2020 Summer Olympics and turning a profit. Can you do it?

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2020 Summer Olympics and turning a profit. Can you do it?

Now I know a lot of people will put up a website for a movie that is coming out within a few months or a game that is launching next year in order to gain authority over time and make a few sales when the movie comes out of the game launches.

But have you ever thought about putting up a website for the next Summer Olympics in 2020? This is a big task because it's 4 years of work and you don't know if you're even going to make a single dollar off of it, but would it be worth it.

What kind of advertising would you put on your website? Would you slap up some BSA ( ads or would you try to generate enough traffic to the website that you could get big fish like Nike or McDonalds to show some interest in paying you a hefty amount to advertise on your pages for a month? If you had the traffic, where would you try to find the advertisers to bring in the money?

I think this is a pretty awesome idea but it's a huge task because the amount of content you would need on the site in order to be competitive. I guess you could put some adsense on the website and just talk about summer sports that are in the Olympics and get a few dollars each month off of that. But how much do you think you could pull in?

I may actually try this out, but I don't know if I'd be able to get the amount of content that I'd like. Sure I could ask people to post for me or pay writers to do it, but that would be expensive and whoever is posting for free would probably not stay around for long.

Give me your input on this 2020 Summer Olympics and turning a profit.  Can you do it?


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Razzy geez buddy.... the stuff you post just gets my brain pumping way too much (certainly too much brain work for a Sunday LOL)and you have given me some really good ideas for websites that can pull in some money in the future.

Yes I think that this is a really great idea and it takes into account so many of the ideas I have been considering. There was another discussion about building a website based on a future need, so this would be one of those for sure. Plus you could work on it for 4 years and then flip it just at the right time!

Or of course maybe keep it through the games and make a good income from the traffic and other sales on the website.

I'm not really into the Olympic Games though, but really this could be very profitable!

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I'm tempted to set something up to tray and make a profit in 4 years, but it seems like a ton of work with little chance to profit later on. The only way to really profit big time is to get big fortune 500 companies to pay you thousands for an ad spot on your pages, and that's a really low chance.

Of course you could just focus on the sports and bring people in over the 4 years to click on your BSA ads or adsense, but I'm not 100% sure how much you'd make done that either.

This is a high risk type of thing. You could invest 4 years of work into it and make a ton of money, or you could be wasting your time lol 2020 Summer Olympics and turning a profit.  Can you do it?

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I always wondered about doing such stuff, if people really turn a profit around? For the Olympics you have to wait 4 years and you have to work for about as much to start earning.

The 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan - so you'll also need to adapt a little on than Japanese market, I think they'll be the first searching for Olympic information since it will be happening in their own country.

So maybe you'll also need to create some Japanese based content? That would be very hard to do if you have no idea about the culture or the language.
I think its a great idea and if you have the time and willpower, go for it! But I would rather go for something that happens a little sooner.

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You could just set it up to auto translate based on the IP location of the person viewing 2020 Summer Olympics and turning a profit.  Can you do it? Or add a bunch of flags at the top that say what language they are so that people know to click them to translate the website.

The only problem I would have is the time dedicated to the website and the possibility of not making a single penny lol.

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Yeah I do have to agree with you on that one Razzy. I don't mind working on a longish term project but grafting my butt off on a website for 4 years not knowing how profitable it will turn out to be, if at all is a little too long term for my liking!

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I think it'd be interesting to sell the stuff on the olympics. Though local items are more likely to sell. And being more proactive about some of the sales item can be good in many ways. For example, you can see that there is always going to be profit that may be achieved as well. I have noticed that olympics type work requires the promotion on daily basis. That seems to be the way for the promotion of the products.

I think for things to sale one can focus on both online and offline approach. Online purchase is also possible. You can use instagram and the facebook for making such sales. It's definitely doable if you ask me.

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