Why Google wants you to have an SSL now.

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Why Google wants you to have an SSL now.

When it comes to making a great website you need a variety of things such as unique content, high res images and good on page optimization. With all of that on point you would think that Google would love your website, right? WRONG! In early 2017 Google decided to start hammering websites that did not have the little s after their http. Without this little s you're damaging your own SERP rankings because your website isn't secure enough according to Google.

So why is the SSL so important?
That little s you are adding to your URL means "secure" which isn't so surprising. With the URL being secure it means that your users can be more relaxed when it comes to purchasing anything through your website. The secure socket layer (SSL) protects the credit card information, names, address, etc. from hackers getting at them and using this information for their own shady purposes.

A lot of times when someone, a hacker, gets access to this type of information they will go on spending sprees or actually steal the identity of the person that lost the information. Google is doing everything they can to stop these kind of actions and one of the best ways to do so is to make everyone that wants top rankings to register for an SSL.

You're really going to have to get one.
I know you're probably saying "Well I don't even sell anything on my website. Why the hell do I need one?" and this is because even if you don't sell anything, Google still wants to make sure you have a secure website. If you were running a very successful website back in 2016 and noticed a huge drop in your traffic, maybe 25% to 50%, when 2017 rolled around. It's likely because you didn't have an SSL ready for when Google decided it wanted everyone to have that pretty little s on your URL along with the neat little green lock to the left of it. Basically Google is trying to make everything as secure as possible and to do this it now wants every website to have an SSL regardless if you're collecting sensitive data from your visitors.

Http is now a bad thing for rankings.
When it comes to making a sale online, or even getting traffic, you would think that all you have to is put up a great website with an amazing product. Not anymore! Now you definitely need that https in front of your URL to just be seen. You would think that Google would send you a massive amount of traffic even if you didn't have that little green lock icon next to your URL, but that's not the case anymore.

When it comes to Chrome, Googles browser, you now need to have an SSL to be seen as the prettiest website out there. If your users are using Chrome they will instantly see a nice little red X next to your URL along with an open lock. Now this just says "Trustworthy!" right? Even if you've never thought of scamming someone, you will now look like a shady character of a website and people will be less likely to purchase from you. Since Google implemented the SSL change, people have been losing a lot of sales because of it. I've actually had clients tell me they didn't want to get an SSL because they didn't want to spend recklessnessly on something they don't need. And when I explain to them why they need it they are on board lol Why Google wants you to have an SSL now.

In Conclusion:
We now will need an SSL in order to get that little s on your http turning it into an https. The good thing is that it's not very expensive and you can get one for around $20 a year. Some hosting companies are now offering free SSLs with all their premium hosting services. Obviously you won't get a free SSL if you're on $1 hosting because they can't afford to pay for yours and still make a profit. So play it safe and get an SSL for your website regardless if you sell something or not.

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Let’s Encrypt ssl is 100% free. You can use the ssl generated by some websites. Cpanel also have that option, but hosting provider should install autossl plugin. So that ssl can be installed from cpanel eaisily. If your hosting provider haven't installed autossl, but you have option to upload ssl, then you can upload your let's encrypt ssl. You can get ssl from or similar websites which use let's encrypt ssl and generate it for you.

Before I was using SSL from namecheap for around $9. Now using Let's encrypt ssl for free.

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This is actually a really good tip that not everybody knows about.

Having SSL is crucial if you want high rankings.

You also want to make people feel as secure as possible when they are accessing your website and SSL provides just that.

The only downsides of SSL is the slight speed decrease and of course the cost.

Make sure to get it. It is worth its money.

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I believe all online shop out there should have an SSL. Google's crack down on non-HTTPS websites means you totally need to get one now! HTTPS is a ranking factor in Google Search, as well as a first user, experience if the user is using Chrome.

For bigger companies like banks and stuff like that and extended SSL is necessary but for everyday blogs and online stores, a decently paid certificate should be enough to satisfy both the user and the search engines.

Make sure you hire the right person to make the transition from HTTP to HTTPS if you aren't capable of doing it yourself.
From an SEO point of view, the redirects need to be 301 and perfect: from HTTP to https and if you have www. in front of your domain address you should also make sure it redirects 301 from non-www HTTP to https with www.

Of course, the SSL is an additional cost you need to pay but overall I consider it normal and totally worth the trouble. As RAzzy said we are talking about a few bucks per year if you can afford a domain name and a hosting plan you will also afford an SSL.

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SSL is obviously needed. Nonetheless, they can massively slow down page loading time in one scenario. Note, that case would be when your bandwidth allocation is low on your internet service. Anyway, I don't think this small problem is enough reason to avoid SSL, though.

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I have noticed that https in the prefix of some website address and I know it is an enhanced version for security. But I didn't know that itcan prevent hacking. So how do you shift from http to https? I think all websites should be using that prefix for the benefit of their users.

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SSL use for Site Security and Safety and SSL Impacts is very Good that is create a positive view of your User, Like a Trusted and Certified Website.

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