What is Bum Marketing?

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What is Bum Marketing?

I have heard this term before but I do not understand what it is or what it means. What is Bum Marketing? How does one do bum marketing?


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According to me, Bum Marketing is another name for Article Marketing; it is a popular way of marketing affiliate business products at zero cost. Nice post.

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Hey Robert,

Bum Marketing is another name for Article Marketing. Basically someone writes an article of 300+words reviewing a product with an affiliate link to the product page and submits that article to various article directories like ezine,goarticles, etc

So, When someone reads that product review and purchases that product by clicking the affiliate link given by the author then the author gets a commission. That's Bum Marketing!

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Awesome, thanks for the explanation. Doesn't seem like it will help my website any though.

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Bum Marketing used to be a very popular way of marketing affiliate products. Then article directories started forbidding affiliate links in articles. Now you have to link to a blog, hub page or Squidoo lens when you do Bum marketing.

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One of the most often posed questions on the internet, is whether or not you can make a decent income from internet marketing. With Bum Marketing many people have already proved the answer is yes! And a great thing is that is happens to be one of the rare occasions where you can earn a decent income without having a website, or even en email list.

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Bum marketing used to work much better years ago than it would today, that's because a lot of article directories took a big whack in the SERPS by several of Google's Algorithms and they lost a lot of ranking positions. Plus eventually they realized that all those affiliate links were not helping them in the SERPs as well and quickly turned a lot of them into content link dumps and they got spammed to death.

It used to be effective for people that didn't have their own website they could promote and drive traffic to but were an affiliate of some scheme, product, service or brand that would give them affiliate URLs they could use. So they would turn to article sites as a way to promote those affiliate links. This was only really as effective as the article itself though and a lot of Bum Marketers would use low quality articles often copied from somewhere else and respun using some automatic content spinning tool that would produce nonsensical spins and terrible articles to read let alone rank.

The other drawback for using Bum Marketing as a technique and something to take into consideration is that article sites were content banks for webmasters who wanted to find some content for their website. They could turn to article sites to get articles for their site that might be related to what their site was about. This used to work great when duplicate content wasn't so much of an issue but it would mean that you could be using articles that contained affiliate links in them of the authors. That would mean you could end up with a site full of content that is rife with affiliate links and this was never good for SEO or for usability from the start anyway. Plus it wasn't helping the bum marketer much either other than for when the affiliate products they were promoting were active. When the offer/service or whatever it is they were an affiliate for stops trading or selling that particular service/offer, they don't no longer get any commission for that. Where as using your site in articles is a much better idea because that way you'll be driving traffic to your site from wherever those articles are used and also build links at the same time.

That is why article marketing can still be effective today but you just want to use your own sites links in them never place affiliate links in articles because you don't know how long that affiliate program will be active and you wont get nothing from them later down the line. ;)

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Writing an article is not easy but if you have a blog to write about your passion then that would not be difficult. For the content marketing it is best to promote your blog in social media because that is free. Using the bum marketing may put your site in a compromising position since you are dealing with low-competition keywords. Maybe the usual marketing activity in promoting your site would be safer.

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