A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

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A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

When it comes to website design, a lot of people lean towards purchasing a WordPress theme for their website since it's quick and affordable.  The power of a good WordPress theme is unrivaled when it comes to an ROI because most of the themes that are designed are made in a way to be extremely user friendly while funneling users to specific points of the design, the products or purchasing pages A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  If you were to pay a programmer and designer to do something original and have all unique code, it would cost you in the thousands, but a good WordPress theme will never break $80 if you get them from themeforest.  Sure you could go to templatemonster and pay more than you need to, but if you're working with a WordPress theme then you don't need to look much to find a great design for under $100.  So would you rather spend $100 or less?  Or would you want to go through the agony of hiring programmers and designers until you find the right ones at an affordable price so that you could get a fully customized design?  I usually lean towards the WordPress themes and if I need anything tweaked I'll pay a programmer to help me out for a day A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

One problem that I've seen arise when purchasing a powerful WordPress theme is that when you get the theme, a lot of the images are removed due to the fact that the designer doesn't own them.  So basically you're getting a website that is not finished like the one you saw in the example.  It's kind of a shady business plan because most people, myself included, are thinking that we're getting all the code as well as the images, but we're not.  I remember about 6 months ago when I bought a theme and didn't get the images, I went back to the sales thread and no where on it did it say anything about me having to provide my own images because the designer did not own them and could redistribute them.  Only after purchasing did I find out that the images were owned by a big corporation and the designer purchased them only to add to the demo.  The designer was so generous to give me the links to where he purchased them so that I could do the same.... For a whopping total of $550 lol.  So how did I solve this problem?  I went over to where I have an account and found similar images to what were on the demo and added them to my website.  I paid $20 instead of $550 and was a lot happier A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  Now I usually ask the designers if the images are included, but I just forgot to do so when purchasing this one theme A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  Anyway, that's just a small set back lol.

Why are WordPress themes so powerful?
Well that's actually pretty simple, it's because they are basically one click installs for a super high quality, and hopefully responsive, website design that would have cost you thousands of dollars if it were custom coded A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny 

  • The Coding:  When it comes to a powerful WordPress theme, the coding is over the top amazing.  I've purchased some themes that were basically turn key sites that I added my text and logo to and I was done.  These usually are the more expensive themes, but they are very worth the extra $10 or $20 because they save you a lot of time and headaches lol.
  • The Diversity:  When it comes to themes, there is a huge library of them that can be purchase or even obtained for free.  If you can think of a niche, there's likely a theme for it out there lol.  And even if there isn't a theme for it out there, you can just find a theme you like and edit all the images and text so that it fits your theme A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

  • Pricing:  Like I said above, the prices of some of these powerful WordPress themes is extremely affordable compared to what you would have to pay when it comes to custom designs.  I've had custom designs done for $2,000+ and they didn't look as good as most of the themes you can get for $80 on your favorite marketplace lol.

  • Ease of Use:  When it comes to installing your theme it's much easier than you would think.  You simply purchase the theme, install WordPress on your hosting, open your WordPress dashboard, upload your theme and then edit whatever you want A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  There are even some themes that had a demo content importing option which is really helpful for when you don't know what content to put where.  It will put the demo content on your website and then you can just go in and edit whatever you need to so that it's unique A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

  • Plugins:  There are a massive amount of plugins for WordPress since it's the most widely used CMS out there today.  I have my set bundle of plugins that I use and I'll usually play around with a few to see if I like them, but there are so many out there that when I find one that I like, I make note of it so I don't lose it in the sea of plugins lol.  You can literally do anything with these plugins which are usually free or have a small fee attached to using them.

  • ROI:  The return on investment of a WordPress theme is unrivaled.  Think about it, if you're paying $2,000+ for a custom design, you'd have to make $2,000 to break even.  If you're paying $80 for a powerful WordPress them, you could break even with just one or two sales of whatever you're selling A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

When I started out with online marketing I would always have custom websites designed for me because I thought that's what was needed in order to be professional.  I first started out paying a friend $50 to get me a basic design, which was horrible, but it made me enough money so that I could reinvest it into a $2,000 design.  Now the $2,000 design was comparable to my friends $50 design, so I was a bit pissed off lmao.  Eventually I figured out what WordPress was and that I could use it for my websites and not just my blogs, which made me one of the happiest people on earth that day lol.  I soon found out that I could purchase a fully designed website for $80 that was 100x better than what I paid $2,000 for A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  It was sort of bitter sweet, but I knew I wouldn't be paying for anything custom unless I actually needed it A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

