SEO Trends - What to expect in 2020

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SEO Trends - What to expect in 2020

We all know that SEO trends change from year to year, so what should we expect in 2020?  There are a few things on the horizon that could become big and pull in additional traffic for us all, but how can we work with them if we can't yet?  Some things are difficult to understand right now because they're not fully tweaked, like VR, so those trends will likely be evolving over the next five years or so.

What you can expect in the near future is to optimize for things people aren't even typing, but they are talking about it.  Think of when someone talks to Siri or Alexa, don't you think there's some optimization going on when the results pop up?

Voice Search Optimization
You can optimize for voice search a little already if you can think of what people are already saying to their devices.  The only downside to this is people will ask Siri and Alexa any question under the sun if it pops up in their head, so targeting with this is a bit off for advertising just yet.

The upside to this is that you can add your website to your titles and sometimes your domain will be said out loud to a person asking the questions, but it doesn't happen too often, so this method needs to be tweaked as the hardware and software evolve.

Long Form Quality Content
Google has been evolving its algorithm to love any unique content over 2,000 words long.  Think about it, would you want to land on a website with 200 words of content when you had a detailed question to answer?  NOPE!  You want to land on these guides or discussions that have various paragraphs, sections, subsections, and pretty much every tidbit of info that you could hope for. 

The search engines will start boosting your authority solely because of the content you have, but you can't rely exclusively on your content to rank, so be sure to do a lot of on page and off page along with it lol.

Social Media will be more for your announcements
If you've noticed more prominent companies going to Twitter to make news announcements you probably know what I'm talking about.  There aren't many companies out there that use social media platforms actually to speak with their followers.  They will use these platforms to make announcements because it's quick and much easier than sending out an email to everyone who might not see it.

Social media posts can also be shared, and that means they can get their announcements in front of a lot more people that may not have been following them!  It's an announcement and marketing tactic within a single post lol.

VR is becoming more relevant
When you talk about Virtual Reality, you probably think of the movies like Tron, but VR is a real thing now, and we should be taking notes.  VR devices are just headsets right now that aren't showing any ads, but that will likely change later on.  If they're going to show ads, then they will probably show search results to the viewers, and that means you'll be able to optimize for it! 

You might need to optimize on an entirely different platform because VR could be it's own network of things, but that's something we'll need to watch in the coming years because we don't know what it entails just yet SEO Trends - What to expect in 2020

In the end,
You need start thinking about voice search optimization since Siri and Amazon Voice are getting bigger each month and show no signs of slowing down due to the fact they keep getting added to devices as a default feature.  You need to continually be adding high quality content to your website that is 2,000+ words if you want to be competitive for the long term.  You will need to take notes on more prominent companies using social media as a sort of announcement platform because not many people are using them for discussions nowadays.  Finally, you need to watch VR as it evolves and try out any advertising or configure your marketing approach if there ever is one 5+ years from now SEO Trends - What to expect in 2020

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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Fantastic Read. Thanks.

- Kioko Media.

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Search engine algorithms are ever changing; therefore it means that every business with a website needs to stay updated on the latest SEO trends. However, in actual fact, companies are often slow to adopt significant SEO changes, and many business owners are being left behind because they haven’t updated their websites in years. This post is really mind blowing. I must say this is one of the informative blog I have never read before. Keep up the good work like this in future as well.E

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Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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Great information
Thank you

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