Social media marketing in 2019 and what to expect when you start off

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Social media marketing in 2019 and what to expect when you start off

Everyone is told to start with their social media profiles to bring in massive amounts of traffic and customers.  Shortly after you start with social media marketing you will realize it's a full-time job and can slightly be automated with paid ads.  You need to work on each post like it's a 2,000-word article, have attractive images, respond to anyone who comments, and essentially moderates everything to do with your profiles.  It's a ton of work but it's definitely worth the time invested if you're doing it right.

The main platforms you should be on are definitely Facebook and Twitter since you can post amount your updates and easily have direct conversations with people in the comments.  You should also set up profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. but they are more niche specific when it comes to marketing.

Why Facebook and Twitter are your "Go To's" starting off
Yes, these are the two biggest platforms you should target first because they're more of a general audience but you can pull in massive amounts of targeted visitors if your actions are done right.  Think about it, how many people do you know have profiles on Facebook and Twitter, almost everyone?  This is why you should target these two platforms first, and also because of:

Platform Age
Facebook and Twitter have been around for a long time now and are advanced in terms of social media platforms.  You may think "Twitter is just for posting snippets and Facebook is now for old people" and you may be right, but those are the things you should factor into your marketing.  Yes, Facebook is now for the "Old People" but there are still millions of people of all age groups gravitating towards Facebook pages and browsing their news feeds.  People on Twitter may not be as engaging, but they will definitely see your posts if you use the proper hashtags.

They're "Neutral" Platforms
Unlike Pinterest and Instagram where you need high-quality images to entice people to come to see your website, Facebook and Twitter just need to to be awesome.  Well, you will still need some images but you won't need to be selling clothing or food in order to entice people to see your profile. 

A neutral platform is a great place to start off because you can build a general audience while also targeting people who are very interested in your niche.  Remember, there are millions of people on these neutral platforms who are looking for niche specific pages and groups, so get in front of them and build your following!

Social Media Marketing in 2019
If you've caught on at all to Google algorithm updates, they're trying to curate the best search engine results that show quality content and not trash for its users.  Social media platforms will likely start taking these ideas into their algorithm updates and you never really know if they will eventually focus on the authority of a website and how well it shows in their results.  Because of this high-quality content trend, you should try to focus on quality posts on your social media platforms, and you will likely be rewarded by not only the platforms but the people reading who like everything you put in front of them.  Remember, engagement is a good thing when it comes to social media, so post engaging content Social media marketing in 2019 and what to expect when you start off

In the end
Social media platforms are always evolving, getting better for the masses, so evolve with them and try to be the best in your industry.  It doesn't matter if you're a startup or making millions, just post quality content and don't care about your engagement starting off.  If you do it right, you will be rewarded eventually, and then the work and time invested will feel truly rewarding Social media marketing in 2019 and what to expect when you start off




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