Does anyone know about Google's SEO Starter Guide

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Does anyone know about Google's SEO Starter Guide

Hi I am very interested about Google's SEO Starter Guide can anyone explain easily this.


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Google's Search Optimization Guide is a free PDF file you can read online or download and read offline. It may be a little old, outdated and irrelevant now though as I'm not sure that they update it or not. It still has some very good stuff in it for newbie webmasters and experienced SEO's though. It covers all the basics to site structure to optimizing content, dealing with crawlers and SEO for mobiles along with info on the right way to promote and advertise your site.

It can be viewed/downloaded here.

It's a little dated now but most of the information within it is still relevant and applicable for todays SEO. It can help teach you a lot of stuff about both on-page and off-page SEO, how web crawlers work, how to properly optimize your site and provide great structure both for search engines and people to navigate and use more easily. It's a real recommended read if you're just starting out in learning and doing SEO yourself, or even if you're an already experienced SEO that's been doing it for years for brushing up and sharpening your skills and knowledge and knowing these things can help you to rank your site higher in the SERPs and get the edge over your competitors!

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Hey thanks for sharing. I wasn't really aware that there's a downloadable PDF google SEO guide. I'll download it and study it later. Hope it's still relevant today since this thread is from 2016.

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Thanks for posting the link to that SEO starter guide of Google. That is very valuable to me because I am a learner of SEO like a real student that I take down notes of what I have been gathering from this forum. Now that I have that link for the SEO starter guide of Google then I can have a more complete understanding that I am assuming that guide is complete and helpful to me.

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I would watch Google's Matt Cutt's and watch him explain a variety of SEO faucets and their impact on both you and the Google search engine.

At the least, they are humerous to watch. He has a cool house cat.

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