5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

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5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

In the SEO industry you need some qualities in order to keep yourself employed by either a company or yourself.  This isn't an easy industry to work in, you need to know what you're doing and not harm your own websites as well as your clients at the same time.  If you're just working on your own websites, you don't have to worry about hurting someone elses website, but you'll still need to stay focused and analyze everything that is going on with your own websites so you know exactly what's happening when it's happening.

In the SEO niche, things go much slower than outsiders realize, a good SEO campaign can actually take 6+ months to implement.  If you have clients that are wanting to sign up with you, you need to tell them the reality of SEO and that it's more of an investment than a quick money grab from the search engines.  SEO is more of a branding play, and can't be rushed even the slightest because you will likely get a penalty if you do, so you will definitely need the following 5 qualities if you want everything to go right 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

You need to be honest
When you're doing SEO, you need to be honest with yourself and your clients if you have any, because spinning a lie in your head will not fix anything that you're doing and it won't boost your rankings.

  • Be honest with your clients
    If you have clients, you need to tell them the truth before, during, and after their SEO campaigns are going on.  If you tell them that you will have them ranked at #1 for all of their keywords in 3 weeks, you're just telling them a lie so they sign up with you and you can make a few bucks.  You know that it takes months to years for stable rankings, so tell the potential client that and let them make a purchasing decision based on your honesty.  You can also throw in something along the lines of "If anyone tells you it will only take a few weeks or a couple months to have stable rankings, they're telling you a lie just to get your money.  SEO takes time to see anything positive, but when your rankings do start stabilizing, you will see a great deal of traffic 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry "  This way they see you as honest and you're telling them to avoid cheap sellers that promise them the moon as well as the stars lol.

  • Be honest with yourself
    If you can't tell yourself the truth, you have bigger problems than ranking a website.  If your rankings are starting to slip and you tell yourself "It's ok, it's just a dance and I'll go back up soon" you're just telling yourself a lie.  You're dancing around because your competitors are doing something to overtake you in the rankings or you did something wrong and you're now suffering because of it.  Be honest with yourself and go fix what was wrong and stay on top of the rankings.

You need to have patience
Patience is a must have quality if you're getting into SEO.  Not many professions have you work for 6+ months to make any money, but the SEO industry will!  If you don't have patience, you will actually hurt yourself because you're just going to try and rush your rankings.  You'll see your quality work not doing what you read it would, so you'll do 10x more than what is needed and that will actually hurt your rankings. 

If you don't have patience, you likely won't stick around for long in the SEO industry.  You need to do everything one step at a time and slowly, once you start to gain traction, you can speed up your SEO tactics and watch your rankings go up to the top 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

You need to see the big picture
When you start getting into the SEO indusrty, you must be able to see the big picture in order to boost your rankings as well as keep everyone happy that is working with you or buying from you.  When you set up a website, you need to see past how you can make money and you need to see how you're building a brand.  If you solely set up a website to make a few bucks, you won't get rich because the money is in the branding. 

Brand your business, which isn't just a website, and you'll see clients coming back multiple times for your products or services.  You need to see how you can improve user experience, boost your rankings, streamline your customer service section, generate quality leads, apply proper marketing, as well as research and development to push your profits higher through different industries or different websites within the same industry.  If you can't see the big picture because you're solely focused on boosting profits on a single website that you don't want to brand, you might not be cut out for this industry 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

You need to have experience
Think about how a company does their hiring, they always want someone with experience, and SEO is no different.  Your clients will want to know that you've been doing this for at least a few years, and they will not work with you if you've just started.  The only time they will take a chance with you, if you just started, is if your prices severely undercut your competitors.

Before you start to take on clients, get some experience under your belt and know exactly what you're doing.  More importantly, know what to do if something goes wrong, so you can fix it.

You need to be willing to work long hours
No one in the SEO industry says "I've worked 1 hour today and made $500!" unless they're telling lies.  Sure, they could have invested thousands of hours into lead generation and thousands of dollars per month to employ a team to do the work, but you'll never work just 1 hour a day.  On an average day I will work 8-10 hours, which means that I could work a little less or a little more.  We don't get days off and we don't get holiday pay, we are the ones who work when everyone is asleep and when our friends are out at parties.  You need to make sacrifices and work long hours if you want to cut out a piece of the SEO industry pie for yourself 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

In conclusion
The above 5 qualities are what you need if you want to be in the SEO industry and actually make a name for yourself.  If you can't be honest with yourself and your clients, have patience, see the big picture, or if you don't have the experience your competitors do you likely won't get many clients signing up with you.  To fix all of this, you need to start being honest and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  If you can do that, you'll be able to last in the SEO industry 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

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Patience and experience are hugely important to SEO. First of all, patience because SEO takes time, a lot of time and effects aren't visible right away and also because most clients want instant changes so it is double the patience.

