Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

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Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks
When it comes to working on big projects or just simple day to day freelance work I found myself unable to listen to music I usually enjoy, it takes my concentration away and I can't really focus on the task I need to complete.

This is why I began to search for concentration enhancement soundtracks to keep my focus but also eliminate external factors that may redirect my attention. I want to complete absorbed by my work so I can finish everything faster but also produce a high level of quality.

Examples of soundtracks I'm listening to when working:
It pretty much works for everything, content creation, implementing SEO strategies or handling data files.

I found that it works at its best for smaller periods of time, no more than two hours, but my productivity in those two hours has dramatically increased and I end up doing what once took me maybe more than five hours.

Maybe it's a placebo effect or maybe it actually affects your brain in some way, but it works for me and I'm glad I've discovered this tricks.

What do you think? When you are working do you listen to your favorite tunes or something else?


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I am the exact opposite of you brother. When im in the garage and those mining machines are going loud and strong as ever i have to listen to music. I think that it keeps me concentrated rather than distract me for sure. The thing is i don't really listen and follow along the music is used more for background music rather than sing along. I just need it to block out that massive machinery working sound going on in the building. The video you posted is like soothing music more like music to go to sleep with rather than work. Everyone has an opinion on what is productive and counter productive. I could not listen to this kind of music while i worked it would put me to sleep. I need something faster something that will keep me going all day.

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Yeah I'm like Jkeyz, I can listen to music and work at the same time but in fact when I'm playing music I find it helps me to work much more faster and more productively than without it. Although I don't listen to music all the time throughout the day. I may have the radio on or the TV on in the background to keep up to date with world affairs and the like. But I sometimes work equally as well and as fast just sitting in the quiet lol Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

I'll check out that video. You know, you can embed videos on here Cristian? Just wrap the video URL in the video tag and it will be embedded into your post so people can click play on it and listen to it without having to go to YouTube lol. Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

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working and having a nice music play goes hand in hand for me,it helps to relax my mind and pit me in the right frame of mind.I can work all day with good music playing in the background.

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This discussion is right up my alley!

Whenever I am working, or just relaxing I always play atmospheric soundscape music, or generally any music that is easy to listen to, but not elevator nor piano music. I hate piano music, and elevator music so that would actually hinder my productivity and performance.

I tend to get more things done in a shorter time period, and I am not exhausted after working. However, if I did not listen to this music I would be very exhausted and will have to take a nap or something after I am finished.

You can never find me working without some type of easy to listen to music on, this is how I like to work, especially at home. Not only do I listen to this music while working, I also listen to it before I go to sleep.

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This is a great topic Cristian. I listen to music about 70% of the time I work. It makes me more relaxed and I find it easier to come up with new ideas, new content and I also find it easier to just do the actual work. I think it's due to the fact that it's more "fun" to work while I listen to music.

That being said, I usually listen to America's got talent auditions, Swedish Idol and all of these shows. I love the auditions and I can sing-along, have fun and be relaxed at the same time. It's pretty amazing actually Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

Here's just a few of my favorites:

A..MA..ZING! Productivity and Concentration Music / Soundtracks

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When I was a student, I would have my transistor radio play soft music. It is like having a company while studying especially when I was reviewing for an exam. But when I started working, it seemed that I was weaning away from music. And now, I couldn't work when there is music. I feel distracted and I couldn't get my bearings like I used to. What I want now is peace and quiet when I am working.

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music is a very good way to relax the mind and get to work properly.Anytime I need to work with a good frame of mind. I will put on my best music and it help me to work perfectly well.

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I can say that there are many playlists on Youtube with such music, and for me, it's the best because it helps me stay focused. I'm not a huge fan of rewatching one video over and over, and that's why I usually download them in Mp3 format with a service called Mp3Juices, you can give it a try as well if you're interested, I'm sure you won't be disappointed as well because it works really well for me.

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