custom research keyword

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custom research keyword


I need 50 keywords in depth analysis based on User Intent (25 commercial keywords and 25 informational keywords) for my niche site.
Keyword research and competition research requirement:
1. Search volume has min > 100 per month each keyword and at least 5 keywords has search per month min > 500 (Local Searches) from total 25 keywords.
2. Each Keyword Difficulty Score has to < 30 and in the google top 10 results should has competitor with Domain Authority (DA)
< 25.
3. Each keyword has No e-commerce lean (less than 7 e-commerce sites on top 10 google search engine)

Is this a reasonable goal, attainable?
How much does is it cost?

Kind regards


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Hey there,

Everything you need seems to be pretty attainable, you just need to have a couple things.

  1. An Adwords Account
  2. Patience

Is this a reasonable goal, attainable?
It's definitely reasonable. I just set up a test campaign in about 20 minutes through adwords in order to figure out the estimated amount of traffic I could get for my budget. All you have to do is set up a campaign for your website, you don't have to activate it, and when you get to the keyword section it will ask for a few keywords or your domain in order to give you suggestions. Add your main keyword into the field and press enter. Usually you'll get a good amount of keywords, and if you're only looking for 50 keywords then you'll be just fine custom research keyword

My test campaign that I set up had around 300 keywords in them and they varied a lot. Some of the keywords were estimated to get around 10 searches a month while others were showing 10,000 searches. Obviously the 10k searched keywords will cost me more if I were running an actual PPC campaign, but I was just doing keyword research custom research keyword

How much does is it cost?
If you use Adwords then it won't cost you anything. You can do what I said above and when you get to the keyword stage just don't click "Save and Continue" and your campaign won't go live custom research keyword

I use Adwords all the time to do some keyword research because they give you estimated searches and estimated clicks. This means you can figure out how many clicks you could be getting from a keyword compared to another. Sometimes a great looking keyword might not have the best CTR for some reason, it's rare but it does happen.

- Razzy

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I like the point number 2 which says patience. This reminds me of the first discussion that I had read about SEO service where the buyer was complaining that he had paid for the service but the traffic has not increased yet. The common comment was patience because the effect of the SEO work on the site cannot be determined regarding the time that it can take effect after a week or after a month or even after a few months. Truly patience is always an important element in life.

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