beat him in profits. This basically tells me that he doesn't give a sh*t about his clients and he just wants that pay check. Don't be like this kid, give away something of value and help people as they pay you.

4. Multi-point content marketing
Getting a lead is great, but you will need to hit them with content more than once in order to convert them into an actually paying client. To do this you will likely have them in your email list and you can automate your newsletters so that it pulls people back in every week or month.

I've done this with a few lists and I doubled my traffic each month because of the newsletters I've been sending out. And if you didn't know, it takes roughly 6 or 7 emails or conversations before you can close the lead Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

What you'll send them are updates about the content on your own website. This will get them to come back in and read what you've posted during the week. You should link to multiple posts within your newsletter so that you increase the chances of getting a click through.

5. Tweetable Quotes
When you're adding tweetable quotes within your content you're basically just making it easier for people to share your content on twitter. You can do this by adding a simple wordpress plugin to your wordpress site (if you have WP) called "Click to Tweet". It will help you grow your twitter following without you actually having to be active on twitter Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

6. Share Buttons
If you're already writing content that is engaging and well written, people will want to be sharing your posts. Why not help them out by adding some simple share buttons that will allow them to post to social media or email their friends and family?

You can use something like and add some simple buttons to each of your posts. This will only help your traffic share everything you're writing.

In Conclusion:
Content marketing is one of the best ways to pull people into your website and convert them into a lead. If they're clicking through from a different website solely because of the fact that they liked your content, why not help them out with all the hacks I've listed above Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation You can increase your lead generation by using all of these methods and you can thank me later lol.

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All great tips to ensure you have a good customer base! Social media like Twitter is great. Youtube has been the best for me. For some reason, people from all generations love a good video. It's a good way to sponsor your product and keep your affiliates happy Content marketing hacks to increase your lead generation

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I’m glad to hear that Youtube is working for you because I am also considering the video for my future projects. I know that video marketing is getting popular although I still have my apprehensions because of the short attention span of the general users in the internet. Content marketing is not an easy task and you have to be creative so that your interest can reach a wider coverage.

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Super tips Razzy , my question is mate I do like to edit content at times to extend it. But what about other sites like who are using scripts for a business like advertising banners or credits things like that. As I do have a website like that its doing fairly ok I guess but could do with few more buyers on there.

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I have tried quote twitter option. And it works on all social media. On Instagram it works the most. Also it becomes easier to manage the accounts with increasing followers. I think lot of people who wants to increase leads are using such content. You can find them on many such social networks.

i'd say some content gets converted this way. And some content takes time for conversion. So quotable images surely works.

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This is great. Quite practical. I need your advice on optimizing a forum. Could you be having a list of Web 2.0 website that I can use to optimize my forum.

My forum is only 3 months old, I can't complain much that it has low traffia. But lately it has become a ghost town.

Additionally, I did choose a domain name that is used by a big company on the Internet. Thus it seems they had already optimised it after several years of existence.

One thing I was riding on that gain has not come to fruition, is my Facebook group members. My Facebook group has overy 400k members. But it has been hard to get them on board on my Web forum.

Am not sure if the administration here accepts links to external sites. You can reach me so that I can share the link you evaluate my forum and advice what am doing wrong.

Please, I really need to get thing moving.

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Very good article. I already had some ideas about the ways you discussed above but some ways are totally new for me. I am glad that I got an opportunity to learn from your article. Tweetable quotes are best for me.

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I think I will have to work on linking webniars and tweetable quotes, and disagree with content length. These days every one seems to be pushing on long contents, however, based on my experience middle length posts between 400-700 words will be appropriate. If the posts are too long readers will avoid reading it. I never read a content that is too long.

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Thank you for sharing these good tips.

I am also not sure about the length of the posts, whether to go very long and just moderate. But I also found out the blog posts I have always been reading are quite long. I might not read all of them, but since I am interested in the topics, I still always read.

I have recently found out the tweetable quotes too. I think it works well, and I always tweet them for the posts I like too. I think these features always encourage the readers to share the posts easily.

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Very good your tips!

I usually use Call to Actions at the end of each article and this has generated me good results. I also use the sharing buttons inside the content itself, so this is also an excellent strategy.

Congratulations on your post! I will continue to follow more tips you post here!

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My favorite is for sure the share buttons option. I really think that every single website out there should have them. This includes blogs, pages that sell products and more.

It is just so convenient for the customer to read then simply click the button and post your blog to Twitter or some other social media platform. Share buttons are such a simple but effective things and I really wish more people would be using them.

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Oh Man you're right on the first point of writing long contents!! It sucks when your readers can not find enough information in gour hard worked content and they go for farther information and sometimes They see a related ad on your page and they go for it really!!! Because they are not satisfied so it's always good to write the maximum information search for all necessary keys and make articles worthy reading.

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My idea of a good blog is what you had mentioned – 300 to 500 words in length. I didn’t know that the longer your write up is, the better for SEO. However, that 1,000 words of an article is pretty long for me so I guess I couldn’t do that exactly. Maybe I will just stay with my comfortable length and entice people to become leads although I know it’s not as easy as a pie.

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