Share your blog content even if no one is reading

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Share your blog content even if no one is reading

A lot of bloggers get bummed when they aren't getting the traffic they deserve.  It's tough to keep chugging along, sharing your content, and not gaining any attention even though you've put dozens of hours into your content and you know it's great.  Just because people aren't reading your content right now doesn't mean it will stay like that forever, so you need to keep sharing your blog posts and watch the traffic trickle in until it becomes an overwhelming flood (in a good way).

Below are a few things you should always think of when it comes to sharing all of your content wherever you can.

You could boost your SEO
You'd be amazed how often I do guest posts and put content on 3rd party websites, and it helps me out more than the site I'm posting on.  Sure, they get the content that I wrote, but I get the backlink and the SEO benefits. 

You can also share content on websites that aren't related to your niche, forums, and even other blogs to get the biggest benefit possible.  Just because something isn't related, doesn't mean you shouldn't try sharing Share your blog content even if no one is reading  You'd be surprised at how often I'll put a great article on a website that isn't relevant to my own and get an SEO boost because of it Share your blog content even if no one is reading

Remember, once you get a big enough boost from SEO, you will start ranking for competitive keywords and getting loads of traffic from the search engines.

One of your shares could become popular
Sharing your content to Reddit, facebook, and any other social platform you're frequently on could help it get picked up quickly and help it become popular.  You could even go viral with one of your posts and get a massive wave of traffic coming in from loads of websites you've never even heard of.

This is a rare case, but it has happened to people I know, and they made a pretty penny off of it from simply sharing a 2,000+ word tutorial of theirs on Facebook Share your blog content even if no one is reading

Never Stop Promoting!
It doesn't matter if your best blog post isn't getting much traffic, you need to boost it on Facebook and put some funds into Adwords to pull traffic into it.  Many of your competitors aren't promoting their content, just their homepages, and this will help you stand out more than everyone else.  Help solve a problem, write up a tutorial, write a book or guide, and be sure to promote it where you can so interested parties can find you.

The more you promote, the more you can grow, and that means you will become more of an authority over time.

Due Diligence will be in your favor
If you're sharing high quality content everywhere you possibly can, you will get indexed much quicker, and people searching for you will find all of these great shares across the internet.  The more often people find you online, the more likely they'll see you as an authority, and that means they'll likely trust you a bit more and make a purchase or sign up for something you're offering.

A single reader could change your career
I've had blog posts get 10,000+ views in a day, and I've had others get ten views in a month, but I never stop sharing them because you're never too sure who is reading.  One of my posts, years ago, had 38 views while the rest of my content had 1,000+ views.  The blog post with 38 views generated a lead that made me thousands of dollars, and it's all because the lady loved what I wrote and wanted me to work on her project.  If I hadn't written that little guide/tutorial, promoted it a bit, and got those 38 views, then I likely would have missed out on this opportunity Share your blog content even if no one is reading

Final Thoughts
You can't grow your business or blog if you're not putting content in front of interested parties.  No one is going to do a deep search to find your blog on page 45 of the search engines, and that means you need to promote your content as much as possible.  Promote it enough, and your rankings will go up as well as your readers and sales Share your blog content even if no one is reading

Thanks for reading Share your blog content even if no one is reading

- Tommy


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Yes, true sharing your blog on a regular basis will give you some motivation and also helps in increasing the target followers. To make people read your blog post you need to write an attractive and eye-catching content with impeccable grammar. Content Marketing is the best way to generate leads and sales on your blog.

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