How long does it take to get money from SEOClerks?

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How long does it take to get money from SEOClerks?

I made a withdraw request, how long does it take before I see my money in paypal?


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Via Paypal, almost instantly
Via Payza, 24-48 hours, Payza 3% fees
Via Payoneer, $2 Loading fee, 5-10 day wait

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Every Time I'm Receive my Money in just One Click ...Just Click and within second i got my Money in My Paypal account How long does it take to get money from SEOClerks?

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We offer Paypal, Payoneer and Hyperwallet for withdrawal.

Currently Paypal withdrawal is not instant, they say 4 minutes. It's pretty close to that.

Though sometimes a seller's withdrawal will be flagged for manual review which can take up to 24 hours (a little longer on weekends, depending upon staff availability).

The Payoneer withdrawal is up to 14 days wait time.

I'm kinda leary of using Payoneer since that whole funds/card freeze thing. Feels iffy to me. And I know it left a lot of freelance/sellers in the lurch with no money. Fortunately it looks like that is over.

I know that a lot of sellers have expressed dislike for the extended review process for Payoneer withdrawals. Especially big sellers that are withdrawing large amounts not just a few dollars. They are locked into that one withdrawal and can't withdraw more until that one withdrawal has processed.

The last option for withdrawal is Hyperwallet, which I've been told takes about 24 hours to process.

I have used Hyperwallet and like it a lot. They have this really cool option to set up an automatic transfer from your Hyperwallet account to your bank. That's the closet we have to bank transfer, which i know some users have asked about.

Fees and such are usually listed on the withdrawal screen. Keep in mind that Hyperwallet may charge fees of their own, depending on which country you are withdrawing to.

If you want to consider Hyperwallet, you should reference our Support Guide for more information

I can't vouch for how accurate the fees schedule is, as the articles were last updated 4 years ago.

Just a little side note. When you request a withdrawal, your most recent orders will be reviewed by staff. If you have recent negative reviews or problem orders (buyer leaves a positive review but is clearly complaining), it will usually trigger a withdrawal restriction. The withdrawal will be cancelled and funds returned to your balance. So far as I know, no email is triggered when a withdrawal is cancelled. You will need to contact support to ask.

Be sure to take care of any problem orders, contact buyer and/or support to resolve, before asking for withdrawal to avoid delays in receiving your funds.

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