Top 5 Mistakes Marketing Agencies are Making

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Top 5 Mistakes Marketing Agencies are Making

Recently there was a study done on the top 30 marketing agencies to find some common mistakes everyone was doing, even the people who were supposed to excel in this area.  As you may know, there are plenty of things that need to be done when it comes to SEO, and that means there are loads of small tasks that can get overlooked.  Sometimes people don't think they need to be doing certain things or they don't want to do them because they're tedious. 

Reboot Online did the audit of these 30 companies from the UK to find what mistakes were most common.

Here are the five most common SEO mistakes found from the audit

  • 70% of the agencies had poor loading times. 
    The average scores for this were around 41. This shows that these agencies aren't worried too much about their load times, and this could be fixed with caching.  The average load time score was 41 out of 100, which isn't that great, and this could easily be fixed if they cared to do so.
  • 63% of the agencies didn't have as much internal linking as they could 
    As you may know, internal linking helps with your SEO pretty well, and, sadly, over 60% of these top agencies aren't worried too much about it.  If they fixed their interlinking, they could likely boost their rankings and generate more income.
  • 57% of the agencies had less than great pages indexed by Google
    Getting your pages indexed is an excellent feeling, but not when these pages aren't doing anything for you.  Some people think of these pages as "Gateway" pages because they're just categories that don't provide much information, but the next page is where the meat of the content is.  To fix this, you should noindex these pages, and your websites should get a little better.
  • 52% of the agencies pages had very little content on them
    Content is king, and over 50% of these agencies don't seem to think so.  Just blogging, adding pages, and commenting on anything that is posted will generate plenty of content for your website.  It's not a difficult thing to do, especially for these agencies, so I'm not sure why they have thin material in the first place.
  • 47% of agencies had poorly optimized pages for their desired keywords
    This is essentially a cardinal sin for these agencies, and they should be ashamed of this.  If you're an SEO or Marketing agency, then you know exactly how to optimize a page for a specific keyword.  The fact that 47% of these agencies had poor optimization for their desired keywords shows they aren't that "professional" after all.  It takes just a few minutes to optimize a page, even if it's 2,000+ words long, so this proves the agencies are getting lazy.

Some additional mistakes to mention were:
  • 33% of these agencies had a less than excellent backlink profile
    This is just sad since a lot of SEO is comprised of backlinking.
  • 27% of these agencies had been using copied content they found online
    Another cardinal sin when it comes to SEO because we know how to write content that is optimized.
  • 20% of these agencies had bad meta title usage
    The amount of agencies that had this problem isn't that staggering, but it's still pretty sad since a title is the first thing you write when publishing the page.
  • 20% of these agencies had slacked off for 6+ months when it came to blogging
    It's sad to see a dead blog when someone recommends a company to you.  It starts getting your brain going and thinking "Is this company active or has this website been abandoned?" and it's sad because some websites with dead blogs could be amazing companies, but they're losing sales for this reason alone.
  • 17% of these agencies didn't even have an "about us" page for their visitors to read
    It's 2019, and you need these pages so your visitors can see within your business slightly.  If you can be as transparent as possible, you will usually build trust with your visitors, and that means you can boost your sales!

After figuring out all of the negative things that these top 30 agencies had done, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  There were some things that almost all of the companies were doing that helped them out tremendously, such as

  • 100% of the agencies had their own marketing blog
  • 100% of the agencies had an SSL which secured their pages
  • 29 of the 30 agencies have been active on their social media profiles
  • 100% of the agencies were displaying their contact info to the public
  • 83% of the agencies had an "About Us" or "Meet our Team" page for people to view

In the end,
You need to take your time setting up a website and be sure to optimize it along the way as you're publishing new content and adding pages.  If you start to fall behind when optimizing, you will dig a hole you can't get out of quickly.  Think about it, if you had optimized 100 blog posts as you were writing them, it would have taken a few additional minutes per post, but that's not a big deal.  Now, if you didn't optimize any of those posts and you went back to do all of them, that's hours of work that will burn you out quickly, and you'll get pretty frustrated.  So, do the work when you're supposed to be doing it and save the headaches for other things that aren't always in your control lol.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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