What is the best backlink checker?

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What is the best backlink checker?

Hey all,

I am trying to find the ultimate, the best - backlink checker! I've been using the Open Link Profiler since it's free but I don't know how accurate free backlink checking tools are versus the paid versions.

We all know how important backlinks are for higher rankings (page and keyword) so I'd really appreciate if you give me some suggestions or maybe tell me which one are you currently using? I really want a quality one.

Thank you for all the help!


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Backlink Checker Addon for ScrapeBox does a mighty fine job of checking links.
More details:

    1. Comes free with ScrapeBox
    2. Multi-Threaded Connections
    3. Proxy Support
    4. Multi-API Support
    5. Excel and txt data export
    6. Domain or URL Check
    7. Backlink Count
    8. Save backlink URL’s
[/*]If you don't have it, you can buy it or hire it from someone. I have it but I need to reinstall it on my new computer. I used to use the link checker addon quite a lot when I was buying links on gaming arcades. It would take far too long to check them all manually and make sure they hadn't removed my link! So I'd just keep a excel file of them and run it every now and then and it would all be done in less then 10 seconds lol. What is the best backlink checker?
If you can't find anyone that will lend you it, or can't find anywhere where you can use it (like those VPS configurations that have SEO tools preloaded to them), I can let you borrow mine via remote or something. Or, I could provide this as a service actually saying that. How many links are we talking about you checking? But it's up to you just saying I don't mind helping you with that if it's something you need Tron.


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You are too kind, Mike. Thank you for the offer but I think I will just purchase it for myself since it seems exactly what I am looking for. Don't know how I missed it in the past, haha.

I trust your judgement too plus it seems really good quality so cheers for the perfect suggestion! The main reason is just for the future and my projects that I have planned. Gotta get them quality backlinks and good Google rank What is the best backlink checker?

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Adding on to your list.

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Google webmaster tools, open site explorer, ahrefs backlink checker, etc. If you will search on Google for backlink checker, then you will get many more.

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I also use smallseotools website there is many things on that website from backlink checkers to checking your word count and alsorts of cool gadgets on the site for you to try . They also have free ping services so if you add new content you can ping your url on this site as well.

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I have tried moz and ahrefs. And both of them have the free plan that you can try. Though the data from those plans would be limited. So you may have to work harder on that part. And in case of free, you just have to use the data from the google analytics for better data. Not all links would be checked though. Server logs on your host side will tell you about the backlinks that you host.

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Backlinks are very crucial per say. is one of the best I have seen, it is a premium tool, merely in order to find out the backlink for your single websites which you will have verified during sign up is free. To fit for other websites is where you will now have pay for the program. Prove it, then thank me afterwards ;)

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I have heard about some of these backlink checker tools, however, I have never used any of these. I have Alexa tool bar on my browser. When I open my website, the Alexa tool bar shows my website rank and number of sites linking to my website. I think Alexa tool bar is fantastic, what do you say?

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I have to agree with Mike. Scrapebox is a cheap way to check a lot of your links. You can even get a nice discount if you search through the bigger online marketing forums What is the best backlink checker?

I've got a copy of scrapebox on 4 of my computers and I rarely use it for posting to blogs to get backlinks lol What is the best backlink checker? If you purchase it, you will have a piece of SEO software that does much more than post to get links. There are so many powerful add ons and that's what makes it soooooo good. And it gets even better because it's a one time payment and not a monthly fee What is the best backlink checker?

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Thanks everybody for all the suggestions. I really did not expect this many responses. I am pleasantly surprised What is the best backlink checker?

However, like I have said, I will try out Mike's recommendation since it really seems one of the best baclink checkers I have come across. It might not be free but everything in life is an investment. A nice high-ranking seems like a good deal to me!

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You can visit

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The first thing to know is that no matter how good any software you find is, nothing out there will be 100% accurate. Often, directory submissions and bookmarking sites will not show up in any backlink checking tool but you can rest assured that the search engines will find them.

The same can be said for certain profile links and blog links you have pointing to your site or blog. Most checkers will not catch all, or even close to all of these links, but the search engines are aware of them and they are doing their job to help increase the ranking of your site.

It is important to note that there are those out there who believe that checking your backlink count with any software, free or paid for, can hurt your Google rankings. Whether or not this is true is up for debate, but it is my opinion that you should check sporadically instead of often.

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For me it's Ahrefs every time. I have done extensive research and comparisons between the big names, although in an ideal world you would use a couple of tools to pick up the most backlinks possible, Ahrefs has been the clear winner.

See the results of my updated million domain test for Ahrefs/Majestic?

The results were quite interesting -

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I have been reading a lot about Scrapebox that I think it is a good one for a backlink checker although I still have to check on it. That is one good thing in this site that you can validate information within by looking at other discussions with similar topics. The comments are sometimes more interesting than the original post because of the additional information that are sometimes more convincing.

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more backlink checker tools are available in the market. those are ahrefs backlink checker, Small seotools, Seoreviewtools, Rankwatch, Thehoth, linkminer etc..i used ahrefs my site cost of living

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