How can Reduce my response time?

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How can Reduce my response time?

I was offline for a problem. Now i am back to my work but my response time is too much so i dropped and my level to level1. Can anyone tell me how to reduce my response time.


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How is response time calculated?

Response time is calculated by the amount of time it takes you (as a seller) to respond to any comment or update to an order for the last 30 days. This calculation does not include your inbox, only the messages within orders.

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To ensure you have a low response time, make sure to continually respond to orders when you get them.

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I hope this helps!

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Yeah your current Response Time is: 7 days so I can see why you'd like to get it down! Fortunately, it's completely doable! Those threads that Everett has posted will surely help as there is a lot of information and helpful tips and advice in them you can follow and apply and that will start to get your response rate down. Just try to update peoples orders as soon as you can, even comments on your service. Even if someone just says "thanks", try to respond ASAP even if it's just to say "welcome". Always try and have the last say. For if you don't update the order again, even if the buyer has only said "thanks" that will count towards calculating your Response Time.

I'm using IFTTT currently, but some people have suggested using Email alerts which could work too. But however you do it, whatever method you choose, you'll definitely be able to get your response time down. Some people have got it down to 4 minutes. Now that's responsive! How can Reduce my response time?

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Try to respond to orders comment as fast as possible, also make sure to check emails regularly whenever you’re not active on site. I try to stay active all day with my pc and my phone, and that’s why my response time is 1 min.

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My trick is i always use my mobile device and i have my emails linked up to it. This way every time i get an email my phone will alert me and i can sign into seoclerks fast and respond to that buyer. Although i may not always be able to start the order rite away i always want to let the buyer know that i am aware of his/her order. Response time is very very important when buyers go looking to buy a service they look at your feedback, How many negatives you have, when you last logged in, and your response time. I also recommend being as fast as you can because if you are able to start the order it will complete faster which is also important for most buyers here on I Hope i answered your question if you have anything else you would like to add or if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Have a nice day!

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Hi a4seo thanks for your question. Yes response time very importance for getting profile or service reputation. Many buyer checked the profile before purchasing any service. So, if your response time very low, buyer may more attract to purchase from you. Good news is you are back. Now you must to response to all of service buyers. You can see all unread service via manage sale. Just click on unread tab. And keep continue to response current purchase service. Hope response time will reduce gradually. But, it may need few time. You cannot do it by using any special feature because, it is calculated by automated system.

Regards by Ajlancer

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I am not sure how long it will take you to reduce it. Just try to be online as much as possible and if you get messages reply promptly. A good way to do this is to have an email system on your smartphone which updates you when someone contacts you on the site. Then log in immediately so as to reply. If you get any orders make sure to respond to instructions immediately and try to deliver the order as soon as possible.

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Oh geez, that must be heartbreaking How can Reduce my response time? Follow all these tips that you have been given and I am sure you will be back to a great response time in no time at all. Good luck!

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