Content writing is a dying art and here's why

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Content writing is a dying art and here's why

Content writing has been around for a long time, but not everyone is as good at it as the next person. Since some people lack the ideas behind their own content, or the writers they hire don't, it's becoming a dying art. Sure you'll find a lot of writers on large blogs or websites, but imaging the amount of people that are not writing anymore because they simply don't want to. It's like an iceberg, the older and more experienced writers are on top and those are the ones you see all the time while the novice writers are under the water never seen for an extremely long time.

Why I think content writing is a dying art

No Vision
There are a massive amount of bloggers and writers out there that only post for the search engines and they get a topic idea simply from pulling the highest paying keyword from Google Adwords and expanding on it. I've come across blogs in some niches that only wrote about the top paying keywords because they were hoping to get the most traffic out of that post if it eventually ranks. The down side to this is that they do not write their own topics regardless of keywords and their website or blog becomes a robot in sorts.

People will write and get mad after a month or two when their content isn't being shared or liked by the masses. If you have a vision, you don't post something and then get mad when it doesn't perform. You need to think of every post you make as a single brick in the creation of your home. The bigger your goals, the bigger the house and the more bricks you will need in the end. The downside to this is that you need to write much more content and people get put off by this pretty quickly.

No Drive
People today want the quickest results possible and they don't have the drive it takes to grind out content every single day in order to destroy their competition in the rankings. I myself get burnt out after a few weeks of hammering out articles every day, but that's fine because you can always take a break. You really only need to post a few times a week and your website will be seen as active in the search engines eyes as well as your subscribers.

A great way to avoid getting burnt out is to schedule your content using wordpress. You can write up 10 posts and schedule them to go out once a day or every other day and when you're almost out of fresh content you can write another 10. Hell, you can even write out 100 or have them written for you then go and schedule them to be posted over the next few months Content writing is a dying art and here

Spun Content
Numerous times a week I will look into paying an SEO service to run a small backlink campaign and content creation for it but I always run into people who will scrape and then spin content so it's "unique". I see this as just being lazy and the person doesn't have the skills to write in the first place so they take the easy way out. The real SEO and content writers will have original content for their campaigns and you'll get a much bigger benefit in the end.

People want to take the easy way out and it's sad because it will kill the legitimate services offered by great writers. Obviously the good writers won't be able to compete with the spun content because the scrapers and spinners are doing 100x the work done by the writer who is doing everything manually. This is one of the main reasons I believe that content writing is a dying art, it's because sh*tty spun content is overflowing SEO marketplaces and people buy it over unique content because it's much cheaper.

Churn and Burn
So many people in todays market are focusing on churn and burn websites because they want to be aggressive any way possible. If their website gets a penalty they just burn it down and start over instead of trying to fix the problem. This method works well if done properly, but you're going to invest a lot of time in website setup and new content creation, so why wouldn't you just focus on a big authority website instead and avoid garbage content while performing a good SEO campaign Content writing is a dying art and here

I've actually used churn and burn websites in the past, but they were only for testing purposes when I was playing around with SEO methods. I would use these methods on my own websites instead of a new clients website because I could just burn the site if it did get a penalty. I would write a lot of content as well as add spun content and normally the website would get a penalty. Do you think that I would do this to one of my authority websites? Nope! Only original high quality content goes on my websites and I avoid the spun crap lol.

So do you think that content writing is a dying niche or do you think it will be around for a while? When I ask this, I'm referring to people manually writing the content and not spinning scraped articles.

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Yeah! No drive, no vision, no passion! That's the problem with most writers today. They can't see past their own ignorance! They stay focused on something that is far too dominated and don't chase after those things which are easier to catch. As a caveman, it's good to go after a big woolly mammoth as that will feed your family for a month. But you should also chase after and hunt smaller prey as well because you can't always take down a giant woolly mammoth and you could die of starvation before you do! Obviously that's just an analogy but the same can be applied when it comes to content writing as well.

And it's hard to find good content writers these days as the best of them are usually snapped up by other bigger businesses and companies. They can't write for you too since they are usually restricted by time and want to spend that time writing for them since they are getting paid for doing so. To write for other smaller businesses and companies wouldn't make sense since they might not earn as much doing so. So they stick with those that pay the most for it. And that's fair enough.

But I don't know if content writing services will ever die out completely, simply because there are always going to be people that need it. Those rookie webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers. And even bigger organizations too. And I'm talking about actual unique written content not spun content. But I think you know my views on spun content by now anyway. Content writing is a dying art and here

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Content writing is dying because video content is slowly taking over everything once was dominated by text. And I do mean everything, video, audio, and pictures are more important in 2017 than text is.

Also, you need to understand that people online don't really read anything, they SCAN! And no amount of artistic writing is going to change that if they want that kind of content they'll read a book or ebook better yet.

When it comes to content on web pages, you need to be efficient in structuring that content and you need to write for people that don't really want to read.

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I kind of agree with this. In future, there will be fewer articles. Content writing will be less shown as the demand for video content increases. My workplace has decided to hire a production team to film a video to put onto the website. It is pretty common nowadays. In fact, we try to avoid having long strings of text on our website where possible.

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I don't think "dying" is the right term for what is currently happening. We have to admit that there are loads of writers out there especially the younger and aspiring writers. But I also agree that there is no more drive and vision for young writers write not for passion anymore but more of SEO maybe or perhaps just to have content that's why they resort to rehashing. From my point of view, real writers write from their heads using stock knowledge plus some recent researches. No copying and paste, no rehashing of old articles.

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I don;t agree it is dying. It is just that poor quality if getting weeded out. In the days of print magazines, good article writing attached subscribers and ad bad article writing failed. It is really that simple. Even with the increased competition with video content, people are still going to read. Radio didn't replace newspapers, television did not replace the radio.

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Content is king and content will be always at the forefront when it comes to any kind of websites including online businesses. However, the art of content writing is dying because the webmasters are becoming too lazy to write contents, they are using article spinner and article scrapper to develop contents. They are stuffing content with keywords. All they are thinking is how to impress Google.

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Sadly, what you said is true. Even though there are tens of thousands of bloggers out there, only a few can effectively write their own original content most wil resort to spinning old content, making it new. Legitimate Content Makers are becoming a rare breed nowadays.

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Content Writing can never die, it could evolve though, because more and more content nowadays rely on videos, there might be a time in the future when written content will be minimized and would become secondary to video content.

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