Hiring content writers and what to look for.

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Hiring content writers and what to look for.

Hiring content writers and what to look for.

Most of us know what a content writer is and that they write content for our websites, write articles, write press releases, and so on. But what do you look for when hiring content writers? Is there a specific set of rules you have when hiring a content writer or do you just wing it and hope for the best? Well I've learned a few tricks over the years that might be able to help you out when hiring anyone as a content writer or something similar.

So here we go Hiring content writers and what to look for.

1) Language Barriers
I couldn't tell you how many times I've posted a WTB around the web on forums and marketplaces just like that clearly state what language I want the article or content to be in and I get people with broken English trying to get the job. Now I don't have anything against these people, I understand that they need to eat too, but do they think that I'm going to accept the content after they send it to me in broken English? Probably not. I'm hiring them to write it, not to give me an idea of what they're talking about and then I rewrite it. To avoid all language barriers I will ALWAYS chat with the service provider for a few days before plunging into the sale. If I ask a basic question like "Do you have any samples I can look at prior to purchasing?" and they respond with "Yes Sir! I attach samples for your ready!" it just shows me that they don't know English very well and I should move on Hiring content writers and what to look for.

2) Middle Men
Many times I have hired someone that has good typing skills when it comes to sending me PM's but when I get the content it is complete garbage. This could be due to many things, but I mainly think it is because they are outsourcing the work to a cheaper source that does not speak the same language you do. I've been the middle man plenty of times, but the end result is always quality work and not rubbish. It's hard to avoid this, but if you use specific marketplaces like this one,, you don't have to worry much. Just be sure to get samples prior to purchasing and if the samples are high quality and in your native tongue, then the finished work should be as well. If the work submitted is trash and in broken English you can more than likely get a full refund.

3) Bulk Content
If you're hiring a writer for bulk content creation you can usually work out a better, lower, price for the work since it's a bigger order and not just a simple article that takes a few minutes to write. If the service provider is not willing to budge on their price, even a little, then you should look for someone else since they just see you as a sale. Now some people will say "Well he's doing a good job and deserves to get paid!" and I say that if he wants to get 50 orders from me over the year then he should be willing to negotiate lol. He/She could easily feed their family for a few months due to my orders but now they will miss out on that money because they didn't want to give even a 10% discount on months of work lol. If you're not willing to negotiate, then someone else is going to take your work, it's as simple as that.

4) Due Diligence
When hiring a writer for a lot of work be sure to look up their usernames so you can see what people are saying. A few times I've hired service providers through their websites later to find out that they have horrible customer support, don't offer refunds on late or horrible content, and even that they are attempting to scam their buyers. Now these reviews I find online are taken with a grain of salt because each person posting could just be one of 1,000 disgruntled customers that know their way around the web. One bad review can hurt a company but it shouldn't be what you look for. If a company has a dozen bad reviews from different usernames on every platform possible, that's when you should run for the hills lol.

Now these are just a few things to look for when hiring a content writer and even through it's only 4, it should help you filter out lower quality writers in no time Hiring content writers and what to look for.

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Gotta watch out for them middle men Raz! I've come across my fair share of middle men. And it's a 50/50 hit and miss thing using them! It's like anything though, any industry, buying anything, there will always be middle men, resellers basically. And some of them are in it for a quick buck and those ones are usually the bad eggs. But there is some genuine ones out there that are in it for the long haul and do deliver quality work. You might have to crack open a few rotten eggs before you find them! But like you say, doing your due diligence is one way of knowing how to avoid them and find a good writer for your content needs. As for language barriers, I get a little frustrated with that at times when people's English is so bad they can't really understand what I'm saying let alone my needs! lol and it makes it hard for me to work with someone like that long term so I generally avoid such people and try to do with native English speakers or at least those with an excellent command on the English language.

There's no messing around and being messed around that way but each to their own! Even some people who don't speak very good English and have bad customer service can still provide great content. I know this from experience as I have/had this one guy who I used to speak to on Skype and he couldn't hardly speak any English at all and I think he was even using Google translate to translate my English to his language. Also he was never very happy to take my orders it seemed lol. But he always came through with great articles and that just goes to show! You can never judge a book by its cover! Hiring content writers and what to look for.

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I have never hired a content writer but my friend once did and it ended very badly for her. She hired that person after doing a little test which he passed but unfortunately his work was not up to the standard. This is the reason I prefer to write my own articles. Thank you for those tips. They will definitely help me in case I want to hire a writer one day.

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Nice tips for hiring a freelancer.Rating is another area to look at while trying to hire a freelance, people with a good rating is a pointer that they can produce quality jobs and they might not keep the clients waiting. Unlike those with poor rating that can disappoint and maybe that's why they're rated low.

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One online friend from India once complained to me that his submissions of articles were rejected because of his nationality. It’s not really the language. That’s what he said. But when I read one of his articles, I’d say that he needs to polish his English. That is one handicap of non-native English speakers. Our English is not American or British, the way with our sentence construction and words and terms. So if the client is sensitive to the English language then our written English will not pass his standards.

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When I want to hire a writer I always prefer to hire a native writer. Thus, I prefer to hire someone from the US, UK, Canada or Australia, instead from India or bangladesh. However, the natives demand better payment compared to the people using English as a second language. I myself write in English as a second language and as a professional writer, I always have a hard time in competing with the native writers. Having said that if I find a good writer, I will never look after his nationality.

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