Need Graphics Designing Help

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Need Graphics Designing Help

Hello Buddy!!

Please tell me how to learn graphics designing. I don't know ABCD of graphics design and for my website promotion I need to create some facebook post images,Will you please tell me any good source to learn it fast..


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If you want to create Facebook pages then I highly recommend making use of the Canva website. That website seems to have all the options to make Facebook post, pinterest images and other type of images. This also include the YouTube channel covers too. I'd say if you're into the graphics then canva is more useful than the Photoshop for many of us. You should check out that if you want.

I suggest also learning some of the YouTube tutorials on the graphics. Take coreldraw tutorials for example. It's a good tool to learn how to do graphics.

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Hello overcast,
I dont know about canva website, but every one is suggesting me this site for social media images editing. I have to look into it.. I think it will be good option for me..Thanks for taking effort for me..

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It depends on some things. Are you willing to learn how to do graphic design properly as in by using software? Are you ready to spend some money to buy the correct software? If not then I would recommend that you use a website like Canva. They are free and allow you to create different graphics. Their main use is to actually create graphics for social media posts so they will be perfect for you. Good luck Need Graphics Designing Help

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I think there are likely plenty of programs that would allow you to create graphics designs for free. I think even using adobe will allow you to create a certain amount of free graphics for your site. I think it all depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, and how much you can do already.

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There are a lot of free simple beginner videos online to show you how to do graphic design, however if you do not have enough time to do so, there are always free or paid websites that can do that for you

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djwaruna have millions of Web/Graphics Related Videos .

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Well, it's not a perfect answer for your query but Ramanr, if you put text on youtube it found thousands of tutorials for you check it

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Are you interested in truly learning graphics designing or do you just want to learn how to specifically make Facebook images for advertising and promoting?

If it is the latter than beside Canva I suggest you also check a website called Snappa.They are really amazing for making any sort of graphic design and its for free. You can easily make banners, headers, thumbnails, ads and more. You can even choose between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so it fits the size ;)

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You have to show the zeal to learn graphics and one thing is that the hunger needs to be in you if you really want to be a top-notch graphic designer in the future irrespective of the software that you choose to work with. I think that you have to learn it deeply and not shallow for it is one skill that is paying many freelancers in our world today.

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If you just need it for this one occasion then I recommend you just pay someone to do it. These days you could find someone who will do something simple for very cheap. If you are really wanting to learn so you could apply those lessons for every future task you'll need it and if you are going to be needing pictures regularly, then learning really would be the best option. For this, you just need to look up some videos on Youtube. If you want, you could even find free software so you won't have to pay for the professional ones, as they are fairly similar anyway and for basic editing the free alternatives are definitely enough to make something good.

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I hate to break it to you, my friend, but graphic design isn't simply one thing that you just learn. It isn't like, say for example, learning to play a single instrument. Graphic Design is an umbrella term which encompasses a multiple number of skills and techniques which when utilized together is called design.

If you want to get started and see if graphic design really is for you, then there are plenty of free tutorials on the internet that can introduce you to design basics. provides professional level courses in industry tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which are going to be necessary if you're to take graphic design seriously.

But the tools are worthless to you if you don't learn the basics of what makes a design aesthetically pleasing and how to convey messages through artwork, so I suggest learning that first if you aren't already familiar with the concept.

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