Blogging Conquered - How to strike content gold through blogging

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Blogging Conquered - How to strike content gold through blogging

Everyone wants to be a professional blogger, but not many of those people who take the plunge know what they're getting into.  Long hours, sore hands, and countless articles filled with information that you think could help the reader, but most of them get glanced over.  Other bloggers think they're going to strike it rich with Adsense, which is extremely difficult to do, so they turn to black hat methods and boost their clicks which gets them banned and they lose an income stream. 

When you're writing content, you need to think of it as an investment for your website/blog, and not something you're going to make money off of.  If you can do this, you will likely be profitable in the long run, and you will not be one of the people yelling at Google for suspending your accounts lol.

Below are some things you MUST focus on if you want to cut it as a professional blogger and have golden content on your pages.

Write for your readers, Google, AND yourself
Most of the time you will hear "Write for your readers and Google will love it," which is true, but you also need to write content that you love.  You can't get into a niche, write what you think your readers will love and think "I'm not sure about this article" because if you do that enough times, you will get burnt out and not want to produce any more content.

Write for readers AND yourself while optimizing the content for the search engines and everyone will be happy.  You'll want to write 10+ articles a day, your readers will soak up the information, and Google will index everything and give you top rankings tomorrow!  (not really, but that's the dream)

Know the difficulties of your main and secondary keywords
Everyone starting tends to forget about keyword research unless they've already been doing SEO, Marketing, or Blogging for years, and they're starting a new blog/site.  You need to understand that every keyword has a difficulty, some tough and some easy, but what you do determines where you rank for them.

I suggest targeting the easier to medium keywords most of the time and throw in a few articles each month about your specific keywords that are more difficult.  This way, you can still cover all your bases and still increase your rankings for the easier keywords that might bring in a trickle of traffic.  Your easier keywords will rank quicker while your more difficult ones will take longer, but they all need to be shown some love to rank.

Understand the entire blogging process
If you think you're going to buy a domain, head to ThemeForest for a design, and set your entire blog up right now, then you're delusional.  It takes at least a few weeks to get anything going, especially a blog, because you'll need to tweak and test everything before you start to bring in traffic.  Your blog should be filled with content before you ever think to advertise, and the content needs to be in-depth and written well.

Add 20-30 detailed articles to your blog before you start to share it anywhere.  The more content, the better when it comes to people wanting to soak up everything you've written.  If you can get them to browse 5+ pages and stay on your site longer, you have a better chance of selling them something or getting them to sign up for your newsletter, which will likely keep them coming back.

Build your list (duh!)
Like I mentioned, you need to build up your lists by getting your visitors to sign up for your newsletter.  You can do this by having them added when they sign up as a member to your blog, add them when they sign up for your newsletter, and you can also get them to sign up automatically if they purchase something from you.

If you're not building a list, you're not going to be successful, so I suggest you start this from day one, so you don't lose out on all those potential sign-ups.

Engage with everyone no matter where they are
It doesn't matter if someone is trying to talk to you through the comment section of a blog post, messaging you through Facebook, or trying to get a hold of you through Instagram because customers and readers today think your business is spread across every single platform out there.  Even though my own Facebook page is linked to my business, I have the pages manager app on my phone, and I can talk to everyone quite quickly no matter where they are they will get upset when I tell them this isn't a proper communication channel and to open a support ticket on my website.  I always hear "Well, I'm talking to you now so can't you fix it?" and my response is usually "I'm currently out of the office and responding to your through my phone, which is why I suggested opening a support ticket so someone can help you right away." 

If you're not engaging with your readers or customers where they are, you'll likely lose them, and that's not something a successful person does lol.  Just funnel them to your website and be sure they sign up and keep talking with them Blogging Conquered - How to strike content gold through blogging

Get super social with your content
If you published ten new blog posts in the last week, then you better have ten new posts on Facebook, ten on Instagram, ten on Pinterest, etc.  Distribute your content everywhere because not everyone will see it on a single platform.  Bloggers that think they can add content to their blog and get a flood of traffic without advertising their content are insane.  The only bloggers that can do this are the ones who are already established, and their content naturally gets shared by their readers.

You can even schedule all of your content with a service like Hootsuite if you want lol. 

Final thoughts,
Being a successful blogger isn't easy, but it's profitable if you can publish content gold, so I would suggest you do everything you can and hope for the best.  Don't expect to make any money from blogging until your eight months in, because a majority of the time you'll get traffic that doesn't convert, but that one day you'll get a flood of traffic that brings home the bacon lol.  Be patient, create content for your readers and yourself while optimizing it for Google and you should notice your traffic gradually increase with each blog post you publish Blogging Conquered - How to strike content gold through blogging

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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