Do You Take Part in Online Surveys for Cash or Are Involved With That Industry?

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Do You Take Part in Online Surveys for Cash or Are Involved With That Industry?

Hi all. Do you take part in any online surveys for cash to compliment your online earnings with? Or are you involved with the paid survey industry on any level or in any way? Whether it's someone that occasionally takes part in paid surveys in your spare time. Or someone that does it full time and makes a full time earning from it! Are there still people that do that with paid survey sites today?

I used to dabble in paid surveys back about 10 years ago. It all started with some simple site at first, I can't remember what it was called. Donkey Mails or something lol. They said back then that they paid $0.01 per click and said something about being able to earn hundreds of dollars from it. However as I remember I only got about 10 emails a day and and I quickly grew bored of doing it.

At that rate, based on earning 0.10 day, 0.70 week, 2.40 month, 28.80 year, it would have taken me 5 years just to earn about $140 dollars lol. Of course, there have been some PTC sites that have paid more than that such as Neobux, BuxP, ClixSense etc etc. But those are more PTC (Paid to Click) sites than they are paid survey sites.

And there are some people that make a fair bit of money from them all (since there's quite a lot of them) and if you use them all every day the earnings can add up to something fairly good at the end of the week/month/year. Although it can be quite a time consuming process and boring to do as well.

And then there's paid survey sites. The first paid survey site I used to use was Cash Crate and in a few months I earned about $900 with them (the exchange rate back then though was at about £450). I earned that just through doing the surveys and questionnaires as well as getting referrals for me by advertising, promoting my referral link on PTC/GPT forums and that kind of thing.

And I used to use Treasure Trooper too but I didn't earn as much with that site, I still did though but didn't put as much effort into it despite all the ways you could earn with that site and all the things you could do on it to earn money with. It made doing all the surveys fun in and between actually doing them anyway.

And back then another great survey site that I used to earn with is called GlobalTestMarket. It was hard to get an account with them and I think even harder now but they did used to pay quite well for the surveys sometimes upwards of £20 or more for some. But those used to take about an hour or longer to complete and was dreadfully boring!

And I'm just wondering. More curious than anything. If there are still people earning with these types of sites. PTC/GPT sites. Whether earning from clicking all those ads or from getting referrals for them. Or whether actually doing the surveys and questionnaires too? And more just to how big this niche/industry is today, and whether it's still growing and worth pursuing from some angle.

One of the ways I got involved with that back then was to start a blog on it, reviewing all the PTC/GPT, paid survey type sites and blogging about them with your referral/affiliate links in the banners you use. I did have one going for a while on Blogger back in the day but after my big wind fall I basically abandoned it but I still have accounts on some of the sites. Do You Take Part in Online Surveys for Cash or Are Involved With That Industry?

What about you? Did you ever used to take part in paid surveys for cash or PTC/GPT sites and or still do today? What sites do you use and which are good and bad PTC/GPT sites to use today?

And what about this whole industry as a whole? Is it still a multi-million dollar industry? I figure it's getting bigger since for several reasons;

  • There are many more new companies, products and services starting up today that pay for market research to better understand their target audience.
  • New companies or companies with new products services will always pay to better understand what people think about their products/services etc.
  • The Internet is always growing and there will always be new and old companies that want to advertise and use PTC/GPT sites to get out there.
  • Companies, new and old alike will always pay something to someone if they can get people to sign up to their offers. Love Movie anyone? Do You Take Part in Online Surveys for Cash or Are Involved With That Industry?
  • More people are getting online and looking for ways to make money in their spare time today and PTC/GPT/survey sites are always an option.
What other reasons could there be for people wanting to use these kinds of sites today?

Could one make money from blogging about them or is that niche very competitive today?

Thanks for any insight you have. Do You Take Part in Online Surveys for Cash or Are Involved With That Industry?



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Hey Mike,
Hope you doin well ;)

I have done some surveys in the past, but it is very boring and not worth it.
Globaltestmarket is one of the best, but unfortunately the pay is low. Survey network is absolutely horrible, it can be £0.5-0.7 per 20/25 minutes or something. Very few pay something decent... On top of that there are some scams out there and some with awful terms and conditions (so that they can rip you off easily without too much liability...).
The advertising times are all the time misleading* (if something is to be completed on 10 minutes, it takes 20; if it is on 15 minutes, it can take you 30 minutes and so on...). Consequently the pay is misleading (£1-£1.5 for 15 minutes is now £1-£1.5 for 30 minutes --> 2-3 pounds per hour).
This industry should be regulated much more closely and they should be forced to pay at least the minimum wage or forced to stop offering the services to countries where they do not meet the minimum wage requirements!!!
* On some of the companies it says that if you give incoherent responses, you will or may not be paid. That is highly likely to occur if you try to do very fast

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I remember a few years back I looked into doing surveys to make up some extra earning however every survey site I came across never looked legit or the reviews for them were not so great so I never bothered. I had read about survey sites offering people cash for every survey they completed but then when the time came for them wanting to cash out they couldn't so it seemed like a waste of time to them, I wanted to avoid that so moved away from surveys as I could never seem to find one that I thought was trustworthy enough.

It's something I would go back and look into again if I knew I could find good sites that were guaranteed pay out but right now I seem to be hitting dead ends a lot.

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I do not take part in an online survey and I am not related to this industry. many years ago, when I was new to the online earning, I heard a lot about the earning potential with online survey. I wanted to try. When applied for various online survey companies, I realized that online survey is not available in all locations.

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I actually do surveys for one company. It started as a joke. They send a survey to my phone and wanted me to do it. I did it and they send me phone airtime. I joined them online. They send me surveys about 1-2 times a week. It's not much but you make a bit of money. I won't withdraw my money, until the end of the year. Let's see if I can make some good money for Christmas. I don't believe in surveys. But surprisingly there is hope guys!

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I had tried some survey sites, perhaps 5 or more. But I was not successful because most of those sites would give you a survey to do and when your earnings are nearing the minimum withdrawal amount, you cannot find a survey work anymore. That would freeze your bank’s balance and there is no way that you can withdraw unless you get another survey to work on that will earn you something. With that sad experience, I developed a phobia on surveys.

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