Is video marketing still effective ?

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Is video marketing still effective ?

I have listen that many people say that Video marketing is really effective and it can give you links in description post. I have read many things about it.

It is useful ? what do you say ?


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It's still effective. Because video can attract visitors and reduce the bounce rate

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Video marketing is like a simulation of a tv commercial. Especially if the video is made by a professional, it is a good marketing tool in promoting your business. However, you still have to promote that video in order for people to view it. But I have to agree that a video is a more effective way of promoting your interest provided people are watching that video.

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Video marketing is still very effective from my own experience.People tend to buy a product more from a tutorial associated with the products.You don't only write about the product usefulness, you can also demonstrate or illustrate how the product can be used and people tend to understand more and want to buy.

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For people who have time to watch videos of marketing rather than reading, of course it is still effective in marketing, there are some people who prefer watching a long video on marketing than reading a manual on it. On a daily social media influence has reduce the will power to read, putting out that video for them will draw more attention from them faster.

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