Organic Keywords on Ahref dropped to 0

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Organic Keywords on Ahref dropped to 0

My website I made and deployed less than a week ago. After adding it to Ahref 2 days ago it shows 0 organic keywords.

My partner has the same problem on his site, even though he made the site about a year ago, the website brought 10 clients in the last 12 months. But something happened in September/October and now he is also showing 0 organic keywords. His other 5 websites are showing a good amount of organic keywords.

What could have happened with his organic searches? also... As soon as my website got indexed 3 days ago it ranked 53rd for its main keyword. Next, as he started indexing internal pages, it dropped out of search 2 days ago. Is this a normal situation?


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It's not problem your website don't have any organic keywords

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