Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

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Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

I always get asked "How can I become an influencer" from potential clients and new ones as well. Well I'm here to tell you that it's possible, but it's not an easy road. You can do it, but you'll need to be devoted to generating content, videos, commenting, etc. before you begin to notice any pull within your niche or industry.

Most people want to be an influencer of some sort in order to gain traffic to their websites that result in a sale or sign up of some sort. You may want to be the face that people recognize when they're browsing YouTube or see a video on Facebook and they say "Hey, that's John Doe the Internet Marketing guy!". You may want to have your business name related to this type of branding and people will always go to your website for advice or information.

Everyone wants some sort of fan base whether it's a few thousand or a few million followers who will blindly click the links in your posts on social media or your blog and make you some money. Influencers work hard for what they've achieved and once they are profiting enough, they can actually hire teams of people to push them even further. So if you're not willing to put the time or money in up front to build your authority, then you may not want to start at all. You need to put time in because this isn't a get rich quick scheme or you can put money in by hiring a good team right at the start. Most people go with investing time because they don't have the money, but if you have the money I would do both and get the biggest bang for your buck Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

The best part about this is that you aren't restricted from becoming the top of your niche. The only restrictions are the ones you set for yourself. Do you think the top influencers in your niche are sitting around in the beginning twiddling their thumbs thinking about what they want for lunch? NOPE! They're busting their butts posting content that works and getting people to read and love it at the same time.

To get you started off on your journey, I'm going to cover 3 quick tips on how to become an influencer within your niche. These aren't super difficult so I know you can do it, they just take time to see the best results since this isn't an overnight type of thing Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

You need to be yourself
I honestly don't care what the other influencers in your niche are doing. I've had plenty of clients come to me and say "Well my competition is doing this, so I should be too!" and that's a bunch of bullsh*t". You want to be yourself when it comes to branding yourself because you want to be seen as unique and not a copycat.

Think of how you can brand yourself. If you're not pushing a BS (bullsh*t) product or system and you shoot from the hip, then your tagline can be "Tells it like it is Online Marketer". People will know that you don't add a lot of fluff to your content and posts, which is nice. So many people out there add pointless information to their posts just to make them longer and more "interesting" but all it is, is more content to try and get you to sign up. Remember, you're running a business, but people like honesty Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

Serve your online community
A smart marketer knows that you need to serve your online community in any means necessary if you want to become popular and eventually an influencer. You won't become an influencer if you're always having people pay you, they will eventually go somewhere else that is giving the information away for free, like your competitor.

Sometimes they would help users out within their own niche and other times it would be some odd request and they would try to help as much as possible. Over time you'll build up such a following that when you post something, the people you've helped will come in and comment on it saying how nice of a person and how knowledgeable you are. This is like getting reviews on your posts without asking Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

Your audience doesn't have to be massive in order for you to start serving them. You could actually have less than 10 people to help out, but if you do a great job, you'll have them as followers for life Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche You could even set up a vlog or podcast in order to reach out to others and see if they need help with something you specialize in. If they need help, and you're offering it for free, they will likely contact you.

You could give speeches at local events or even travel to some and talk there. You never know how many people will sit in and ask for some help afterwards. I actually went to one of these that were selling a system to make money online and it was insane how many people signed up at the end. This was obviously a paying service, but these people were willing to spend $4,000+ that day in order to learn about affiliate marketing lol. Just imagine if these people didn't sell anything, but instead offered the membership for free and got everyone in the room to sign up. They could then increase their list by 800% and get more people to purchase up sells attached with contracts. Giving stuff away, even if it's information, can make you more money in the long run.

Set a goal and commit to it
Wanting to be an influencer is just like wanting 1,000,000 views on your YouTube video. It's a great thing to want, but if you're not willing to get out there and market something, you're going to fall short of your 1,000,000 views goal. Now you can pay for 1,000,000 views but we all know that's a bunch of garbage and it only inflates your own moral while doing nothing for your bank account and building your lists.

When you wake up in the morning and think "How can I become an influencer?" you're actually doing it all wrong. You need to set a goal of how you can brand yourself while helping others. Do you see what I did there? I tied the first two points into this one to round it out Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche But it's true, if you wake up and are striving to be an influencer, you're essentially stepping over milestones and you may screw stuff up. You can have the goal of being an influencer, but you need to take baby steps first. No one was an influencer in their niche overnight without doing the hard work and hitting their goals, so you shouldn't think that way.

Set up small goals like:

  1. Start branding my name and my business.
  2. Helped 10 people this month.
  3. Get 100 likes on my facebook post from my followers.
  4. Get 100 followers on Instagram and see if they need help.

At the end of the month you may have less money in your pocket than if you were to sell 1 person a service, but if you want to be an influencer then you shouldn't be thinking of profits right at the start. Sure we all need some money to survive, but you're not buying a Bentley anytime soon so don't think you need to do so. Make enough money to pay your bills, feed yourself and your family, and enough to go on a vacation once a year.... That's it. If you're spending money as soon as it comes in then you will never be a successful influencer. At some point you will be able to buy what you want, but that's because you've helped thousands of people and now they are referring their friends and family, and this is how you're now making money. You won't be able to help everyone for free because some people may need something that will take you a considerable amount of time, and we all know that time is money Becoming an Influencer in your Industry or Niche

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Good Points All these three work hand in hands, for example most of Bloggers or website owners set goals like " I'll have 2000 viewers in every two weeks on my youtube channel and if It doesn't happen that way they get discouraged and don't keep serving their audiance they forget that The more they commit The more traffics they get :-(

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Those are very good tips, although you shouldn't consider all of them on some cases. Your primary goals would always be to serve your community and be yourself, there is no denying in that. But forcing yourself to get likes / follows shouldn't really be that important. You want your followers to be genuine. Nothing beats a follower that came to you on his own will opposed to other that you might have asked to join you or by spamming the network and hoping to get someone to follow you.

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In my opinion, if you want to be successful then you must challenge yourself before challenging your competitors. Set your goals as a self-challenge. If you will have a good quality content and product then you don't need to worry about your business. Just try to improve your product. Try to invest more into the quality of your product rather than an advertisement.

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nice post razzy you need to challenge yourself and not competition

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Post very interesting!

I think to become influential in an industry or niche, we need to focus and educate the public. Only then can you show people that you dominate an area.

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To complement my comment ...

I think to become influential, the way is in creating quality content that can educate users.

Once you have quality content in your blog or website, people will consequently start to find your company online and hence the authority arises.

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Yeah, for someone to not copy what others are doing in an industry can really go along way in making such person an influencer in that community as long as the contents and actions are really unique. I try to be myself and say how I feel and it has really worked for me.

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many years ago, when I was enrolled in a writing program, my instructor said to me "this is your niche, you should focus on writing on this topic." When I checked my content that she was referring as my niche, it was in religion and spirituality. I began developing contents on this niche, I did get a good traffic, but did not earn much because it was a low paying niche. I was an influencer on my niche, however, I was not earning on that niche.

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Setting a goal is one good way of reaching success. As the song goes, how can your dream come true when in the first place you don’t have a dream. All right, have a goal first before you can hit your target. And I believe that having a short term and long term goals is the key against frustration. Success is not an easy thing and frustration comes with the failure. But if you have a goal, failures cannot easily intimidate you.

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