When it comes to customers WordPress websites they always think that they need 100% custom designs, just like how I did, in order to rank high in the search engines.  When I break it down to them on how everything works, they're more willing to give the WordPress theme a try and let me optimize it for the SERPs A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny  After a few months they're actually ecstatic that they didn't drop $2,000+ on a custom design since it would have taken 30-60 days to complete and they would have been out of a good amount of cash.  Now they can take that $2,000 and put it into advertising and gain even more clients, which increases their ROI A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

In Conclusion:
As far as a powerful WordPress theme goes, it's worth it's weight in gold.  The ease of use paired with the powerful design features a good theme has is unrivaled when it comes to basic custom designs.  You will save a huge amount of money getting a good theme up and running compared to a custom design that would cost you thousands A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

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Very great discussion, Razzy, as always!

What amazes me is when a newbie gets Wordpress, buys a Themeforest theme or another theme that sells products and then starts a business out of no where. It's like they just happen to get real lucky, and are profiting and making a living from their wordpress site. How cool would it be to get an online income monthly selling products from a website that will only cost around $100 for the first month, and then maybe $20 the next. The profit could exceed into unlimited potential for earnings if done right. Granted it's not Amazon, but there are still a few online businesses that are getting their fair share of the profits.

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Very good points made here Razzy A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny
Choosing right WordPress theme for niche of website can be crucial and make very much difference when it comes to monetizing blog and beating competitors on search engines.
Most of beginners fall on nice looking demos of themes selling out there, but when you buy it and get it completely empty, then you realize what did you get A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny Plus not to mention that different themes for different niches also have much different functions built in the core of themes, so researching for what you really need before buying is number one task. Compare it's capabilities and features more then comparing prices if you need to get most out of it ;)

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I completely agree. I know that some people don't want to pay certain prices for the Wordpress themes but some really are worth its money. It can make your website SO much better and more appealing to the consumers.

I love Wordpress. It is easily one of the best tools for creating websites and blogs. I'd really suggest just like Razzy did that you look at every theme and take its price into consideration for the things it offers. Don't just brush it off based on its price. Sure getting a cheap custom theme is the more appealing option but it isn't always the best.

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I found out a lot of great, wait, actually, amazing people who sell lots of their own, original work for much cheaper prices than others. I guess they are missing the exposure so they cant really price their work too much, or they really do not care that much about the price. It might be actually a good thing as well. Having cheaper templates could bring you a nice monthly income. Having a 2000$ template is probably gonna get you way less buyers. Sure, it sounds great that you might get paid 2000$ for 1 template, but in the longer run, I believe the other guy would overthrow you

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I agree with you because there was a MyBB theme (I know it is off-topic). However, it was about $25 with a responsive feature. Websites today need a responsive theme because a high population of users accesses the internet on a mobile device. I rather stick to a free theme, but if you want to invest and make your website the best; you have to pay a good theme for your user's experience.

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Very good your topic.

I particularly use Wordpress in all my projects and always point out to my clients.

I already bought some themes in the themeforest and I indicate a lot, because besides you receive all the support, documentation and performances of the theme with only a small payment.

The installation of the themes are super easy, so I find a great advantage to buy wordpress themes instead of hiring a desing. I particularly value the work of a webdesign (I already worked in this area), but I value my money and all the practicality that the purchase of a wordpress theme can provide.

If you have questions about whether or not to buy a theme for your website in wordpress, my tip is: Buy it without fear because you will not regret it. The value for money is very good!

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It can be hard going trying to find the right WordPress theme for your site. I've spent hours, days looking for the perfect WordPress theme for my site before. Installing and uninstalling many, many themes. Testing them out, seeing what options they have, seeing how they look in different browsers. Seeing if all the buttons and things work how they should do. Sometimes you can think you've got the sweetest theme ready for your site but there is something small about it which you don't like which can put you off from using that theme. lol. It happens! And I'm not just talking about free WP themes but paid ones too. Which is why I think every expensive paid theme should come with a free version (limited of course but free). I don't think it's enough to have a "demo" version as that might still not look right when it's installed on your own site. But that is one of the caveats of WP themes! A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

But you're right in that the theme you're using wont really have that much of an affect on your rankings. It's your content, site structure, onpage and offpage SEO that does that. And it can be expensive to hire coders to make you a custom WP theme. So really, if you're on a budget, you are forced to try out themes until you find one that not only looks right but is right for your site.

