An old website idea but it's still a good profit stream if done right.

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An old website idea but it's still a good profit stream if done right.

I would assume that all of you already know what a directory is. Hell, there are even directories offline in file and paper form so we know it's been a system in place for a looooong time lol.

So my idea was to set up a sort of niche specific directory. The niche would be the town, so I guess it would be more of a geo targeted directory? Whatever, it's going to make money so let's not focus on if it's the niche I'm targeting or the location lol.

Now there is a limited amount of these that can be made and also be unique at the same time, but there are sooooo many towns/cities out there that it might be difficult to run into another one that is doing what you are. Most offline businesses or businesses who only have a website in order to have people contact them through may not understand that having their information on YOUR website or directory is awesome, but you can sway them pretty quick.

I would put up the best directory in the world using easy systems like wordpress and a theme, them add loads of content in order to target businesses in my town. Depending on the business, location, and a few other variables you can charge specific amounts. The town I live in is pretty ritzy and I could probably charge $100 a month per super premium listing but much less per basic listing, but only if I have the traffic to send them in order for them to make money. If you aren't getting the traffic, you won't get the sales.

Have any of you tried doing this in the past or are currently doing this now?

I wonder how much of a profitable idea this could be if boot strapped and done right at the same time. I would assume that you could get around $500 to $1,000 a month for each ritzy town in the area, but then again you can literally target anywhere in the world lol An old website idea but it




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Interesting. I've kind of dabbled in doing that sort of thing in the past yeah. I've had several directories (link and article directories) in the past. What I found though is that the spam got so ridiculous and despite them having some earnings, the time and work it took to deal with all the spam all the time wasn't worth it for me and I ended up flipping them.

Now as you're talking about running a WordPress directory. I'll share something with you I done recently. There is a fairly new niche for coffee body scrub. Maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, the babes are going real mad for it now as it's meant to be a cure for things like eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions. Anyway there has been a massive rise of coffee body scrub sites and businesses that have started up in the past couple of years now and it's really big business. But like any new niche, there are only sites for it and nothing really much else. This is where you can coin in and earn from by making a directory for those sites. You can make listings free but limited to only so many words with only so many images allowed and no actual hyperlinked URL to their site unless they pay for an upgrade.

Well I came across some WP directory script a while ago I thought looked really good, had a LOT of features both for the directory owner and people wanting to submit their site to that directory.

I believe the plugin itself is called "Web 2.0 Directory plugin". And you can see the demo for it here.

And here is my basic coffee scrub directory

I have not done hardly any kind of work or promotion on that site in months. I've literally slapped WP on it, installed that Web 2.0 Directory plugin and tweaked it a little. You can submit a free or a premium submission for $5 which gives more images etc. But there was loads of other options and add-ons and things for it to really extend it and put it to good use.

But basically, if you know of a new niche. This sort of thing could be very profitable. Since people (websites) in new niches need to get out there and have some competition. And since there are people looking for what they are selling, a site like this can be marketed and promoted to people looking for that sort of thing and to the people that sell that sort of thing.

With the right marketing and promotion. And some work on the site to make it look a bit nice! You could probably generate some sales by charging those businesses for a premium submission. So their business stands out amongst the many others on there like.

So yeah, your ideal is actually a solid ideal and really one that provided you put the ground work in and marketed and promoted it to the right people, in the right way, is one that could end up quite lucrative in the long run as well. An old website idea but it

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Sorry to interrupt, but nice plugin, haven't see it before, i was just thinking about buying premium directory theme from themeforest for double this price, but seems that this plugin would do the job perfectly good, hope you are happy with that.

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No worries Abid! That's why I shared it! I like it a lot as well and for a WP directory it's really nice with a lot of features for both the owner and the people wanting to submit to it. Hope you find it useful and put it to good use somehow. I'm still to play around with that some more on other possible projects yet. An old website idea but it

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WOW! Ok really excited about this idea! So the niche is the town you leave in! Fantastic, actually Google still puts a lot of weight from local business listing pages so having a good old directory template might to the trick.

You can even expand, like creating one directory for another town. The trick would be to keep in local, like having 1 town name per 1 website. Having just 1 website with multiple towns will just be similar to plain old directories.

I really think you can turn a profit around on this if done right as you said, tons of local businesses would want to get their information and website link in your directory and Google will actually see all of this as beneficial for everybody.
PS: You need to keep it user friendly and orientated towards people looking for info, not just a link farm.

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Oh cool Razzy! I have actually purchased a domain and I have put up a shell of a website with a coming soon notice on it for a directory for my area.

I have to admit I am a bit stumped now for the way forward. I know I can make a massive success with this website but I am a little stuck.

I want to have a mixture of 3 things for this website. A free classifieds section where anyone can list specific things and services for sale, and maybe even events too... but have the option to also promote their ads right?

Then I wanted to have another section for business listings which would be paid listings but a very good price per month.

I also wanted to include a spam free community discussion so people in the area can connect and chat.

I don't know how to code or how to set this up. What would you suggest?

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If that directory is about business establishments of a place then I guess that’s a pretty good idea for a website. However, it is not easy to create the database for that because you have to source out the list of establishments that should include details particularly phone numbers aside from the addresses. Another difficult chore is in maintaining the list that should be up to date all the time. Last year I was searching for a repair company for our air conditioner and the first 3 in the search list were okay. But the fourth in the list had a wrong phone number and another in the list on page 1 is not existing anymore.

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