Onpage SEO Query regarding Content Indexing

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Onpage SEO Query regarding Content Indexing

Hi All SEO Experts,

Answer only experts please NO NOOBS.........

I have seen one website whose pages are indexed in google but content not! I mean to say when i search content of website in google then website don't come anywhere in results.

I have analyzed full website but didn't find solution bcoz all things are fine.

There is no "nofollow, noindex" tags on website
There is no issue in robots.txt
It has sitemap.
URLs are indexed.

The website is a brand name which has many domains with same domain name
etc. etc.

Other domains work fine and can be found by searching content on internet except DOMAIN.US

All domains have same kind layout except content. Content are different in each site. All domains have robots.txt sitemap.xml etc. etc.

This issue is only for DOMAIN.US

Any answer!!!

I think that domain is sand boxed but the problem why only that! Why not others!!!



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Use your Google webmaster tolls to get the pages indexed.

If pages cannot be indexed even after the fetch request in GW tools. Raise the issue in Google help.

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Yes the best advice to give you here is for you to add the site to Google Webmaster Tools. That will tell you if there has been any penalty applied to that domain, along with what the reason for the penalty is. That way you can find out what that penalty is and clean it up and then submit a manual reconsideration request. The Google web spam team will be able to remove the penalty if they see that the reason for it has been removed. But that also depends on the site itself and whether Google thinks its a site that they want to rank high in the SERPs or not. Also if they do remove it, you may loose some ranking positions as well for a while and will have to do some SEO on the site to get it ranking again. Fortunately there are many great reliable white hat SEO services here that you can find to help you with that. Onpage SEO Query regarding Content Indexing

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I have no suggested solution but I am quite perplexed with that phenomenon. If I remember correctly this is the second time that you had posted such a discussion that comes with the note that answers by experts only. Pardon me for posting this comment but I am interested because this is a learning experience for all of us. I hope you are not offended that I joined this discussion.

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