Still, with enough trying, you can usually find one that suits it and suits it's needs. And there are some really nice, professional free WP themes today. Themes that used to be premium themes but are now free. Sure, a million and one other sites are using it. But it can usually be tweaked to fit in with your own website and nobody need know any different! A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny

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It is quite hard to choose stuff at times, isn't it? A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny Just when you think you might have found something, you find something better. And again, you find something better than that. You could be going for days. In the end you choose your top 10 and look at all of them and you are really unsure which one to choose.

I bet we have all been there. What is worse, it can actually be bad. People who often aim for perfection could get irritated, and when they do, they might as well lose their willingness to deal with it or make hasty decisions.

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Excellent topic! I agree with you: A good theme is worth it. It's important that websites do not look shady these days, so if you chose a traditional theme from WordPress, that wouldn't look very trustworthy. On the other hand, hiring someone to tweak- or make it for you might cost too much for an independent started with a tight budget. So if able, I would advise to make it yourself if your HTML and Photoshop talents are good enough. A powerul WordPress theme is worth every penny If you have trouble with it, then indeed, you can buy a theme for under 100$. That is not too much money, but still a good theme.

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Actually, though, to be honest, you could probably do a few changes to a free theme and possibly get the same result. Note, there are all sorts of professional looking free themes for WordPress and also XenForo, MyBB, you name it. I think people a little more experienced should look around before buying a paid theme. Nonetheless, though, people who design the themes need the business, but probably they're getting enough from more inexperienced webmasters.

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I think good theme can make things lot easier. You can see that some of the themes are very easy to customize. Say like Divi and Thrive themes. You may find that some of those themes have an option to make it easier for you to extend. And you can do a lot of things with them. I suggest you to try those page builder type themes as they are lot better for you. I personally use them for same reason.

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My son is a loyal Wordpress user. I use Blogspot and Tumblr. Currently though, as I am still learning, I am using free platforms. I have two Wordpress blogs but they are published as a part of a blogging community. What you say about Wordpress is true. I have seen my son's websites. WP pays for itself.

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A hosted blog platform is always going to have it's downsides, one being that you don't own the space and can't usually customize the way you want or maybe even say the things you want to say. I started on AOL Hometown, not really a 'blog' platform. Not even sure they are still in business for that anymore. Later on, I went to Blogger (Blogspot) and really enjoyed my time there.

Even though you don't get the same options as Wordpress, I really liked the Blogger community.
I'm still seeing a lot of cool blogs on Blogger, (though with the toplevel domain). Not sure if it's really safe to stay on Blogger considering they can shut you down at any time and you don't really own your own blog. I have worked with Wordpress blogs too and at the end of the day, that's where you'll find the most freedom and autonomy for publishing.

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Your experience is similar to mine. I have not purchased a domain name. Right now I am maintaining multiple blogs. When I finally decide on a domain name, I may just merge all of the content. I will probably use the Wordpress platform. As you say, it does afford you more freedom and independence to explore and express "your style".

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I'm also a Blogspot user. My niche (growing bonsai) is rather limited and I somehow don't see my blog ever earning enough to warrant using paid hosting, never mind paying for a theme. However this discussion has certainly given me something to think about if I'm ever lucky enough to dream up a blog idea that will get a more mainstream audience with serious earning potential.

I have limited experience of using Wordpress as part of the same blogging community that cmoneyspinner uses and I miss some of the features it has to offer, especially when it comes to the way the two sites handle the photos one uploads.

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Wordpress is extremely huge! And yes worth every penny. I remember when i wanted to setup a job board where daily job listing will be posted, the design company gave me a whooping $6000 bill, it almost knocked me off the building. Then i eventually went for wordpress and i got a them for around $65 and did the actual setup myself.

Again the learning process was a bit strefful but it was fun. Who wont be happy saving $5800. I really give a thumbs up to the wordpress team for making my life and other easier with their solution.

Simply put it... A powerful wordpress theme is worth every penny!

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I'm currently using the default free theme twentyseventeen and I'm nowhere near my dream look for my blog. I've inspected the blog that I've been following for awhile and found that it is using a premium theme named Glamour. It's a 2015 theme that currently priced at $59 which I find reasonable. I've already spent for domain and hosting, I think I can spend a little more to buy a theme that I can use and reuse for my next websites,

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To be honest about Wordpress, I have difficulty in using it. In fact, I got an invitation to submit an article that will be paid when published. When I checked the site, it was in Wordpress. Although it is not really that difficult to submit but the way the menu was designed it would give me a headache so I did not take the offer. What more if I would have a site in Wordpress I’m sure the selection of theme will be a problem to me.

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