A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

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A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

Everyone is talking about how they want to make their first sale online and how they can make even more after they get their first. Money makes the world go round and it also puts food on our tables or a Ferrari in the garage lol. The amount of money you make is up to how much time you are willing to invest into your methods, systems, set ups, etc. The more you're reading and applying methods with custom tweaks, the more chances you'll be profitable in a short amount of time.

I'm not here to give you a motivational speech right now. I'm here to post an easy method in order to make a few extra bucks each day and hopefully turn this into a full time income A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

So let's get started, shall we.

This method involves eCommerce, ppc campaigns, and diligence. If you don't have all 3 working together, you won't profit, it's as simple as that. Below are the few steps that you need to do in order to make some extra cash, or make a full time income. If you're extremely successful with this method, you will still only be working a few extra hours each day A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit. It's not uncommon for people using this method to make an extra $100 a day A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

Step 1: Sourcing Cheap Products
For this step, AliExpress is your best friend since it is loaded with a ton of manufacturers that allow you to buy 1 piece of their inventory unlike Alibaba which asks you to invest in a large quantity of product. You'll be searching for something like keychains and stuffed animals based on popular cartoons or movies. You'll want to search for items under $5 because the less you pay per piece, the more you make. Items like these sell quicker because they're little trinkets that may remind someone of their childhood or they are just a collector that can't pass up a good deal.

Step 2: Filtering Your Results
You'll need to filter out items based on price, so set your maximum to $5 or whatever you want, but remember, the lower the better. You'll also want to filter out anything that takes over a month to ship. I like to target items that take up to 20ish days to get to the client. A lot of items will say that it will take 20 to 39 days to get to the client, but that's waaaayyyy toooooooo loooonnnnngggggg!!!!!! People get impatient with shipping and will likely file a chargeback if they don't get their item quickly. But one good thing about this is that since these are little trinkets, people don't actually need them, they WANT them! So since there is no need for the item, they could actually forget about their order and not complain about the 3 week shipping time lol.

Step 3: Website Setup
After you get 30 to 50 items you're going to want to put them up on your own website. If you know what you're doing, I would suggest going with a self hosted Wordpress website with a custom theme paired with WooCommerce. But if you're not technical and don't know how to do that, I would go with Shopify because they're basically a point and click setup that can be done in a few minutes. You can see my comparison here:
Be sure to have your domain name represent what you're selling because no one wants to buy a keychain from lol.

Step 4: The Trick
Since you're getting your items for really cheap off of AliExpress you will be Giving Them Away For FREE! Yes, I said it, you will be "giving" them away (insert evil laugh here). The items themselves are completely free, but the shipping will cost a liiiiiittle bit more than normal... maybe $9 per item lol. You won't be getting many people buying 20 to 30 different keychains at one time because these will be spontaneous purchases. If you get your item for $2 and the shipping is $2 and takes 3 weeks, you will price it at $9 and profit $5 per sale. You could sell 100 of these damn things a day if you scale it right, so a measly $5 profit per sale will turn into a mountain of money later on down the road A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit. If you target little plush animals you can even sell them for $15 shipping and handling but pay $5 for the piece and $2 to $3 for the shipping lol.

Step 5: PPC Campaign
You can run a PPC campaign on various platforms like Adwords and Bing Ads, but I would start off with Facebook ads because you can super target your ideal customer. Set up your ads to target specifically what people like, a good example of this would be if I were selling a deadpool keychain and was targeting people who liked deadpool. I wouldn't add in keywords such as "Professor X" "Wolverine" "X Men" and so on because I'm looking for those dedicated deadpool fans, not someone who prefers Wolverine. You can set up multiple ads configured with specific keywords and I would do this for each item you have. It's better to have 50 fishing lines in the water compared to 1, and it's the same with advertising. For legal reasons I have to let you know that it's highly illegal to have 50 lines in the water lol.

After you do all the steps above, you should be able to make some quick cash and turn a profit. You'll need to tweak your PPC campaigns over the course of 3 to 4 weeks in order to get them running smooth to be extremely profitable, but it's worth the time.

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Cool Razzy. i actually forgot about this tactic, but yeah it could bring so many sales. I seen these on ebay long long ago, not for FREE because it can't be set there, but sales like $0.01 while shipping is $19 or you could find same product for $5 with shipping cost $14 or whatever.
It's not new thing on the market but it's always good to remind our selves about selling techniques which can increase sales A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

Thanks for sharing your experience A quick trick to sell stuff for FREE and profit.

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Oo tank You! I love this truck and trick..

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This reminds me of the Chinese street vendor in Hongkong. She has some packages that is a pair of items. For example, a hat and a bag which costs $10. When you buy the hat only, it costs $6 and the individual price of the bag is $8 so buying individually both items will cost you more than the package price of only $10. The vendor said that she gets more sales with that package because buyers think that they are getting a bargain when in fact the real price of the 2 packaged items are $10 in total. In other words, it’s just a trick that buyers fall for.

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