Main reasons why you probably aren't profiting from SEO

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Main reasons why you probably aren't profiting from SEO

Most business owners out there need to have an online presence, and once you go online and you have a website, you eventually want to get more traffic, visits, and conversions, you want to make the most of the Internet, right? 
Main reasons why you probably aren
Most clients that come to me in need of SEO " heard" that buying some "SEO" will increase their traffic coming from Google and overall conversions. They know and understand simple facts about SEO, most already use Google, and they can figure out that being in the first position is the best place to be when it comes to search results. 

So, they go out seeking SEO services or SEO specialists but fail to realize what SEO is and how much time and money should be invested for them to reach their goals. 

I'm not sifting the blame completely on the clients; there are plenty of bad SEO services and SEO "experts" out there. 

But if you are a client and you buy/hire SEO services, here are a couple of things that you might be doing the wrong way and this may be the main reasons you aren't profiting from SEO. 

1. You are asking for very specific SEO services. 

I've seen this mistake plenty of times, clients that understand some SEO and figure out for themselves what it is better for their website when it comes to SEO. So, they usually go around buying highly specific SEO services like link building or on-page optimisation. 

I'm not saying link building services or on-page SEO tasks are a bad thing; I'm just insinuating that these are very specific points from a much larger picture. Most of these clients fail to understand the importance of UX (User Experience) and how overall website architecture and structure impacts not only SEO but overall conversion rates. 

The idea is not to focus strictly on specific parts of SEO but to move your website into the year 2018 as a whole. Keep in mind SEO plays just a part of the big story that is online marketing. 

2. You don't have the budget to back you up, but you want EVERYTHING 

Are you the type of client that want everything under the sun? 

  • Social media campaigns 
  • User experience strategies 
  • Huge range of targeted keywords 
  • Diversified link building 
  • Facebook ads and Adwords 
  • On-Page optimisation 
  • Star ratings and structure data 
  • Other special features 

Sure, all of the sound great and yes, this is the way to go. But do you have money to implement all this at once? 

I bet most clients don't. The problem is that all of them would want to do all of this at once! And this is why they get stuck and eventually have a bad SEO experience. 

You need to understand two simple facts:

- You can't rank for everything
- You can't do everything at once expect if you have a huge budget 

3. You don't follow that advice given by the SEO specialists

I've seen this more time than I can count. A potential client comes to me in need of SEO; I first implement a full audit with conclusions and point on point recommendations with what the clients need to do from an SEO perspective to reach the desired goals. 

After this initial SEO audit, a lot of clients move on to SEO "specialists" that can tell them what they want to hear. Eventually, some came back after countless bad experiences and after realizing that SEO is not something that you implement overnight. 

Point is clients tend to ignore the SEO's recommendations about user experience, website structure, and of course, SEO related problems. I had clients that didn't understand why it took 20 hours only to fix errors and other issues and why he/her didn't see improved ranks already. 

If you want to do things the wrong way, sure, go ahead and focus on things you think are important and ignore what the SEO specialists are telling you. But if you want results, you need to follow the SEO's recommendations and understand that it takes time and a particular road to reach SEO success. 

4. You have a website that simply sucks 

Do you have a website that is stuck in the 90s? When was the last time you had a general re-design and a technology upgrade as well as a website structure update? 

What about user experience, what is your current conversion rate and why isn't that number higher? 

There should be serious questions you need to ask yourself before asking for SEO services, and if you already bought them, this may be the reason you don't see any results. 

You can't expect SEO specialist to turn over miracles if your website simply has important issues that need to be SOLVED before any type of SEO works is done. Otherwise, all the SEO efforts might be in vain. 

5. You are impatient

Yes. This is a big reason why many SEO campaigns fail! You don't know how to wait! SEO isn't done overnight. It takes time.

In fact, compared with other online campaigns, SEO probably takes the longest until the first results start to come in. 

Many clients get bored and impatient after only a few weeks. I had clients leaving me after a few months due to lack of visible "results" only to come back after another few months because their ranks finally started to improve. 

You need to have a well-defined goal, good budget and the willpower to wait for the results and don't fire your SEO specialist because you haven't seen any improvements in the first few weeks. 

6. You aren't offering content that Google deems important

Are you focus on the users? On the people that end up visiting your website?

Not so much? Well, you may have a big SEO problem! Don't expect any results anytime soon!

Don't forget Google values quality and website that actually help and fix user's problem. Whatever that problem might be, you need to focus on your clients and visitors, you need to make sure you are offering the best content and the best experience you possibly can, everything else is just secondary. 


