does domain extension matter

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does domain extension matter

I have a .com domain extension that I wanna rank particularly here in the Philippines, Its been 8months now and Still haven't seen my site in the 2nd page or search result.

I saw two domains that dominate in the keyword I'm trying to rank with and these domains has .ph extension. So is it a bad decision to buy a .com domain when I just want to rank geologically in our country?


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Country extensions are the best ones if you want to rank in a specific country and especially if you use their native language.
I prefer using .com's only when I'm using English.

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My .com also uses English and I thought it really will rank since my guru told me to choose .com

and I'm confuse if i have to use country restriction will i use or just

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Yes, .com is best.

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Yeah domain extensions matter and choosing .com is not at all a bad decision,you can go for a .com domain , don't worry..!

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most people are more familiar with. com domain, but it's just a name. in my opinion is the content of the site itself.

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edu links works best with the google.

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At the end of the day, the domain extension is only a small part of the on-page SEO. If you have great content and on-page SEO and have good off-page SEO (backlinks) then the domain extension (TLD) doesn't really matter at all. Just take .info for example, when it first came out it was quickly used by a lot of spammers as a churn and burn site. But some of them have gone on to become authority sites now.

That said, you hardly see anything ranking on the first pages of Google SERPS today other than a .com. Of all the TLD's, .com's have the most authority because quite simply, they was the first and original TLD of them all so have that side of things going for them.

But provided you have that good on-page SEO and content and have a good healthy backlink portfolio, you can rank virtually any TLD website just the same as a .com. I wouldn't say that Google prefers a .com to any other TLD. It's not a very small thing to take into consideration when you compare to all the other things it looks at.

You can still rank in your country with a .com extension. To do that just requires the right use of on-page SEO and links from sites that are in the same country as yours, same language as yours and related to yours in some way.

As for .edu TLD's, you can only get them if you are part of a governmental agency or organization anyway you can't buy .gov or .edu TLD's from NameCheap! does domain extension matter

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