Experince is the second most important thing in SEO in my opinion. I've learned so much in the last 2 years and I had at least three under my belt before that. Only now I feel ready to deal with everything. I've seen and dealt with most problems in the SEO world, things are only repeating now while I keep a constant eye on what is happing and developing in the SEO community.
I believe a real SEO specialist is only complete after at least 4-5 years of experience. Only after this period, you start to understand how SEO works and start to see the big picture.

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Many of my clients want instant rankings, so they get upset when they aren't ranked for a 300,000 searched keyword within a week or two lol 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

Patience and experience are definitely 2 of the main things you need in the SEO industry, you're right 5 top qualities you need in the SEO industry

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I never realized that ranking takes time.i had thought it is something that takes a couple of days. Now I know better.

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It’s not only in the SEO industry but in the online industry itself that you need patience because you meet a lot of people with different upbringing, varied cultures and education. It is better to be patient with any kind of people you meet especially if you are the service provider because you need to be aware of potential clients who are totally ignorant of SEO that they will be asking odd questions.

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It's not just in SEO that honesty pays a huge price for anyone that disposes himself or herself in it with his dealings. Honesty breeds trust and trust gets more people to believe in you and that invariably puts more money in your pocket from people having the confidence to invest in anything that you are offering. Coming to being patient is very crucial in SEO endeavors. It's not a guarantee that you will hit the ground up and running immediately you join but with time and being good at your work ensures things works for the better in no distant time.

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Absolutely, I agree with this. People don't like businesses that pull a bait and switch with them, and are dishonest with their overall methods of getting and retaining customers. It is important to find the kind of business you want to do business with, and be the kind of business other people want to do businesss with.

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I think smarts and savvy is important also. Sometimes you can do SEO for long periods of time and get nowhere, while someone whose been at it for a small window of time is making great strides. They're not just working hard, but also working smarter in their methods and strategies.

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I have done SEO for clients, however, I may never work as an SEO specialist. This is not my field. I prefer working as a writer, internet marketer and web designer. Eben though SEO is linked with what I am doing these days, it is very difficult to convince a client that not all SEO efforts will give you the desired result. SEO industry is constantly changing. SEO is the same thing, however, the techniques are changing. The new metrics are coming and the existing metrics are becoming stale or phased out. There was a time when SEO experts talked about PR, however, these days they talk about Domain Authority, Page Authority. SEO is a competitive industry.
However, I believe the tips mentioned here will surely help someone who wants to establish career in SEO.

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Thanks for the beautiful article. Honesty is the best policy in this world on every sector. Without honesty no body can stay on a work for long time. Honest worker get honestly support from clients and from co workers. SEO workers need all of these factors that Razzy had been mentioned and I believe except second I follow all of the rules as a SEO worker. I am very much fascinated about to make a large amount but I always depend on client though I have enough knowledge about affiliation and I know it will be easy for me to get success on affiliation program by doing right SEO based work- but I am not finding peace enough for that scope. So I am not sketching a big picture but I am trying.

Include me on your honest pray so that I can become successful on affiliation program with right SEO.


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In terms of honesty some tend to lack it because they all just want to impress with those credentials and just want easy clients to source for them, which I don't think is their fault, just as the saying goes on one likes to know the truth. I learnt honesty the hard way when I worked for some clients few years back,I had lied about everything just to keep at the end it really back fired, that taught me that no matter what be honest and with patience and hard work it will work out well.

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Honesty is the best policy and I believe that it still applies to us until now. And being honest not only to your client but also yourself. That’s the problem with some optimists that they are always over confident in predicting the results. And when there is no good results, that will only damage their reputation. As I have always read about SEO work, you need a lot of patience and perseverance. Work, work, work, is the order of the day. Toil until you get good results.

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Sometimes it is difficult to remain honest. For instance, when you are applying for the freelancer job or selling service, it is difficult to remain honest. Sometimes you have to say yes, even you know it is a clear no. Once I was asked to design a forum on wordpress. The client asked, can you do. I said yes. I had never designed a forum on wordpress, but I knew there are plugins that will help me create a forum on wordpress. I did not have first hand knowledge and experience, yet said yes. I was not honest. However, when I was hired, I checked a couple of youtube videos and created a wordpress forum. The client was happy. But I was not honest when I said I have knowledge and experience.

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hey nice qualitites you have there in the seo industry

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