What is Google Sandbox?

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What is Google Sandbox?

..........What is Google Sandbox?................


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Google sandbox happens when Google decides to remove you from their search engine index and don't index any of your new content.
Its basically a ban out of Google's search engine because you broke the rules.

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There is nothing called sandbox... None of the Google representatives ever confirmed its existence.
People refer â??Sandboxâ?? to sites that are "restricted" in some ways in performance, limiting their ability to do well in the SERPs for certain / all search terms etc.

If your website is not performing, it does not mean it is sandboxed or something... It simply means, you need to put in more efforts to rank high.

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I think the term Sandbox means that your site has violated a policy of Google so it is out of the search list. One of the reasons for violation is the keyword stuffing which I have read in some discussions on this site. If your keyword is excessive on your web page then that is tantamount to spamming and you can be hit by the Sandbox. But your site will still appear in Bing and Yahoo and also in other search engines if that is a consolation to you.

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