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1. You are asking for very specific SEO services.
This annoys me a lot when someone contacts me and only wants specific things done for their website, but I tell them they need more, and they end up complaining. Usually, they just think I'm trying to get them to spend more money so I profit more, but that's not the case at all lol. Most of my clients pay at least $500 a month, which isn't actually a lot when it comes to SEO, but a lot of the people who contact me want to rip apart my packages/services to build their own like they know what they're doing haha Main reasons why you probably aren

I don't mind losing clients like this, because they will likely turn into disgruntled clients later on when they get their way and nothing turns out how I thought it would.

2. You don't have the budget to back you up, but you want EVERYTHING
Again, this is VERY annoying when I get people contacting me and they want EVERYTHING, but they have $7 for a $3,000 service lol. I lay everything on the table and tell them exactly what I can do for their budget, and usually it will take longer to rank due to me having to customize everything for them, which usually means I remove some things from my normal services. I don't mind working with people that have lower budgets, but I don't like working with people that expect everything and have a lower budget lol.

3. You don't follow that advice given by the SEO specialists
Every time someone contacts me for SEO, I always tell them that they need to do proper on page optimization as well as add a ton of content to their blog and subpages in order for my off page services to show how well they can work for them. It never fails, 9/10 the client doesn't do what I told them to do and they complain about their investment not being worth it because I AM NOT DOING MY JOB lol. In reality, I'm doing everything I said I would and THEY WEREN'T FOLLOWING MY ADVICE! haha Main reasons why you probably aren I usually go back through our emails and copy/paste what I had said previously, and they either tell me they missed it and it's not their fault or they still blame me for not doing on page optimization or publishing their content while not giving me access at all haha Main reasons why you probably aren

4. You have a website that simply sucks
Good designs area always going to boost your sales, it's a proven fact Main reasons why you probably aren It surprises me how people use free themes or designs and then think they're going to make millions each month from a crumby service or from adsense when they have 10 pages of content haha.

5. You are impatient
Ughhhh, so many people are impatient when it comes to SEO. They either say it doesn't work at all or they start doing it themselves, boosting the process, and actually hurting their own rankings in the process. I've had plenty of clients "Help" me with SEO after they paid me and complain when nothing is going according to the plan. They always say something along the lines of "I thought it would speed up the process and help you out!" which it never does.

6. You aren't offering content that Google deems important
I touched on this above, but it surprises me how many people think they're a competitor for top rankings of a difficult keyword when they have a website that is 2 months old and they have a total of 3,000 words of content split up between 10 blog posts Main reasons why you probably aren

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I have met someone like that who has no budget but wants contents as if he could get it for free. Of course I didn’t demand anything but I was waiting for the down payment before I would start posting to his forum in order to get contents. The agreed down payment did not materialize and I charged it to experience. It is better to be safe than sorry because if I had posted even just a few then it would be wasted effort on my part.

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Well stated, the major for me is having a site stuck in the 90s, good designs, the layout is still very bogus,no organization of the site structure and the content isn't good for Google indexing.Well,I think the SEO experts shouldn't only look at the site and work on only the specific job paid for that might not be helpful to the site owner because the owner might be ignorant of some facts,the expert should give a professional advice and start from where is necessary to help his service be impactful even at little or no cost.

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When it comes to sites everything really has to sync up for the system to work. If you don't have the proper plans then your site might get clicked on more but if there is no proper system in place to monetize those views then you won't end up making anything from that advantage. It's why it is really important to know what you are doing and to know what you aim to get out of the whole system and not just pay someone to increase your viewership. There must be a plan behind it so you can get the most of what you pay for.

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I think before deciding to hire an SEO company you need to be upfront about how much money you can pay, and whether or not your site is ready for prime time. Discussing this upfront with providers can lead to less heartache and disappointment for all parties involved.

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All of your points paint a picture of a person with a totally unrealistic view of the online world.
Your number 5 point is one thing that I can say I have certainly learned over the years. PATIENCE! I watched a TV commercial where a team had put up their website and they were finally online. To their surprise, the view counter clicks once, then again and again and again and all of a sudden it's a million views within like 5 minutes!! Ha ha. Yeah. It doesn't quite happen that way. Main reasons why you probably aren

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Being impatient is not a good attitude in anything because you tend to be tense and intense. I have read in one forum that SEO capability is not an exact science and it takes time before you see the good results. So if you are pushing for the SEO of your site then you have to give it time and the benefit of the doubt that results are not instant. But you also have to take a look if your contents have no substance for that counts a lot.

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Everyone these days wants to offer SEO services, but the more I look into it the more I realize just how complicated it is. To sell SEO as a service is even more complex considering most people don't understand how it works and you run the risk of our clients not understanding your services and you not succeeding in providing those services to them. I think SEO experts make a lot of money however its a tricky area to provide services in.

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