The difference between blogging and content marketing

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The difference between blogging and content marketing

A lot of people get blogging and content marketing confused since they're similar in nature but actually pretty different since they both have different purposes.  Yes, you're going to be writing content when doing both of these, but you're doing it for a different reason and that's what needs to be understood before you start out. 

Blogging is the action of generating content and publishing it on your own blog for everyone to read and learn something.  People blog to get noticed, give away free information, help others, and to get traffic from the search engines.  It's a pretty common thing among website owners, but some people get it confused with content marketing.  If you're doing some content marketing, you're writing content for other websites in order to bring them to your own or increase your rankings within Google, Yahoo!, and Bing The difference between blogging and content marketing

They're similar but vastly different at the same time
Blogging and content marketing are similar because you're essentially writing content for someone to read and get interested in your website.  You're thinking of your keywords, titles, descriptions, and everything else that goes into your article or post and that is why they are similar.  They're different because they have different purposes, which I'll go over below The difference between blogging and content marketing

One is for your website while the other is for every other website
When you're producing high-quality blog posts, you're publishing them on your own website for everyone to read and get interested in your products, services, or other posts.  When you're writing content for marketing purposes, you're going to be publishing those articles on 3rd party websites so you're found easier and you get a boost in the SERPs so you gain more traffic.

One brings people in while the other keeps them on your website
If you're blogging without doing any form of content marketing, you're essentially hoping that you get found and ranked solely from the content you're publishing on your own website.  If you're doing everything right, you're doing both blogging and content marketing in order to increase your exposure as well as intrigue people to click through to your blog and see what you've written.  By writing quality content for 3rd party platforms and websites you'll be boosting intrigue that will, in turn, get you some clicks and boost your rankings within the search engines, which is what everyone wants to do.  If you can do both at the same time you will have the best content marketing strategy possible, and this is what most of the fortune 500 companies are doing The difference between blogging and content marketing

People pay for one and expect the other
One thing that is a little annoying with when someone pays for blogging services and expects you to publish content on Forbes, Huffington post, entrepreneur, etc. and gets mad when you don't do it.  Many people out there are confused about what blogging and content marketing are, probably because there aren't many articles out there describing the two side by side like this one I'm posting now, so hopefully, this confusion gets laid to rest.

In conclusion
You can be the best blogger in the world but never be found or you can have the best content marketing possible and lose a lot of traffic because your own website lacks content.  The power comes alive when you fuse these two and have the best strategy possible.  So, get to work and start writing for your own blog as well as 3rd party websites who will link to your blog posts The difference between blogging and content marketing

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