5 reasons to stop posting hyped up content on your social media profiles

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5 reasons to stop posting hyped up content on your social media profiles

Whenever you run into a business on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. you'll usually see them posting hyped up content that claims they're the best, which isn't something you should be doing for your own profiles.  People are starting to notice that companies are only going to post great things about themselves because that's what helps them convert quick sales, but it doesn't really create brand loyalty or any sort of authority. 

Consistently hyping up your business or products will actually hurt you in the long run because no one will actually know your personality or they might see you as less reputable because you may be pitchy with each post.  In this discussion, you'll see why you shouldn't hype up every single post you have in mind, and that's because...

Hype is difficult to keep at a high level
You can always hype up a few posts a month, but not every single piece of content that you plan on sending out because it's tough to keep up that kind of attention and energy with everything you're doing.  The more you hype up your content and products, the more it will be expected, and that means it will become a medium personality of your business that people want to see and that's not what you're all about.

Hype up a couple posts that you think are the best, not everything you want to post, and you will see more people gravitating towards you in time 5 reasons to stop posting hyped up content on your social media profiles

People will lose trust in you
If you're always posting the best things on the internet, according to yourself, you will start to lose trust in people when you begin slipping up and posting something that is complete garbage.  No one trusts a business that is always saying "Here's the absolute best thing ever!" and just yesterday you said the same thing, so which should they think is the best ever?  Instead of thinking which is better, they'll just leave your business and think of you as a clown lol.

You'll actually hurt your reputation
Just like losing trust, your reputation will take a hit as well from constant hyping of your products or services.  Yes, you may think you have the best thing ever, but you need to just talk about your products or services instead of proclaiming they're the best in the world and everyone needs them.

Just take it slow, know that every post isn't going to make you money, but keep posting and keep your reputation at a high point so people always trust you.

Your exceptional content or products won't stand out
When you're constantly posting about your new amazing products or services, you're actually drowning out the ones that could be exceptional.  You're saying that everything you do is amazing, which will make all your services blend together, and that means fewer sales because there's no tiering system in place to show your visitors what the best things are and why.

People will expect you to act the same way in person
This is one of the lesser reasons to stop constantly hyping up your products, but still a good one because you could actually lose some pretty big clients.  If you're constantly talking about how amazing things are and then meet up with a potential client who wants to give you a ton of money, they may expect you to have the same energy levels as what you're posting.  If you are just a normal person, instead of a hype beast, you may lose that in person sale.

In conclusion
Hype is definitely a good thing when launching something cutting edge or your best of the best products or services, but it isn't a marketing method that should be used for everything you're doing.  You shouldn't use it all the time because you'll just hurt your own authority, reputation, sales, and people may come to expect it from you which is a business killer when you start to post like a normal company.

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