Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

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Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

When it comes to picking out the right domain, you have to remember that it will be the name of your website until you want to change it, if that ever happens. A good domain can easily branded and you can become a viral sensation, but you need to know what to look for prior to purchasing what you think is the best domain for your new venture.

It's extremely easy to purchase a domain name with all the registrars out there, but they don't give you a guide that shows you how to determine the value of what you want to purchase. They won't tell you that a 96 character domain name is a bad choice for your newest business idea because they make money when you purchase. They want to make a sale and if they tell you it's a bad idea to buy a specific domain, they won't make as much money lol.

Because of all that, I've put together a quick guide that will help you in deciding if your great domain idea is actually worth purchasing or if you should keep moving and find something that will actually be good for you.

Easy to remember – When a domain is easy to remember you will get people typing it directly into the search bar and not trying to find you through Google. This will not only increase your direct traffic but it will increase your social shares since people won't have a difficult time remembering how to spell your websites name aka your domain name.

The Spelling - Make the domain name easy to spell, to do this you will need to avoid words in your language that are difficult to spell. If your domain has multiple words in it, try to make the beginning and ending of each word have different letters. You'll also want to avoid words that can be spelled multiple ways like your/you're and tier/tear. A good example of a bad domain using these factors would be

The fact that there are multiple ways to spell "tier" will make it more difficult for people to talk about your website. Also, the word "revenent" can easily be misspelled and that means people aren't finding you right away. Combining both of these factors means you could really be losing a lot of traffic Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

Add Your Main Keyword - Now this isn't a huge factor anymore when it comes to rankings, but it will help people remember what your website is about. Some people will say that you should purchase both a hyphenated domain and one that does not have hyphens just so you could redirect traffic traffic to the hyphenated one. I say to purchase both and redirect the hyphenated one to the one without a hyphen. People don't want to type in hyphens and I know that I hate them in all of my domains because I instantly think "Oh, they are a knock off website trying to take over a main website" which is never a good thing lol.

Short and Sweet - Keep your domain as short as possible but easy to remember at the same time. Having a domain like won't work well even if you have a million dollar design. People want to type in actual words so use them! Make the domain have 2 words, 1 is best but it's unlikely you'll get it. People love a short and sweet domain because it rolls off the toungue easier. Not only will a short and sweet domain be easier to say but it will benefit you when you run a PPC campaign because you'll be able to jam more info into the display URL Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

Watch Your Words - If you have multiple words in your desired domain, make sure they don't spell something that has a different meaning. An example of this would be how the business IT Scrap wants a domain and it turns out to be which people will read "It's Crap" lol. Another bad domain would be for the company Who Represents and their domain is which also reads "Whore Represents". Do you see where I'm going with this? Lol Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

In Conclusion:
You need to be careful when you are picking out a domain name. Take a few days to go through a list of your keywords and list everything that is available. Then go through those domains and filter out any that you just aren't in love with. After this you can then go to your friends and ask what they think is the best domain for your new website and get an idea of what an outisde source thinks since you're likely going to be biased. Follow what I said above and you should be good to go with a great domain in a short amount of time Beginners guide to picking the perfect domain name

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If I may add two more to your amazing list;

1. make it unique - you want your domain name to be unique not just one more of the same old names. If it's unique it's also memorable at the same time. People never forget unique things because they automatically stand out.

2. make sure your domain's name isn't trademarked or copyrighted - you really don't want to deal with those things, it can be very time-consuming and difficult to resolve so think ahead!

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It is easy to think of a unique domain name but to think of a unique domain name that is directly related to the niche is not an easy task. For example the niche is pets then what domain name do you think is applicable for that niche that is unique? In the old blog, we named it petizone which looks unique to me and it has the word pet in it so it is directly relevant. But for another domain with the same niche, what do you think is a good one?

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It is necessary to have a perfect domain name to be successful. The domain name should be easy to remember. The domain should have the main keyword of the topic or niche in it. Try to get a domain name with minimum length and and it should be meaningful.

I have noticed that it not easy to get a single word domain name so try to choose a name with a keyword and a unique word in it. It is good for SEO to have a name with keyword and a unique word in it.

I want to appreciate Razzy for sharing such a useful information with us. It is easy to find a perfect domain name if we will follow the instruction in the article.

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When you are registering a domain, you need to use a word that will reflect the nature of your website. One of my domain name is sexy bra. From the domain name, you can easily understand the domain will be used on a lingerie website. A good domain has following properties:

  1. Easy to remember
  2. one or two word domain
  3. No punctuation marks
  4. meaningfull name
  5. short and catchy word/s
  6. a trusted domain extension

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I really liked the post!

I believe the domain name is very important within an SEO strategy and for that reason it should be chosen very calmly.

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Great post , and some the things you mentioned made me laugh the "its crap" part but it is true some do that they don't think till its too late. Maybe they could have switched there website around and made it popular by creating blogs about crap things in life lol. Anyway yeah great post some these day's check on expired domain websites as some websites which expire have some juice in them.

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Great post. I was looking through fiverr the other day and saw some sellers offering brand naming and taglines/slogans as a service. Once can get some suggestions for as cheap as $5, imagine. Though I haven't tried any of them, I think they are worth a try because naming a brand sometimes can be tricky especially if the people deciding on the brand name are many, you can't satisfy more than two people at a single time, you need to spread as much options to them and let each of them have his pick and allow him to explain why, that way you can unanimously agree on one.

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Simple, unique, and original are the three steps that I take to make my domain. However, thanks for expanding my knowledge on making a domain, I really learned a lot. Cheers!

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Easy to remember and easy spelling. Such a good advice because I have come across websites with not only unique names but odd website addresses. I don’t want to give an example for it will just give that odd website name an exposure. How can you remember a website address that you cannot read? A name with so many consonants and numbers but only 1 vowel. That is simply making life difficult for you. But I understand the idiosyncrasy of some website owners. They just want to be unique in their own style.

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